Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn | July 16, 2019 - karmic chickens coming home to roost, secrets exposed, releasing grief, releasing old and deep fears, who's got the power, a good job can't hug you back, the death of the McMansion

On Tuesday, July 16th the Capricorn Moon opposes the Cancer Sun at 24 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - happening conjunct the Moon's Nodes (Capricorn/Cancer) gives us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (partial). 

Full Moons bring energy to a "peak"; to a culmination, maybe to an ending. Eclipses eclipse something out. We get a cosmic reset, much like a computer being turned off and back on and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before.

Eclipses change us, and we, (vibrating differently), change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self lines up with.

If you have planets or points on or near 24 degrees Capricorn/Cancer the area of your life impacted will look very, very different over the next six months (or the area of life ruled by the ruler of that sign/point). 

With the Moon conjunct Pluto (and widely conjunct the South Node and Saturn) and the Lunar Eclipse energy amplifying something that's already amplified AND setting up the big January 2020 energies and Eclipses - this is BIG. We had an Eclipse conjunct this degree in mid-July 2000. Some people will see similar themes activated now. 

Let's unpack the chart.

Mars is past his square to Uranus, but the square is still active. So here is the potential for fast change. He is approaching his trine to Jupiter, so things can get bigger/more expansive quickly. Whatever this is it pushes us into new territory. Venus (in Cancer) is exactly opposing Saturn (in Capricorn). This is important. Remember we had Mercury and Mars do this and now it is Venus's turn as she moves through Cancer and begins to oppose the karmic pile-up in Capricorn of the South Node, Saturn and Pluto. Eris is exactly square the Sun and the Moon (!), so this is disruptive. The North Node is trine Neptune and Venus is approaching her own trine to Neptune.  

The ONLY air in the chart - no wonder we can't think straight or make a decision - is Pallas in Libra. Yes, Pallas is STILL in Libra! Relationship patterns. Relationship strategies. With Pallas squaring the Moon/Sun something needs to CHANGE. Squares to the nodes speak of a skipped step. We can't go any further without this ADJUSTMENT. In Libra, even wise-warrior Pallas can get indecisive and with Pallas exactly squaring a retrograde Saturn at the time of the Eclipse - relationship commitments from the past are likely part of the Eclipse story.

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto could bring secrets into the open; the truth to light.

Pluto is retrograde - something from the past needs to end/die. We either transform/clean up the mess or the tower falls. And I am not saying "or" as if we have a say in the matter. We probably don't. If the base is rotted the structure collapses. Capricorn endings could just as easily be the end of a limit/restraint/rule/commitment/authority. An earth sign - the ending could be a physical thing although the greatness of its impact might only be felt in hindsight. 

The theme of our natal Capricorn house - the theme that is in play through at least the beginning of 2020 in our life gets a major reshuffling. Pluto is ultimate energy - absolute light (honesty), absolute darkness. Power. Control. Loss of power. Loss of control. 

With the Moon conjunct Pluto situations might feel like life and death. Sometimes because they are. But most likely because a part of us is dying. Outgrown Capricornian identities are being shed. Rules. Limits. Bye-bye. Moon/Pluto and then that square to Eris may speak of powerful feelings/situations around women. 

With Venus exactly opposing Saturn - what we want/love/value comes with a hefty price tag. Commitments. Responsibilities. We talked about this last week. The fast change (Mars/Uranus) coming at a cost. She is almost close enough to the Sun to be blown out (combust), but I think an exact opposition to Capricorn's ruler at the time of an Eclipse keeps her in the game. With Venus about to trine Neptune and conjunct the North Node and with Saturn trining Neptune - we have magical, spiritual assistance here to make this whole thing work out. We just have to let go of the old dead thing. We have to clean up the mess. We have to polish off that old commitment.

If we are stepping into a new commitment/responsibility now - it won't be easy. That Saturn opposition to what we want means work.

(many wealthy, successful people have challenging Venus/Saturn aspects in their natal charts - Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Oprah - facing powerful old-school opposition/the way things have always been done - it's worked for them, it can work for us, too)

The trines to Neptune and aspects to the North Node (plus 2019's Neptune sextile Saturn - we won't have this one forever!) speak of powerful forces moving us in a new direction because the stuff behind us - the ground that used to be beneath our feet - isn't even there anymore! We are counting on structures and abiding by rules that don't even exist. Those timelines are finished.

Neptune forces development of deeper values through sacrifices and a sense of loss/grief. Sometimes with Neptune things can mysteriously vanish (like my first post!) and the more we shut out any recognition of our spiritual gifts the more we become overly concerned with protecting all that we own as exclusively ours - the more screwed up everything gets and the more scared we feel as things dissolve. What is really happening is our unlimited energy is trapped.

So, HERE, this eclipse is where the trap door gets opened.

We won't likely be dropped onto a bed of feathers because then we would never get up and the point of everything is to KEEP GOING. It's unlikely to be a bed of nails either. Keep in mind those intense Moon/Pluto emotions that stimulate our body to feel every cataclysm/death we (including our past lives and the ancestral DNA that we carry) have ever suffered.

It will all be OK in the end.

Eclipse events are fated - whatever impact we have before or after is probably out of our hands now. The facts must be dealt with. This stuff will play out over the next 6 months.

At its core this is a Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon with the North Node in home and family focused Cancer - see my Nodes posts HERE for more on that. The old structures that are no longer "home" MUST change.

Where I live in Central New Jersey they build these mega-houses we call McMansions. Big house. Little bitty piece of land. Back when my mom lived with us, the year leading up to her death, the nurse who visited us told me how she often went into these houses and they were mostly empty. Which sounded sad, but almost made sense to me, because what the hell do you do with all those rooms and those mega-entryways and sky-high ceilings (not to mention the upkeep costs interfering with someone's ability to buy furniture). The McMansion - is a perfect representation of the kind of shallow, Capricorny thing that is ending. We all have a McMansion somewhere in our life ... the shallow, empty space that is self-destructing as we move toward a more authentic space.

The problem is it might not feel like a shallow empty thing - it might feel like the thing that is holding us up. It isn't. The completion/ending is inevitable. This sense of doom and gloom that is out of proportion to the situation is us being triggered by our history (or our past lives/ancestor's history that we carry).

If it feels like the sky is falling, take a walk outside.

It is probably still up there.

We are actually stepping into a more powerful position as we work through these power struggles through the end of 2019. We are working our piece of the puzzle that moves the collective into the New Age. There is no way we can get this wrong.

To sum it all up - this is a major ending/culmination/beginning WITH some Plutonian deep truth dug up and brought into the light. We see the man behind the curtain or maybe why we do what we do because we are the man behind the curtain. Relationship power dynamics will play a part as well as our Cappy/Cancer house themes or the collective themes of our life in the world, being hard-headed vs home/family, being soft-hearted. We move toward something more authentic and VALUABLE. 

Note this intense and possibly destructive Eclipse is followed a couple days later by some soothing, forward-leaning Venus aspects. So whatever ends/changes it is likely our attention quickly moves to what's next.

xo all

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