Polarizing Our Intentions - what to do when we aren't a narcissist, but we aren't Mother Teresa either - Part III

OK, back to my polarity series- you will find Part I HERE and Part II HERE to see if you are attracted to these concepts.

(couldn't resist a little magnet maker humor)

Intentions that align well with outflow (from your consciousness out to the universe):

•write a book •build a business •compose a song •throw a party

Intentions that align well with inflow (from the universe into your consciousness):

•get a new car, job, etc •attract a new love •receive an amount of money

There are people who work with these concepts and think of outward energy as good and inward energy as bad, but it is not that simple, although I absolutely think we will each be drawn more toward one way of being in the world than the other way, since one way focuses on giving and the other on taking -

but they both work equally well, at least for a while.

At some point a more outward focused person will probably have to deal with themes of self care (valuing our own worth, time, etc), competitiveness and ambition

and the more inward focused person with themes of caring, compassion and connection because this is not a linear path for any of us.

These are just pitstops not permanent resting places.

I think people get much more done in a much more effortless way with a pure focus on one stream (not the way we mostly all go at things with a little give out and a little take in - which works of course, but maybe not as effortlessly) -

and yes, this is why so many people totally focused on themselves can get so far in life (not to judge that, but definitely not to endorse it either) and also the reason they usually have some sort of awakening or downfall involving compassion and caring and connection because these lessons get lost if this inward focus becomes too great.

Anyhoo, I am not sure why I felt the need to post about polarity this week, but these are just some concepts I have been working with in my own life and thought maybe someone might benefit from thinking about them, too.

My hubby (a person probably more naturally inclined toward inward energy, but who has been working on a more outward focus these last few years) -

gives away alot of free since he started his own business. He was upset (ok really pissed off) last week when a customer he gives alot of free to (advice, services, after hours, etc) had gone to a larger competitor, a competitor who would never give away any free, for a job that would have provided us with a nice little chunk of change.

He came home ranting about raising his prices and ready to never do anything for free ever again -

(thoughts that he is actually very comfortable with since he is kind of predisposed to this way of being)

but he had to kind of look at the fact that he gets a lot of satisfaction, appreciation, respect and money from that giving away things for free.

Of course we are not trying to be Mother Teresa here -

but we are just trying to create things that are real and focused for us right now and see where this takes us.

(I should add in a little act of synchronicity - a customer who had given us a bad check for $1000.00 over a year ago that we thought we would never hear from again - walked into George's shop and paid him ... in cash ... the day after I wrote this post and more importantly the day after George got over being pissed off at the other guy and let it go)

Back tomorrow to wrap this up with specific ways we can work with this idea in Part IV

*give to others print by brook noel
*run mad print by bookfiend


M.M.E. said...

I love synchronicity! Just the other day I had to pay $200 to the IRS for my business taxes last year. It was a big blow (due to my losing my job) but the very next day I sold $200 worth of prints. Yay! I also gained the most wonderful job, which completely makes up for losing the one that drove me cranky every day. I'm glad things worked out for your husband. I'm going to give some serious thought to which flow I am and how to let things move in and out of me.

Catherine Ivins said...

that's GREAT Megan - I know you wanted to leave that job - I think maybe one of the blessings of so many people losing their jobs in the last couple years is that we are all getting really real about what we want to do with this precious time we have here ...