Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 5th - don't take it personally ... and brakes off

"You must close your eyes…otherwise you won’t see anything." ... Alice in Wonderland
rebel locket by Jessica Van Braun and me

It's Libra season - sort of, but we (and others) might be feeling more rebellious than cooperative this week.

Libra is the sign of partnership, cooperation and balance (not so much rebellion, she saves that action for her sister air sign Aquarius). Venus and Mars will not enter Libra until November this year so we only have the Sun (no small thing, but you see what I mean) and a retrograde Mercury in Libra. Not the typical October energy. With Venus entering Virgo this week and the North Node moving into Virgo (and let's not forget Jupiter) - it's feels more like a Virgo October season!

(not that Virgo energy is rebellious either, maybe it's just me or maybe I wanted to show off my cute locket by being rebellious!)

Virgo still rules - so that means a work and health focus, taking care of the details and our obligations, we know the drill. We've been here awhile.

We have Mars (action) in Virgo (details) opposite Neptune (dreams) retrograde in Pisces (intuition, escapism). Glass half full - we put our energy and focused attention on our creative work. Glass half empty - we drift off into never, never land and get nothing done (all I really want to do is see the Martian and smell the movie popcorn). Action will be easier as the week moves along. We have a lot of time spent with void moons this week, so it's not the best time to launch anything - it's excellent productive energy though if we can push past the inertia.

The back story this week is a trine between Jupiter (in Virgo) and Pluto (in Capricorn). A trine is considered a positive aspect because it removes all obstacles. But even something good isn't only or always good.

(yes, here comes Cat with her rain cloud again and yes I do carry it around in my purse and pop it out like the other girls pop out their tic tacs - you're welcome)

Imagine you are sitting in your car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. You're not going anywhere. If your foot is suddenly yanked from the brake - you'd move forward ... fast.

Now this could be a good thing - the red light turns green and you really want to beat that annoying guy in the hot yellow Lamborghini who's revving his engine in the lane next to you.

But this could be a bad thing - your foot is yanked from the brake and you plow forward into oncoming traffic.

Rapid (and maybe epic) achievement or rapid (and maybe epic) failure.

If we are striving for something positive, a dynamic trine can make our dreams come true. On the other hand if we are trying to prevent something negative from happening a dynamic trine can rapidly hasten the happening of what we are trying to stop. With Jupiter in the picture we know whatever is being stirred up - the ultimate outcome is growth. It could even enable us to accomplish something significant. This aspect is exact on Sunday.

The trine is at 13 degrees Virgo (check your natal chart for the house) and we will have two more. One at 13 degrees Virgo in March and one at 17 degrees Virgo in June. When Jupiter and Pluto are joined in a chart it's about wealth - in this case it's in the sign of Virgo - work and health.

These trines will take us back to when they first cozied up in December 2007. Yes, that's when the U.S. recession began (brakes off remember!).

The best way to work with this - we will want to be organized and get stuff done. Yes, more Virgo good stuff - this work and health focus isn't going anywhere.

If we haven't had our September eclipse "thing" happen yet - it will happen this week - sometime before Monday's New Moon

Saturn will be asking us to prove our value now - this could take the form of an authority figure saying we can/will only pay us this when we really want/need that ... what we decide to do is up to us, but what we need to do with whatever we decide is not take it personally. I know that's easier said than done, which is why I'm saying it.

The biggest news for creatives this week (although depending on your chart, a tiny transit can be big news and vice versa) is Venus finally sashays out of Leo and into Virgo.

It's been a long, hot summer people!

Venus took all of us on a wild ride. This week when she finally puts Leo in her rear-view mirror there could be an opportunity to set boundaries and expectations with things that come up. This will pertain to the people and situations we have dealt with since she first entered Leo on June 5th. We saw sides of people during this transit we haven't seen before and showed others sides of ourselves. As she changes signs (and Mercury stations direct!) there will be opportunities for lots of miscommunications. Keep that in mind. Sometimes miscommunications are good things - they can trigger conversations and kick stuff into the open that needs to be addressed.

Remember what we say, people will hear now. We will choose our words accordingly. We will also remember other people may not mean things exactly the way they say them - that "don't take it personally" thing again.

Note - the Moon is void quite a bit this week, so not the best time to launch anything new. Better to wait until next week when Mercury is moving smoothly forward and we have a New Moon in cooperative and artistic Libra!

On MONDAY we have a Cancer Moon so a good time to nurture something we have birthed, take care of ourselves, take care of our home, act with tender loving care toward ourselves and others - on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY a productive and generous Leo Moon goes void with a square to Uranus, so expect the unexpected. Mars will be approaching an opposition so our energy may be low and we might be feeling a little 'under water', we will be taking action with a health or work matter - it's great creative energy. On THURSDAY, Venus shifts gears into Virgo - how this feels to you will depend on whether your chart prefers Leo or Virgo. This could bring a more cautious approach with our love and money. Venus will smooth out and attract whet we need regarding any paperwork issues, issues with our pets, our health, our co-workers and employees. On FRIDAY, Mercury stations direct so Mercury things (communication, fast moving devices) may get a little wonky. Things will get smoother after that. Thursday and Friday will be very productive, too.

This weekend we will be in the Balsamic Moon phase, so don't over-schedule things (also watch out for fires we've got a fire trine and yes, this means actual fires and verbal fires, too - no fanning the flames people!).

Next Monday we will kick off the autumn season in earnest - back when the Sun went into Libra the Moon was void, on Monday when the Moon joins the Sun it will feel like ... OK, LET'S GO .....

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Sounds like perfect timing on all this for me, wrapping up things this week for a coast visit this weekend, and then back to the grind again next week.

Hope it's not too stormy your way!


Catherine Ivins said...

I'm totally out of sync and paddling upstream! Ugh! Storms over, passed us by except for rain and winds. Your coast visit sounds wonderful Janell!


lynn bowes said...

Did it say anything about our having to buy two new phones and how we would spend cubic dollars? No? Not even a hint? Boy, I was so excited to read this post yesterday and know that the week was going to go well and I'd get so much accomplished, readying for the cold months and all. So now I'm a day behind.

On an up note - we have two new phones and two new iPads.


Catherine Ivins said...

2 new phones and 2 new ipads sounds pretty productive to me - now how'd the 2 new ipads work their way into this??


p.s. maybe only a virgo would read 'productive week' as a good week :)

Debbie said...

I had a crappy week and got nothing done either- so much for production Cat!

Catherine Ivins said...

Maybe I shouldn't use the word 'production' with artists! Not sure I said we would get a lot done, although the moons were there to get a lot done, so maybe I did. With brakes off, if your growth could trigger with a new phone, your old phone - the thing standing in the way of you embracing a new technology - could break to release the brakes - see what I mean. And yes, I know you are not the new phone buyer Debbie, but you get the idea!! xo