Astrology Forecast For Creatives | Week of July 23rd - unpacking Monday and Tuesday, wanting and wanting and wanting, something could be looking a little too shiny right about now

Perceive the light by anaispopy

I hope everyone enjoyed Sunday's relaxing sextile between Venus and Jupiter.

This is setting up an energy we are going to be working with later when Mercury goes retrograde off a square to Jupiter - we will get back to this later in the week.

I didn't have much time to write on Sunday so I am doing dailies this week. Let's unpack the first two days.

If you have something that absolutely, positively has to be done this week I would try to get it done on MONDAY, the Moon will be waxing in optimistic Sagittarius. Yes, there will be squares to Venus (love, money, women, our values, resources and self-esteem) and Neptune (our imagination, illusion. deception, escape) that will create tension and stress, especially with Venus in critical (though perceptive) Virgo, but squares get things done. It is energy we can work with. Sagittarian themes - higher education, legal issues, foreigners, travel, weddings, media, publishing - could be especially worth the effort, although not without some challenges.

On TUESDAY the Moon will go Void at 4:22AM EDT off a trine (brakes off) with Mercury, sitting very strong and nearly still in Leo and preparing to reverse course this week - BACK UP YOUR FILES.

The Moon will be void all day until she moves into stable Capricorn at 5:49PM EDT.

This would not be a good day to start something new or launch something you need "something to come of", but the trine to mental Mercury pre-void tells us it could be a good time for productive writing, public speaking, communications and commerce.

The BIG news on TUESDAY though - and this will be building and then unwinding all week - is an opposition between Venus (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Pisces) at 16 degrees.

Venus in Virgo has had us taking a closer look (like magnifying glass close or bad breath in the morning close) at our relationships, our money, what we want and what we already have.

In "just the facts Jack" Virgo, Venus wants to keep it real.

Now she moves into opposition with, and yes, an opposition is just what it sounds like, imaginative Neptune in confusing "unlimited" Pisces.

Neptune can dissolve Venus's ability to focus in on the details - things can get confusing.

Yes, more confusing than they already are, especially if this is hitting a planet or point in your natal chart!

It can be hard to tell what is real now. Maybe with an opposition to boundless Neptune we want and we want and we want. Things can appear better than they actually are, maybe easier to have. And those things that seem to be just a hair's breadth away from our reach are actually a mile up the round, around the corner and buried under 40 feet of cement. Remember with Neptune we are looking through water.

Things can fall short later.

This would not be a good time to invest/make large purchases since Venus rules money and Neptune dissolves. Bye-bye logical Virgo, bye-bye hard earned cash.

Watch for unrealistic expectations around love and relationships and women, too.

Oppositions can also play out as actual people - so if we are being dutiful Venus in Virgo with our head down in a pile of paperwork, we could come up against a dreamy Pisces-type person - maybe our girl Polly calls with a plan to ditch work and head to the beach. Or maybe we are the dreamy Pisces energy and our creative work comes up against a nitpicker-type who wants i's dotted and t's crossed in a very specific way that cramps our style.

This opposition CAN expand romantic/financial possibilities AND this can be excellent energy for spiritual growth - Neptunian experiences are designed to open us up and Neptune and Venus can work well together 

BUT we have to be CAREFUL, so we don't screw up and fall into some kind of illusion/delusion.

With Venus set to trine powerful Pluto (brakes off) in a couple days we will know soon enough what is true and what is rose-colored inspiration.

We NEED inspiration, we don't need to marry it or hand it our Visa card.

Stay focused - keep it real. Tuesday evening's responsible Cappy Moon will help.

xo all

back up those files!

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