new moon solar eclipse may 9th - it's taurus time

wish / new moon polarity locket
Tomorrow's solar eclipse new moon in the earthiest of earth signs makes this an especially powerful time for makers.

(this solar eclipse marks the end of a 19 year cycle - if you look back at where you were then and what was happening, you could find some interesting connections with what is happening in your life today)

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of flourishing, creation, expression and love - Venus is just in Gemini so we will likely have a strong need to share our creative babies (and beauty and love) with others.

This is the time to be seeking fertile ground to stand on - are we depending too much on unstable structures, how can we take our power back and claim more of our own energy for our own life. What nourishes us?

Taurus rules accumulation, the physical senses, grounded-ness, building, reliability, self-worth, stubbornness, the throat, chin and neck, the voice, vocal chords and that all-important little thyroid.

Some things you could be affirming now (new moons are an excellent time to focus) -

I easily create financial independence in a happy way. (money, accumulation)
I am clearheaded with my money and use my resources in ways that are in my overall best interest.
I easily find myself living in comfortable surroundings.

I easily find the time to cook, savor and appreciate healthy meals. (physical senses).
I enjoy and appreciate my life.
I easily build solid foundations that I can depend on in every area of my life. (groundedness)
I keep my word and am a person others can rely on (reliability) and I attract reliable people into my life.

I define what is important to me and easily find myself living with those values. (self-worth)
I easily express my views in ways that do not leave others out of the conversation. (stubbornness, resistance)
I enjoy perfect thyroid health (YES PLEASE).
I sing on-key (it will take a new moon solar eclipse to make this happen)

This solar eclipse leaves Saturn alone in Scorpio - if you are a fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus) and especially a 2nd decan fixed sign (which I am and quite a few people in my immediate life) there could be some changes in the 2nd/8th houses (possessions, values, finances) - others will feel this stuff, too.

xo all


Viktoria said...

great post!
"I enjoy perfect thyroid health (YES PLEASE)."

......Cat, I just found out that yodeling obviously is good for the health of thyroid !

Catherine Ivins said...

Yodeling?! I've never heard that but I used to love Heidi- I'm on it Viktoria thank you! xo