Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | breaking with tradition, hair trigger tempers, the touch that feels like love, compassionate action, hands in the dirt, balance the books, go jump in the ocean

Breaking the waves by Phoenixstamatis

Heads up - this is our final call to get stuff done before Mercury starts to hit her retrograde degrees on Monday. Keep in mind the stuff we are doing/thinking next week we are likely to be re-doing/re-thinking.

On FRIDAY the Moon finishes her travels through independent Aries. Let's get done what we can.

The Moon reaches her last quarter of the month squaring the Cancer Sun. This month's third quarter square speaks of tension/frustration around security/home/family issues. This is about us moving in a new more independent direction vs. what we have done/what has happened/what kept us safe or comfortable or just comfortable enough to feel safe enough in the past.

With the Moon in Aries squaring the Sun, people (including us) could be quicker to anger, more anxious and abrupt. Patience could be required of us now. The dark of the Moon approaches - what can you finish up?

The Moon goes void while we sleep off a lovely trine to Venus - sweet dreams.

By SATURDAY (8:50AM EDT) the Moon has arrived in Taurus where she is exalted. We would do best to focus on more Taurean things for the next couple days - nature, comfort, gardening, tending to the things we own that are in dis-repair, balancing our books, getting our hands in the dirt, preparing food grown in the dirt with our own two hands, getting/giving a massage, taking a long bath -  

whatever brings us back into our body and in touch with the value of our existing resources is a good use of Taurean energy.

The Moon immediately hooks up with "anything-can-happen" Uranus - do something different this morning.

We might not have a choice in this! Expect the unexpected - surprising circumstances and emotional reactions. We could also be dealing with an unusual person or an Aquarian.

By the afternoon she is trining (brakes off) serious Saturn in serious Capricorn. Excellent energy for solid, practical maneuverings, goal setting, getting work done - our emotions and our ambitions are working together. Dealings with authority and older people should go smoothly. The Moon will square Mars at 1:51AM EDT, so if we stay up late or we start feeling this energy sooner (some will and of course, not everyone is on EDT) we could be impatient, short tempered and even itching for a fight - so could other people. This is NOT the night to close down the bar. We might say or do something impulsive we later regret. This aspect also makes us accident prone - keep this in mind.

On SUNDAY we have the Sun (in Cancer) trining Neptune (in Pisces). This is excellent energy for healing, charity work, compassionate action, meditation, spiritual practices, using our imagination. This would be good energy to start a creative project. Church pews and meditation circles should be occupied. We will be very sensitive to where we are and who we are with now - keep this in mind. Get near, and in, water if possible!

The Moon is uber busy today - squaring Mercury, opposing Jupiter, sextiling Neptune (adding greater opportunity to the Sun/Neptune trine!), sextiling the Sun and trining Pluto. A mixed bag so things will be in flux.

By Monday, Mercury (our thinking, ideas, communication, information, sibling issues, transportation and local community issues, childhood and children issues, early education) will be walking his first steps over degrees he will walk two more times and the Moon will move into Gemini - ruled by Mercury - so add an exclamation point (or two or three)!

Eclipse season is approaching. I will write a post by sign on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - July 12th!

Enjoy the weekend everyone - a Taurus Moon on a summer weekend is a nice gift - let's find a way to be good to ourselves and unwrap it!

xo all

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