Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 2nd - a message is delivered, what words are we noticing, what needs to be said, where are we saying one thing and doing another, an argument, sib trouble, car trouble, things falling into place but what place and where's that HORSEFLY

words by andaria

This week is all about building toward our first eclipse of the summer season (and first eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn) which will be NEXT week when the Cancer Sun (home, family, real estate, home business, mother, mothering, security) opposes a Capricorn Moon/Pluto conjunction!

Let's take a breath first, see where we are and look at the week ahead:

Mars (what we do to get what we want, passion, impulse, action, anger) is moving backward through Aquarius toward the South Node (what is ripe for release) and toward an opposition with the North Node (our future).

Mars doesn't mind being in Aquarius. He is not exalted here, like he is in Capricorn (the sign where his backward movement will end up), but Aquarius is about advancement and the future, and ruled by Uranus - fast change - so Mars can usually make it work here.

Moving backward though is not so fun at high speed as he (as us) is finding out. Retrogrades always have us going back over something - in this case maybe something started around mid-May when he first entered Aquarius. So, we might be re-thinking something or re-doing it or delays and obstacles could have something stalled. Retrogrades are a GIFT or we would be falling off cliffs all the time.

Venus (in Leo for just a few more days) is still desirous of attention, still in love with love, still wanting what she wants, being ignored is hard to handle as are compromises. On July 10th, Venus will take up her position for the first half of this intense summer, with her move into Virgo.

This will put relationship issues as well as issues around what we want and what we already have under the microscope. Venus doesn't like being in Virgo. In Virgo, problems will stand out because the details of things move front and center, and remember Venus rules Libra and Taurus, where problems maybe get smoothed out, but just as often get pushed under the rug in favor of diplomacy and comfort.

Now, the problems will be visible. We won't be able to miss them. They might be all we can see. And since what we focus on grows, sometimes things get worse before they get better during this transit. But this is excellent energy to fix what needs fixing and accept (or eliminate) what just isn't fixable. This is all part of getting us clear on what we want and appreciative and aware of what we already have.

Mercury, freshly unpacked in Leo, and moving full steam ahead, is headed toward his North Node meetup TOMORROW (in play NOW). This is a message being delivered. This is a communication or information or a conversation or an idea that hooks us into our future. PAY ATTENTION. This might also be us delivering just the right information or saying just the right thing that will open a door (or window!). 

So, connect with people - be verbal, be out and about! If nothing is happening - go online, visit a bookstore.

The outer planets are all retrograde, too, except Uranus. Plowing full steam ahead is unlikely now. 

The Sun is in Cancer all week - we are burning Cancerian fuel and our Cancer houses are LIT - remember that first eclipse next week is in Cancer because the North Node - our future! - is moving into Cancer in the fall. We are focused on Cancerian matters - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, mothers, mothering, our security, the theme of our natal Cancer houses.

The Moon this week will move from Pisces - dreaming, escaping, art, imagination - through Aries as we build toward the last quarter square Moon late in the week (triggering a crisis point, people with planets/points around 12-16 degrees of the cardinal signs will feel this one most strongly - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) initiating, being passionate, fighting, taking action (and yes Aries ruler Mars in moving backward, so likely either actions we have previously taken or actions where we are going back over things) and finally by Friday morning EDT she will move into Taurus - where she is exalted - nature, comfort, pleasure, sustenance.

Some of the big aspects this week are:

TUESDAY - Mercury conjunct the North Node
THURSDAY - Chiron stations retrograde, Mercury opposes Mars, Grand Water Trine
SATURDAY - Mercury enters his retrograde shadow

We kick off MONDAY morning without much kick. The Moon is void until 1:31PM EDT when she moves into dreamy Pisces. The next couple days will be good for imaginative work, meditation, healing, escaping from reality, making art and music and endings. 

On TUESDAY, Mercury (in fiery Leo) will conjunct the North Node. A message is delivered. This is a communication or information or conversation or idea that hooks us into our future. PAY ATTENTION. This might also be us delivering just the right information or saying just the right thing that will open a door (or window!). So, connect with people - be verbal, be out and about!

On WEDNESDAY - Happy 4th of July America! - the Moon is void all day until she moves into Aries at 12:50AM EDT (early Thursday morning). An excellent time to kick back and relax.

There is alot happening on THURSDAY, but of course, some of this will be playing out a couple days before or after - this is just the date the energy is exact!

Chiron (wounded healer) stations retrograde until December 9th. Yes, another retrograde energy!

He has been SLOWLY moving through Aries since mid-April when he left Pisces and now he stops (at 2 degrees Aries) and reverses course. Chiron in Pisces had been about feeling and then surrendering the wound. Chiron in Aries is requiring us to take action on the wound. Individual action. The kind of action that isn't always supported by other people.

If his retrograde motion means he is moving nearer to a planet or point in our chart whatever is hurting will intensify now - maybe we will be required to be brave, do something we don't want to do, stand up for ourselves, etc. For most people though, and especially those with planets or points that Chiron is backing off - this will be about us doing the re's here - reflecting, re-evaluating, revising - with whatever eases up a bit. With Chiron in Aries answering to Mars and Mars retrograde and moving toward the South Node, too, whatever has been zapping our ability to get what we want (do Mars!) is up for review/release - our motivation, passion, courage. See my April post about Chiron in Aries HERE

Also on THURSDAY we have Mercury (in loud and proud Leo) opposing Mars (in detached humanitarian Aquarius).

An argument now is probably covering old ground (or about what Mars retrograde is delaying) but it could also be constructive. We might be compelled to speak up/out this week. New ideas could oppose actions we have perfected through practice. This could also be about us (or them) saying one thing (Mercury) and doing another (Mars). We could have an argument with a sibling or a transportation/local community issue - all Mercury ruled. This is not the day to call your sister or operate heavy machinery. Or operate heavy machinery with your sister. Drive safely.

Also exact on THURSDAY but in play pretty much all week is a Grand Water Trine (our 3rd of three within the last few weeks!) - this time between the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. We had this energetic when Venus was in Cancer (June 1-2) and when Mercury was in Cancer (June 19th-20th).

Trines remove roadblocks. If the roadblock IS the problem, then great, things improve. Things slide into place. If the roadblock has been holding the problem at bay - things might appear to grow worse, but really it is a closed loop and we can only deal with what is already in here.

While we have the trine energy, working to remove the block - forgiveness, compassion, etc -  is very helpful. These are water signs so expect to be emotional about whatever is happening here.

The fly in the ointment here and he might have grown into one of those nasty, biting horseflies by this time, is that because this is our THIRD Grand Water Trine in just a few weeks - we might start feeling something abnormal is normal.

An unhealthy activity turns into a habit, we overdo, we overspend, we drift into something dangerous or destructive because the energy is starting to feel comfortable now. Miracles appear commonplace. We start believing the odds are 'ever in our favor'. We increase our bets.

It will be easy to make a very impractical decision that we will be living with long after the trine's 'easy-breezy' power-player energetic is gone. 

Horseflies aren't easily shaken.

Avoid mind altering chemicals and known addictions.

Life's natural anesthetic is moving in reverse now - Neptune retrograde, so the lure of outside numbing agents - another day at the beach or shopping spree or pain pill will be stronger - keep this in mind. Yes, I know I am a negative thinker (and Pluto back and forth over my natal Mercury in Capricorn is like being besties with a Dementor).

I am sure other astrologers are reporting good things with this and they are totally correct.

Just be careful. This is excellent energy to feel good (and to feel like that big thing is possible and yes, the only way that big thing is possible is for us to feel it is!) - just keep it real - be cautious with big decisions this week that can't be unwound later when that trine is gone. Saturn in Capricorn is making everything sticky and that horsefly could be left biting our ass for years.

Back later in the week - xo all!

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