Weekend Update | Creativity Forecast for Creatives - Keep It Real, BITE Your Tongue (just a little love bite, don't gouge out a big chunk), Dream Big, Give it Your Best Shot

I am going away for a few days (YAY, Maine!) so thought I would do a quick update of the energies at play while I will be away.

We are finishing up that Mercury in Libra (communication, partners, equals, balance, art, love, women) square (think challenging here) Pluto In Capricorn (secrets, what's hidden, authority, structure).

We need to think communications through so we do not say something we will regret. There may not be any words that can get us where we want to go, so it might be best to just let things slide until next week with this. Note - I did not do this, spoke up about something yesterday and immediately regretted it. The scenario included every word I have used in italics (yes, I love italics!) in this paragraph and I knew we had an Aquarian Moon edging me toward rebellion and I still couldn't stop myself. My need for the truth won out even though I didn't.

Hopefully all of you handled/will handle things better.

(big breath)

On Sunday, we have something similar with Mercury opposing Uranus and inconjunct Chiron - so again we can step on some toes, there is opportunity here, but also the opportunity to hurt or get hurt. We could say the wrong thing. Venus is conjunct Jupiter (in Virgo) so our best moves still focus on VIRGO - do the work, make healthy choices, keep it grounded and real.

On Friday, the Sun moves into Scorpio (for sure, double Scorpio Hillary Clinton, will be taking no prisoners at the Benghazi hearings  - she's working with the same energies so she could say the wrong thing but something tells me she won't).

We all begin to burn Scorpio fuel and see what it feels like to be a Scorpio. Scorpio wants the truth and will not settle for any answer that is not at least a wee bit uncomfortable. The Scorpio area of our charts is where we all struggle for control. Facing fear is what Scorpio energy is born to do (we all have Scorpio in our charts, some of us more than others).

It's no coincidence Halloween is approaching!

Friday could be an intense day. Truth is messy. There is an uneasiness between just doing something and doing it right that requires adjustment. Safety doesn't win with these energies although not playing it safe can certainly backfire, too. Scorpio doesn't throw pink paint over problems and pretend they don't exist. Neither does Virgo. Throw these two energies together and we've got an overall vibe of authenticity. For better or worse.

Outcomes are never guaranteed and particularly not during Scorpio season. Just decide, then decide to not look back. Second guessing yourself is not allowed now (although again, if things can be pushed off until after next Tuesday when the energies calm down a bit, all the better). Also remember anything that is playing out that looks like it is all about them, is really all about us. It can be helpful to see it this way.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter on Sunday. There is opportunity for expansion here and an opposition to Chiron who is inconjunct with Uranus (there are advantages and disadvantage to having everything all balled up together in the skies) that cautions us to not take anything too far or expect too much. But if we use Virgo (Jupiter in Virgo is our go-to energy through next summer) to work out the details and fix what isn't working - we can use Jupiter to 'go for it' and Venus to 'have what we want'.

Fingers crossed for everyone here.

Personally, I always regret the road not taken more than the failure (although, yes, I regret the failure, too - I'm not a 'failure is my friend' kind of girl), know this about myself, so usually do the thing I see to do.

(and 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work, but maybe that 1 success is all we need anyway and the other 9 are just there for us to grow our muscles to handle the 1 - yes, that feels about right.)

The weekend could actually be quite lovely for all of us. 

Yoga / Meditation Bracelets - Lori Portka Art
This will get us through Tuesday. With so many planets in mutable signs the energy is great for juggling a whole bunch of stuff, not so great if we want to actually control any of the stuff we are juggling. We'll have to roll with things as they come up. We need to be adjustable. 

Just like my magnetic cuff bracelets with artist Lori Portka (warning shameless plug ahead) - have you seen these --->

Then next week we have a nice Full Moon in Taurus and things calm down a bit. Will write about that before then. Mid November lots of things shake loose including the south node finally moving out of Aries (since early 2014) and freeing Uranus to get whatever is stuck in our life moving. Where's Aries in your chart?

Have an amazing weekend everyone - need to get ALOT of work finished today! Hubs and I haven't taken a trip together in almost 3 years and even though this is only 4 days away, 7 hours from home and it will be COLD, we are EXCITED.

(for any peeps following my 'crash the party' story I will update it in the comments of the last post at lunch time - I hate when bloggers leave things hanging, although I realize I do this, too - don't hate me - it's almost as bad as Facebook people who post things like "such great news!!!" or "what the hell?!!" without any of us knowing what the hell they are talking about, drives me nuts)

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Cat!


Catherine Ivins said...

you, too Janell! xo

lynn bowes said...

I wish we were next door neighbors so i could call you up and say, ‘Hey, c’mon over for a bit and I’ll put the teapot on. We need to visit for a short while.’ Then we could talk about all of those things in italics and how true it all rings and how both of us need to think before we speak. I’m always surprised at how well that works out for me when I do, can I get an amen?

This is true. Each one of those italicized words is exactly what I’ve dealt with this week from communication, structure, and equals through authority and women and now I have to admit that my compatriots and I have each wondered aloud about secrets and what’s hidden. Biting our collective tongue is going to pay off big time down the road. (See? You and I need to live closer so we can talk once in a while.) Still, keeping my mouth shut is not one of strengths.

And those facebook vague-posts drive me nuts, too. And on that positive note, have a lovely time in Maine!

xox :: lynn