Upcycled Tutorial - Window Corkboard - create an industrial size corkboard with some old fashioned character in minutes!

There is almost no limit to the amazing things you can do with an old window!

If you don't have one in your garage you should be able to pick one up for just a couple bucks when the garage sale / flea market season starts up in a few weeks.

You can even make a huge industrial size corkboard!

You will need:

an old window
cork (I used cork underlay for flooring- you can also buy cork rolls at the craft store and cut foamcore sheets to fit underneath the thin cork and support your pushpins)
glazier points
flathead screwdriver

You can make your old window like new first with a fresh coat of paint

(you might want to use a lead test strip first if you do not know the age of the window and the kind of paint used)

I like things to look a little aged so I am just going to leave this one alone.

Measure your openings and cut your cork to fit (1), using a flathead screwdriver and some glazier points attach your cork to the window frame (2), that's it (3) - easy peasy


TiLT said...

Very cool! another item to add to my garage sale look list :)

Anonymous said...

The husby and I mounted a shelf to the bottom of a window once, so we could hang it on the wall in the living room and I put a potted plant on it... was cute, but I never thought to put cork in one, that's such a great idea!!


Catherine Ivins said...

I love the idea of a window shelf!