maybe what's in the way actually is the way part I

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Last night I was driving down the parkway totally lost in my own thoughts

when a toll collector jolted me back into my body by asking, "well, what am I supposed to do with this?" - when instead of the change I should have pulled from my bag (we haven't found our ezpass since vacation), I handed him my eyeglasses.

There was also the incident some time ago when I tried to open the front door to my house with my car keys

(not by trying to put the key into the lock, but by standing in front of the door clicking the open button - note to some genius out there - you really need to make this happen).

The mind's capacity is finite (soul=infinite, mind=not so much) - maybe like our laptops it can only hold so much information.

I don't really want to be so absentminded, but if my mind needs to create some space for the really important stuff by letting go of some minutiae then I am ok with this.

(I find it best to be ok with things I have no choice about anyway)

The quality of our life is determined by what we pay attention to after all.

This kind of relates to what I wanted to blog about (in the way that everything relates to everything) which is so many people feeling strongly drawn to following our passion

(even when we do not know exactly what this is - we usually know what it isn't - contrast is a great teacher and I'm pretty certain a big part of what we are here for)

quitting our day jobs, working from our hearts, doing work that provides value to others, etc and how this is impacted by this shift we are living through.

This shift includes the dismantling of our safety nets (not in an every man for himself kind of way, but more about how things fall apart so things can come together) - we are not meant to be fighting the current here, we need to be all about moving down river right now.

There is alot of talk about people losing their jobs, but not so much talk about the people who kept theirs

People who are in the same place they used to be while the entire landscape is shifting around them- maybe they are feeling like they want to be somewhere else (there is only so much doing more with less people in companies can do after all) but like the gangster who finds himself saddled with cement shoes (although things are not nearly so dire believe me) they are stuck - by the insurance, by the money - they need their job.

Now, I am a student of a Course in Miracles and a believer that you cannot be on the wrong road - you can definitely be on a long road though. God, your Soul, your Higher Self - whatever is most comfortable for you to insert here - isn't pushing us or pulling us along - it is calling to us.

One way to know if we are on one of these long roads is tension. That silver cord or consciousness thread that connects our soul to our body is a very real thing. When we are close to our soul, on the best path for us we have a feeling of satisfaction - we are in ac-cord, the cord and our bodies are relaxed. When we are taking the long way, like Olive pulling on her leash (she becomes like a hundred pound rottweiler when she doesn't want to go somewhere - she leaves me worn out and totally amazed by her awesomeness) - we feel the tension on our cord and in our bodies - we are getting too far away from our soul path - we are is dis-cord.

Anyhoo, back to our peeps with the jobs - and this applies to the space in each of our lives where we feel 'stuck' - the place we stand in our cement shoes - maybe what looks like it's in the way, actually is the way ...

Next up - maybe what's in the way actually is the way part II - the why behind the what


DancingMooney said...

"maybe what looks like it's in the way, actually is the way ..."

I can so relate to this Cat. For a long time, I thought, what I was doing 'right now' was simply that... what I'm doing right now... however lately, I've been feeling more comfortable realizing that what I'm doing right now is probably what I'm supposed to be doing, since every time I try to get un-stuck, by trying something new, I seem to fall back on what I was already doing. LOL. I feel like I'm talking in circles, but that's exactly how things keep happening for me. I think I'm on this mission to find something bigger and better, only to realize I should just be focusing on making what I'm already doing... bigger and better. My work is not really in my way unless I keep trying to fight it off like some bad habit. Maybe sometimes it's not a bad habit at all if you just can't shake it. (okay I am talking about work here, not things that are bad for you, of course, haha).

Ready to read part II here. xo!

Catherine Ivins said...

" I think I'm on this mission to find something bigger and better, only to realize I should just be focusing on making what I'm already doing... bigger and better." I agree - I'm feeling very "grow where I am planted" lately and the entire loving of the process and staying in the now connecting us back to ourselves, but now we're different, so the situation is the same, but we're not - xo

KJ said...

Okay, first of all: everything relates to everything sounds an awful lot like everything is related to everything else. Just sayin'

Second, I was unemployed or underemployed for a long time which is why I wanted to turn my art into a money making venture. I never really got there, though I have been successful at selling my jewelry- just not enough to substitute for a full time job. Which gets me around to the fact that almost every job I have ever had has focused on helping those who needed assistance in getting their needs met, be that a home, safety, money, etc... I do think we find that core through which we achieve balance.

Jewelry is an outlet but it is not my core.

And, by the way, jewelry being an outlet means that 1) I can take my time and 2) I can experiment

Catherine Ivins said...

ha! I was going to put your name in there but thought you might be sick of me doing that! and yes, I am totally feeling the maker art as outlet and what we lose when we lose that, which I kind of have ... and this whole underemployed thing so many are saddled with when it is so obvious that the ways we spend our money says so much more about us than the ways we make it xo Kathy