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sarah donnell - patience
The best advice I've heard for the current planetary cycles is the practice of patience.

(Now life is a trickster and also a genius and knows that the best - and possibly only - way to develop patience is to encounter situations that require this of us. Life sends us an opportunity to learn patience by practicing patience - in other words - delays, traffic situations, time spent waiting - you get the picture)

This is the time when we get sightings of what's arriving, but Saturn says .... "hold up here a minute, don't rush forward too quickly! This may take awhile girl."

Impulsive or rash action brings regret under Saturn so don't push, don't manipulate ... just relax, we'll just breathe through this and do what is directly in front of us (the stuff we know is ours).

More details will become clear as the path before us opens.

Watch for signs.
Take opportunities that feel good.
Do our work.
Mind our own business.
Be kind.


DancingMooney said...

do our work, mind our own business, be kind... that's about how I roll. ;)

pinned this, loved it. xo.

Catherine Ivins said...

yeah- I think we are all about in the same place this summer - maybe we have found our tribe :)

Unknown said...

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