Second Full Moon in Libra | April 19, 2019 - another chance to bring our relationships into balance, words or information that hurts, what are we overdoing, what needs to be finished, what beliefs are holding us back, who and what are we partnered with? who and what has our back? dogs aren't really eating other dogs

On Friday morning at 7:11AM EDT we have the second Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees - Moon at 29 degrees Libra, Sun at 29 degrees Aries - our monthly Moon/Sun opposition.

We had the first Full Moon back on March 20th (Spring Equinox) at 0 degrees Libra/Aries. Two Full Moons in the same sign in the same year is VERY unusual. Coming in the relationship focused sign of Libra and the "we vs me" polarity of the Libra/Aries axis - something here is really wanting our attention! Maybe with such a focus right now on having to do this thing ourselves - it is more important than ever that we get really, really clear on who (and what) we are on this journey with!

We have had a Full Moon followed by a New Moon since the January eclipses (reflecting this whole ass-backwards, cart before the horse thing we have had going on all year) - we will finally start having a New Moon followed by a Full Moon in May!

A post on the FIRST Libra Full Moon is HERE - that might be helpful to reread and think about how those themes have moved forward in our life in the last 30 days.

Full Moons bring things to light, to a peak/culmination and to an END.

Let's unpack the chart.

We can see we have a fast-moving pile up in Aries right now, demanding we prioritize ourselves. Libra brings the focus to the way this plays out within our relationships.

The Sun is approaching his exact conjunction to the "fast-change" Uranus in Taurus. So, we might see Full Moon events play out when this conjunction is exact NEXT WEEK (around Tuesday), maybe giving us an Easter weekend break from whatever "new reality" this second Moon and Uranus are determined to bring to light!

The Sun/Moon are squaring the Pluto/Saturn conjunction - Pluto and Saturn will both be going retrograde over the next week or so, so this is going to ease up a bit before they come back together in the fall and take us into 2020's super conjunction. What you can't see from this chart is that right now, exactly in between powerful Pluto and powerful Saturn is the powerful South Node of the Moon (endings, release, past karma - collective and individual). We haven't had this kind of energetic in 500 years!

We have a retrograde Jupiter trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon.

It could be Full Moon events come through this space of our chart (Sagittarius house) or through a Jupiter-type person (could be a Sag person or someone who is a BIG thinker/talker/explorer) or situation where we - or a partner - are most likely OVER-DOING or exaggerating something or believing in something that needs a wake-up, shake-up call. 

The squares to the Nodes indicate tension/frustration around an OLD responsibility. Something we have already taken on/committed to - and we can't move forward until this is completed/lived up to.

This could also (since the Moon is focused on partnerships) be playing out through someone else in our life - happening to a partner, etc and impacting us - or impacting the partnership itself. Relationships are mirrors.

The full glow of the Moon will spotlight the ways something is out of balance or the way greater Libra diplomacy/cooperation/beauty is needed or not needed. Diplomacy/cooperation could be hard to come by (the Sun in Aries wants what he wants and he's got some help right now, look at all the Aries planets and Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, will be there, too, within hours).

Maybe we get to see who/what really has our back.

Things could feel very out of balance or out of control.

Mercury will conjunct hurting/healing Chiron this same day, so there might be some painful words heard or expressed now. Conversations/information that hurts. Conversations/information that heals. Sibling situations can also trigger old sore spots.

Maybe whatever relationship dynamics we had playing out back on March 20th (the first Libra Full Moon) are TALKED OUT now. Or new information comes out now. Mercury is freshly minted in Aries - we need a new conversation, a new story, a new way in - not to rehash the same old, same old.

The Full Moon in Libra can bring clarity.

We get a second chance to bring something into balance. With everything happening in cardinal signs there is a fresh start built into any ending now.

The Sun is coming off this week's trine to the Galactic Center - so there is fresh information here, a new timeline has crossed into our own and here we are poised at the brink of every conceivable possibility.

Something is still hanging over our head though - something still not finished. A prior commitment maybe or some responsibility not stepped into/lived up to. Something to think about, but not dwell on because things are going to start speeding up now.

We came for the journey. For the experience. Our arrival at our destination was assured as soon as we left home. This isn't a race. No one is keeping score.

Keep in mind always this year that North Node in Cancer. We have to somehow prioritize nurturing. Taking care of ourself. Being kind/compassionate to ourselves and to each other. We have to somehow stay open and vulnerable. If we let ourselves become brittle or jaded or hiding out to stay safe or buying into this "every man for himself" mode of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place, the stakes will just keep getting higher and higher.

The stuff that is really keeping us safe isn't the stuff that looks like it is keeping us safe.

Which reminds me of a day in hub's shop when one of his customers, a young laid-back kind of guy not some crusty curmudgeon, probably watching too much Walking Dead or playing too many video games, was telling us about his business problems and how this was a dog eat dog world, and hubs and the other men present, I believe caught up in some kind of testosterone group hug, without any actual hugging, of course - boy germs and all, were all nodding and agreeing with him and going on and on about survival of the fittest.

And I was like, "Wait a minute, this isn't a dog eat dog world. This isn't even a dog eat squirrel world. This isn't a survival of the fittest world. This may be a non-survival of the very least fit (the one gazelle the lion is able to actually catch), but there is a whole lot of surviving going on."

This was followed by a lot of dead air. Then shuffling feet. Then good-byes.

I always did know how to clear a room.

It is NOT a dog eat dog world, but at this Full Moon compromise could be hard to find. We will want what we want and if we have to fight to get it we will. Someone is likely to be pissed off or disappointed in us - oh well. The last Full Moon and this Full Moon have given us a MONTH LONG ending/culmination. We know by now who has our back. We know by now who are on the same page we are. But ultimately this is a solo journey. Our life (and care) is in our own hands.

Too much certainty assures we are shown the very things that will make us question ourselves. Maybe because when nothing is certain, anything is possible, right? I think so, too.

 Enjoy the Full Moon. Be sure to get outside and walk in it.

xo all

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