Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 12th - New Moon in Libra (who/what do we want to partner with? who's really got our back?)
Today's New Moon (19 degrees) in balanced and cooperative Libra opens up all kinds of new opportunities involving  partners; both romantic and business, our  agents, our clients, specialists and competitors - think "equals" over the next couple weeks.

It is also excellent re-balancing energy.  

What house holds Libra in our natal chart?

This is our annual opportunity to restore balance here.

Who/what do we want to partner with?

This is an important reset because it will wrap up six months from now with a Lunar Eclipse instead of a regular Full Moon. Makes me think whatever is started now, for better or worse, ends (or evolves) with a BANG.

This New Moon (beginning), closes out eclipse season, and is the run up to the BIG fresh start we all get in mid November.

Now New Moons and other lunar movements do not happen in a vacuum - they affect and interact with other planets. We have had Uranus in Aries since 2011 (through 2018). We know Libra's polarity sign is Aries, so activity in our Libra house is being opposed by Uranus. And yes, opposed means pretty much what it sounds like.

So, we have this need for a fresh start that will give us more balance (more beauty, more love - think Venus ruled Libra here) in some area of our life and it is interacting with other people's fresh starts and we have this opposing energy that we will feel, too.

Uranus is the planet that 'came out of nowhere'.

Until 1781 when Sir William Herschel peered through his telescope and discovered Uranus (first christened George's Star and later renamed for the Greek God of the heavens) astrology was a small, closed system of seven astrological bodies including the sun and the moon.

This fit so well with the seven chakras, seven octaves, seven days in a week, yada, yada - seven being an almost magical number - that the discovery was quite upending to astrological theory that began with the Sun (life/creation) and ended with Saturn (authority/time/death).

Now we had life beyond death, beyond authority, beyond time. When I first began to study astrology in the 90's my first teacher said you couldn't see Uranus with the naked eye - but we (and I) have caught a glimpse now and then. Of course, planets appear to us when we are ready to see them.

It took awhile for astrologers to understand Uranus.

It is now widely acknowledged to represent the development of individuality (which is how he stole the rulership of Aquarius from Saturn). This is the space in the solar system, our collective, our chart, our bodies - where we move beyond our familial and social programming.

This is where we need to break the rules, chart our own path, function without social approval (no thumbs up or likes for you here). Uranus shows us what authorities we are determined to challenge, who we will offend and even where we will receive our most misleading advice.

(where is Uranus in your natal chart? where's Aquarius? this is the space you are asked to step outside the box and work with the idea that you might never get any pats on the back for your contribution)

Rules and regulations are the corner stones of our society. We need them - we can see this. And yet, within every one of us is this little (sometimes not so little) something that really hates being told what to do. It's the space that cheers on the rule breakers, feels the lure of total freedom and secretly hopes the bad guy in that movie drama will get away with it.

So, we've got this New Moon in beatific and balanced Libra wanting something new and balanced for us and this aspect to Uranus adding something jolting, surprising and dare I say liberating into the mix.

New developments could hit quickly, maybe from totally out of the blue and likely disrupt existing balances.

This opposition can also represent an actual person or group or system with Uranian qualities (think : genius, rebel, criminal) or maybe someone we are dealing with through the internet since Uranus rules that space, who is literally standing in our way.

This is wild-card energy. It could spark an uncharted direction for us or create abrupt change. It could push/pull/drop kick us toward greater freedom. It could even empower us with a  "cause". Ruts can be escaped. Think about what would need to happen in your own life to create these kind of changes and then expect ... something else to happen. Ack! You will feel this energy strongest if you have any planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) from 16-20 degrees.

New Moon energy peaks at the actual New Moon 8pm EST tonight and runs its course over the next 2 weeks.

On Tuesday Mercury (communication, fast moving thingamajigs) hooks up with Saturn (authority, time, structure) so this is a good day to schedule meeting and talks with authority figures or to finalize the details of something that will be around awhile.

The big news is still that Jupiter/Pluto trine (thru the 17th) I talked about last week (brakes off) - this continues to provide us with a combination of ambition and optimism. It isn't called the 'wealth' aspect for nothing, folks.

Wednesday is very productive - a lot is going on and we can get much done (Friday, too, results can go either way). On Thursday we have Mars (in Virgo) firing us up and getting us motivated, think empowered practicality here - this can tie in with the new beginning, too. On Friday, Venus in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces - work is just work without dreams and dreams are just dreams without work. It will become clear to us - we need both.

On Saturday Mars hooks up with Jupiter. This is BIG. We haven't had this in 11 years. This is when our Jupiter in Virgo expansion gets some legs. More on this next time.

We are having frequent long void moons this season which are not the best times for initiating new things - so if we are launching something now - the 2 weeks after a new moon are great launch periods - check the void moon chart here for the best daily times.

Lots of closing aspects this week - so stuff/people/situations are leaving (remember life doesn't allow vacuums - letting go is the only way to make room for the new). Do you really want to carry that anymore?

Libra rules marriage, negotiations, teamwork, harmony, sociability and diplomacy. For everyone it is an excellent time for energetic support for new beginnings in these areas.

Get grounded - we have moved from an earth sign into air so this is important - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together, speak them out loud. 

I used to write my affirmations on strips of paper and put them into a bowl of rice so I can mix them around every now and then with my fingers if things got stagnant, now I burn them. I'm going to release the ashes into moving air this month - then - and this is the important part - release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.  
Some affirmations I am working with today are:

1. I effectively negotiate my situation with ____ creating a win-win for both of us. 
2. I am balanced and peaceful.
3. I easily attract, recognize and begin working with the right people for my highest happiness.
4. I am easily at ease in social situations.
5. I have total clarity and am able to take action to make my relationships more satisfying.
6. I easily make decisions.
7. The habit of wanting 'peace at any price' is easily lifted from me.
8. I easily take actions that successfully restore perfect health to my adrenal glands.

Another great week for fall cleaning. xo all


KJ said...

Balance! My byword, f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Life surely is good.

I like your affirmations. Many years ago I used to mutter to myself "life is a b**ch." I didn't actually mean it, it was just a general complaint that life certainly contained troubles and minor inconveniences. Magically, meaning without a conscience plan, that changed to "life is sweet" I still had troubles and minor inconveniences but they were not quite as prominent.

Catherine Ivins said...

"Life is sweet" - so beautiful and yes, I think our subconscious mutterings are important. I used to say "XYZ is killing me" - like, this deadline is killing me or this old refrigerator is killing me, or just "you're killing me" to Sully when he wants me to pick him up again, etc - just this random thing I would say when something was going wrong or I was kidding around. Ugh! Since I plan on living a good long life I had to consciously change this. With Sully I've been saying "I'm so happy I'm strong enough to pick you up". It's been a process. It's especially nice though when our words and thoughts magically evolve into something more empowering .... xo

DancingMooney said...

It's so true about positive thoughts, and positive outcomes. Like attracts like. Even through some pretty slim times with the economy and such over the last several years, I always kept telling myself "We always have what we need" and though sometimes what we needed showed up right at the last minute (or right, at the right time!) we did, and have, always had what we needed.

Perhaps I need to start thinking more in terms of abundance. LOL Maybe hubby will finally purchase that winning lottery ticket! ha!