Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 19th - make some kind of move

Last night, Mars joined Jupiter bringing energy, movement and initiating action to a

new 2 year cycle of work and health

and it plays into a forming T-square for extra potency for the next 12 months!

This cycle began to set-up when Jupiter moved into Virgo on August 10th - but between Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde, Saturn moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius and eclipse season most of us have had too much old stuff on our plates, or slipping off our plates, to notice.

Now we will.

BEST CASE - two years from now we will be fulfilled through the development of a personally meaningful something or other that is of value to others and we'll be enjoying the best health of our lives.

WORST CASE - we'll learn big lessons from two years of endless busyness, perfectionist pit-stops, tasks that have no personal meaning and we'll gain another ten pounds (or worse). This is definitely not the time to still be smoking.

We win or we learn. Or we win and we learn - yeah, let's do that.

Besides kicking off a new two year story with Jupiter (in Virgo) Mars' movement activates a T-square (when points in opposition also form a square with another point). A T-square enables drive and courage but can also create tension and conflict. Natal T-square people are very active. You know that go-getter who packs 30 hours into every 24 hour day and makes us want to take a nap - well, I guarantee she has one. Cardinal T-squares can be very impatient, but also enterprising and initiating. Fixed T-squares don't quite, but are also stubborn and they can hold on to problems for too long. Mutable T-squares are restlessness and change their minds too often, but are great at adapting to changing circumstances.

Last week we had Mars squaring Saturn and opposing Neptune, now he joins Jupiter and these 3 planets (Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn) give us the T-square we will all be working with for the next year. This will play out in our Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo houses (check your natal chart). This is my 2nd, 4th and 10th houses (so basically money and values, home and work). If you want to know the space this story will run through in your own chart just contact me.

Until mid November we are still in the "dreaming it" stage - this time would be best spent with visioning and detailed planning. Let's use this Virgo focus and attention to detail while we have access to it (the Sun changes signs at the end of the week). Lists are our friend now. Virgo energy sometimes doesn't want to compete unless they know they can win or they don't compete because then they will have to do it really well again - if you are feeling anything like this right now, push through it.

From mid November (when Saturn comes into play) foundations get built. In January and February there is a pause in the action as things slow and separate and then March thru November 2016 we build the dream.

This dream doesn't have to be some big, ginormous dream. It just has to be ours. We need to be working from our hearts with this. If anything special was happening around May 2000 (check your Taurus house) there will be aspects that relate to that time period. Stuff will happen with or without our full participation, attention and intention, but the best way to use astrology is to make the best use of transits as intentionally as we can.

After the Uranus Pluto Square power struggle story we've all been working through, this new chapter is a welcome change.

This week with Mars (action, initiative) and Jupiter (good luck, expansion) bumping together it's a good time for some kind of initiatory action. Make some kind of move. Ambition is a good thing. I'm crashing an event I wasn't invited to - more on this later in the week. Then I'm going away for a couple days to recuperate from the stress of it all (me and public events are going together like peanut butter and mayonnaise these days - yes, that yummy).

Anyhoo, I'll try to get back to do the Moons and daily aspects tomorrow - there is lots of other stuff going on, but if we let this T-square happen without our intentional participation we will regret it, I promise ... plus I need tonight to plan my wardrobe and practice not sounding like I've been practicing .... and like maybe I was actually invited. xo all

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