Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces | when the fantasy clashes with reality

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Neptune retrograde has been very SLOWLY backing through mid-Pisces, and today, Venus, moving industriously through Virgo hits 16 degrees Virgo and opposes Neptune (at 16 degrees Pisces).

I wrote about this transit HERE for Tuesday.

This is Venus - ruler of Taurus and Libra - love, money, relationships, our resources, our values, our self-esteem, women, beauty - standing across from Neptune - modern ruler of Pisces and the ancient ruler of Jupiter - our imagination, spirituality, connection, no-boundaries, water, escape, victims, sacrifice, addiction, illusion, delusion, the things we put away/put behind us/ do last, hospitals, healing, our undoing. Venus is in careful, cautious, dot your i's and cross your t's Virgo and imaginative/drifting Neptune is strong at home in Pisces.

My natal Jupiter is at 16 degrees Pisces in my 4th house (home) and trines my natal Neptune which sits on my ascendant (self).

Neptune activity brings water issues - rainy weather, flooding - and because this is my 4th house usually leaks, etc. Little things, too, that only a crazy person like me would connect - like hubs drops a huge stack of ice cube trays and 100 cubes bounce to the floor and wet every crevice of the kitchen. The washer fills with water for no reason. Our backyard pool (remember we buried that above ground in the ground a couple years ago because we are cheap and think we're crafty) that has had crystal clear water for weeks no matter what the weather is suddenly cloudy and starting to grow algae, and with guests expected next weekend the problem is taking up this huge space in my brain - which luckily for me is kind of swiss-cheesy anyway after months/years of a Pluto transit - so has plenty of space to worry about this kind of crap.

Neptune in the 4th house, because it dissolves boundaries, sometimes brings insect/rodent infestations (also other unwanted pests including the kind that walk on two legs). Last week I bought some ant stuff because like a fortune teller with a crystal ball I knew they were coming and sure enough, late last night, while we slept, their little scouts invaded our kitchen. Olive started scratching (fleas?) and needs a bath (more water) today.

Now Venus opposes Neptune and brings our Venusian themes into clash with Neptune's imagination.

On Sunday I went to the baptism (more water!) for my brother's son.

I always wear a gray or black t-shirt (yes, always, I KNOW!), so was having trouble finding something to wear that was kind of "celebration church-y", but finally settled on a colorful, summery dress I bought back in early spring and had never worn. I thought, "wow I look really good in this - I need to wear more color!".

All afternoon and evening I was thinking "damn, I look good".

The next morning I headed to Madewell/Anthro to find me some "color".

Now, I knew the Venus/Neptune thing could make my money boundaries leaky too and encourage overspending, so I left my cards at home and brought $100 cash - which I admit didn't work - damn you Visa - because my hand found a loose card in the bottom of my bag at exactly the moment "more COLOR!", another really cute and colorful top caught my eye. I bought myself a kind of splurgy lunch and came home with my bulging bags which dropped to my studio floor with a satisfied plop.

Before getting back to work I decided to check Instagram, which I don't do much anymore, and a photo collage from the baptism/reception caught my eye.

WTF. I looked terrible. Really terrible. They were bad pictures, yes. Bad lighting and my eyes were half closed all the time - I swear I didn't get into the Priest's stash - but even beyond bad pictures the colorful dress (and safety pin I used to make the neckline a little more church friendly) didn't work in reality the way it worked in my imagination. My hair was a mess. I looked a wreck.

Ugh! Venus always seems to be hitting my vanity/self-esteem button lately. 

I grabbed the bags of goodies from my studio floor and tossed them in my car along with the RECEIPTS. This shit was going back. I was kidding myself and it was depressing.

Driving back to the stores I was thinking about the Venus/Neptune opposition, because although I write about these things I don't always practice what I 'preach' and kicking myself but then realized that even as I was kicking myself ("there is no point in even trying here!") I had only flipped the whole thing around again - I was still in a Neptunian delusion!

Drowning in anything is Neptunian trickery.

I am a Neptune expert, but he still gets me.

One of the Virgo (where Venus is), Pisces (where Neptune is) TRAPS is avoiding reality because of the whole perfection thing. We will never be perfect enough or have enough money or enough love, yada, yada, so why bother at all. It is a good excuse to 'escape'.  

I stopped the car. I pulled into a parking lot. I took a deep breath and sorted the stuff in the bags. I kept a couple pieces I knew I would wear, but took most of my purchases back to the stores.

When I got home, my feet were firmly on planet Earth. There was something I could do that was pretty obvious in those photos. I made a hair appointment. I tossed the chocolate donuts. Ack!

I have a family member with a Neptune/Venus opposition in her natal chart with Neptune on her ascendant (we are a family of people with Neptune on our ascendants) - she attracts all kinds of illusory partnerships. She sees all kinds of things in these guys that are not really there - with Neptune on her ascendant they see what they want to see in her, too, of course, until they see what they don't want to see and then things go bad. Then everything is the guy's fault. And it looks like it is. The guy's fault. The other person. The opposition. But she is really setting all this up herself.

Like is tricky people.

Keep it grounded today. Let's look at what we are avoiding because it isn't perfect. Check your bag for that loose Visa. Take care of your roots.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Hey Cat!

We just put a pop up pool in the yard for the first time this year. Our neighbor has a bigger pop up, and warned us that if you leave the cover on when it's hot out, it creates mold. Maybe take the top off your pool and shock it? We are still learning how to take care of ours, but enjoying it and wondering why we didn't get one years ago! Fun in the water this summer. :)

I feel like getting rid of everything in my closet and starting over. I wear cotton tees and jeans so often I feel like I don't have anything 'nice' to wear when it's time to get dressed up, but yet, I don't spend money on 'nice clothes' because I never wear them, and have plenty of other things that feel more important. Found a good sale on Old Navy the other day and ordered a top and a new bikini. Hope it fits. Omg. Trying to add color and class to my wardrobe as well. And loose a few pounds. Ugh.

I thought I had something else to say but now I can't remember what it was.

Don't stress yourself out Cat. Love you much. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Janell - I don't know now. It's a solar cover so supposed to be on in the Sun (?) and it was perfect for almost 8 weeks. I know with pools things can go from bad to worse quickly and now I just can't seem to get it to clear - am wondering if the filter is working right, but it is only 3 years old. The rain seems to never be stopping here and that is only going to make things worse - ugh. The kids who visit use it all day long and would be disappointed if they can't. I've shocked it, used clarifier. Done exactly what 2 different pool stores said to do. Watched a million youtube videos - ha! Yes, pools are great, glad you are enjoying yours! I will figure this out! Filtering 24/7 in today's downpour.

I do the same with clothes- ack! Love back at you two - hope all is well. xo