Marching to Save our Food Supply

Tomorrow I will be walking, along with my favorite brother and favorite sister-in-law

(of course we are expecting rain - this is Memorial Day weekend and this is the Jersey Shore after all)

as part of a global March Against Monsanto and genetically modified food.

There is a link to the marches taking place around the globe HERE - if you have a walk in your area and can spare a couple hours this is important. We are all affected by Monsanto's reckless domination of the food industry and our food supply.

Most countries require GMO labeling and more than 60 have banned GMO food altogether including Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and Japan.

This can happen for us, too - but we need to take action.

Studies have linked GMOs and Roundup to cancer, infertility, autism, parkinson's, alzheimer's and other diseases.

I don't want to focus on the problem - because we know that what we focus on grows - so my own intention with this walk is to focus on getting our voices heard, getting information out, coming together with like minded people - a focus on solutions.

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