Seeing the Forest AND the Trees - Weekly Astrology Wrap up for Creatives

"This burning…this longing…this shaky Aliveness. These are your only scriptures now. You are right on track." ... Matt Licata

autumn treeline by raceytay

If my regular weekly post was the forest (or one forest, we are all kind of walking through many forests at the same time), this mini addition will be the trees. Missing the trees means we plow headlong into .. well, trees - I guess. But not seeing the forest means that even seeing the trees (avoiding some, hugging others) doesn't actually get us anywhere.

So, here's this week's trees:

We are at the quarter moon - this is like - we've put the ball into play and it's out of our hands now. Not out of our hands forever, just out of our hands now. We have to trust the process and other people. It's a good time to let our minds be settled a bit with where things are going. This doesn't mean we are standing still, we are still moving forward and playing the game - we just can't control everything because the ball is not in our hands now (have I said that already?).

And if we are still holding the ball, because maybe we didn't set up that freakin' flock like I've been saying for the last two years (or maybe I should say team for this one) and have no one to pass the damn ball to - well, then just realize stuff is happening outside our control and we'll just set the ball down and stretch our back for a bit. We can stand up straighter now and see what everyone else is doing. Yes, those other people are still out there and yes,we still have time to gather a team (ie flock) for a hand-off, hand up, hand on our back.

For most of Tuesday we have a Capricorn Moon - this is a goal oriented, ambitious energy. Then in the late afternoon the Moon moves into Aquarius (this is where the other people come in) - it also goes void, so good productive energy, not good initiating energy. Let the stuff cook. Don't keep opening the oven door.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn for the third and final time. This could produce some intense and maybe uncomfortable conversations about issues we were dealing with in mid to late September. This will either wrap this stuff up or be some kind of final showdown. We've got Juno (asteroid) conjunct Mercury so there could be relationship loyalty and power issues here. Pluto will be pushing for the truth.

This can also play out as being asked to do things by people in authority we really don't want to do or people we don't want to listen to telling us things we don't want to hear. The Aquarius Moon will help us detach. Don't decide ahead of time what you are going to hear and what you are going to see because that will be what you hear and see. Go full Aquarius (the open minded genius/scientist here - not the rebel, not the criminal). But maybe try mouth shut, ears open and see what develops with that. Of course, Aquarians always say what they think, and we can do that, too - let's just listen first.

On Thursday, Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn (brakes off). This trine strengthens Venus (love, money, values) by focusing us on what’s "correct" and/or what's practical. There will most likely be a woman involved here. Whatever this aspect touches for us will move smoothly.

Mars in Virgo will oppose Chiron (wounded healer), so some things, especially things that we are doing a bit obsessively (thank you Virgo) could backfire. Our actions can hurt others or we can be hurt by others' actions. There’s a need for some caution here.

On Friday, the Sun moves into Scorpio and we all dive a little (or a lot) deeper. More on this later in the week.

Note - the thing with dates and astrology is the dates I list are when aspects are exact. To get to be exact - planets and celestial bodies move toward and away from the exact point of contact. So although they are exact on a particular day, and really at a particular moment sometimes, we can feel them and they can activate stuff in our own charts, depending on the aspect, for days before and after.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

I love your weekly/daily posts because if I'm feeling a certain way, and it aligns with how things are that day... sometimes it's easier to let it go, or not bother me as much... like it's just how things are today. And that's okay!

Definitely a big push last week, and an impatience this week...

I think today I'll work on building that flock.

Love you Cat! Hope your guest speaking went well!! :)


Catherine Ivins said...

YAY a fight club team!! And I didn't google rule #1!

Ha! it's not guest speaking - it's actually an etsy wholesale meetup (I really dislike this word!) in Phillie (about 1.5 hours from me). They invited a bunch of sellers (not me!) and 20 retailers. The retailers are going home with goodie bags provided by the makers and the makers were told where to mail their goodies prior to tonight. Soo, Noelle from Xenotees gave me the mailing address for the goodies because she was invited and is going. I mailed off 20 samples with my name and packaging. I called the girl assembling the bags and she has my items and they are in the goodie bags! Now, I just have to get myself into the coffee shop tonight and mingle - although if I can't get in at least my stuff is in the bags - ha! I'm not any kind of mingler so we'll see how this goes - hopefully I don't shoot myself in the foot :)


DancingMooney said...

Way to crash a party Cat! I love it!! :) Hope you can get in, travel safe, and have fun! :)

Yay fight club! - and yes, that name was already taken, or I would have taken it!! :p

lynn bowes said...

Whoa - I'm anxious to hear how that little get-together went. Don't need to get off on a whole new etsy rant since I've sneaked away from that flock (think Wile. E. Coyote slowly sneaking out the door, one sliding foot at a time), but still I'd be curious to know how it went.

As for your posts, they never fail to strike a chord, usually a day after. When I read these I think to myself, 'funny that's exactly how it happened. I should pay more attention BEFORE it happens', you know? I really could be better prepared. And maybe keep my mouth shut when you tell me it would be best to avoid that Chiron thing.

So, yes, on Tuesday I had to give up my control to some other people who can solve my/our collective problem. I did what i could and then had to let go - not at all in my nature and I'm struggling to be patient. These people have my back and all I can do now is wait. Especially since my Problem Holder/Solver is in Canada for a couple of days and totally out of range for phone and text. I wait. Patience and trust are hard.

Catherine Ivins said...

I do the same thing Lynn, although you are handling it better than I did

My 'crash' was more of a fender bender than a 'total the car, get a new one'. Noelle actually asked if she could bring me at the last minute- so I had a name tag waiting for me. I was prepared to sneak in under her coat, but it didn't come to that! My mingling skills are non-existent so I only met 2 shop owners that sell baby clothes, you probably know, I do not make baby clothes.

We stayed until pretty much the very end and never saw the goodie bags make an appearance or anyone carrying one. Then another jewelry maker instagrammed a picture of something she could only have received from a goodie bag and I was totally irked that the goodie bags were given to sellers and not only to buyers (this is me jumping to a conclusion). Then of course I have to email the person at Etsy who was kind enough to invite me at the last minute and ask about the remaining goodie bags - even though I knew the whole Mercury square Pluto thing and that it might not end well for me. But I only remember this stuff in hindsight, too. To be fair to myself I did have 20 $24 necklaces donated and I thought other people were emailing her, too. Bottom line/end of the day I looked like an ass. Note to self - when someone does you a favor maybe don't look a gift horse in the mouth - is that the expression? Anyway if I hadn't asked what happened to the swag bags (they were mostly given to store owners before hand when they were visited by Etsy staff) I would have been mad at myself and then I asked and was mad at myself anyway. It was a no win. I knew it was a no win going in but I just couldn't keep myself from going in ... anyway I'm pretty sure this is one of those 9 in 10 things that don't work out.