Sun Square Uranus | unexpected outbursts, out-of-the-blue situations and people, getting ATTENTION, staying open to change, the white hot spotlight, healing by re-inventing ourselves

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Today we have the Sun (at 2 degrees Leo) move into square with Uranus (at 2 degrees Taurus).

This energy will play an important role in Friday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus).

Uranus is unpredictable and will not be fenced in. Changes occur suddenly (although not always totally without warning). Routine is upended.

The square to the Leo Sun creates tension/frustration and speaks of the likelihood for whatever is happening to happen in a "white hot spotlight". Whether attention is sought or not here is hard to say. Ruled by the powerful Sun (center of our universe), Leo naturally seeks the center stage's bright limelight.

This week's situation will, too.

We could also be feeling any lack of appreciation or attention very strongly now. 

If we are stuck, Uranus contacts can attract people/things/situations that allow/force us to break out of stuck constructs. Or require us to see/act on things in a new way.

Uranus is the planet of genius and rebellion and 'anything can happen'. Now keep in mind Uranus only cares about getting us from A to B via the fastest possible route, he doesn't care if we land on our ass or if the route (like my GPS when I get near a certain body of water and it urges me forward although there is no bridge) drowns us in the ocean.

We will most assuredly wash up at point B, but we might not wash up still breathing. 

So when Uranus whispers in our ear "this job sucks, you need to quit this job" remember he will be out of town when the rent comes due and our wallet is empty.

On the other hand without his "quit this damn boring job already!" we might still be toiling at that job when our grandchildren head off to college.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, our collective 11th house, technology, the future, electricity, social change, groups, equality, science, robotics, liberation, fast change, chaos, PTSD, trends, the genius, the rebel, the criminal, anything new and cutting-edge.

Uranus will always seek to overturn anything traditional or conventional that has outlived its usefulness.

Uranus is charged with disrupting the status quo. It rips apart our safety net. It tears up our contracts. It breaks up stagnant energy. It is electricity. It gets our *ss moving. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury - the way Aquarius is the higher octave of Gemini - Uranus is like Mercury on steroids ... and we have all seen how powerful Mercury is.

And by the way Mercury is standing still and powerful and preparing to go retrograde while we sleep tonight (1:03AM EDT). We have seen violence and trouble before when he/she stations and this time we have the Sun squaring Uranus and we are building toward a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - so take this seriously and stay safe.

Avoid unnecessary confrontations

(we probably can't totally avoid any confrontation now - our sharp edges will be rubbing up against other people's sharp edges and the rubbing is part of the polishing/smoothing process! - but let's not take things too far).

People could be impulsive.  

Please don't venture into any dark alleys with a flashlight looking for your lost cat. The cat will be OK - the nine lives thing and all, but I can't be sure about you.

With the Sun trining Chiron (in independent Aries) at the same time - changes that "re-invent who we are", particularly in a public way, can be especially HEALING.

xo all

the best way to deal with Uranus is to stay open to changing our mind and direction - big moves are not encouraged with Mars retrograde this summer, but tweaks, especially internal tweaks, are REQUIRED - expect the unexpected - maybe what seems totally crazy will make sense later on

note - with Trump embodying our collective Uranian energy something loud and unexpected will come out with him now and during this next eclipse - although it's hard to say, because eclipse energy moves backward and forward and we have been in eclipse season for a couple weeks - how much of this has already happened, how much will be new and how much is fallout ... with Friday's eclipse activating his 12th house Pluto - secrets will almost surely come out or come to an end.

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