Today's Astrology Forecast | July 16, 2019 - karmic lessons

Today's Capricorn Moon moves toward her exact opposition to the Cancer Sun happening at 5:38PM EDT - bringing us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This is a time of karmic LESSONS. Endings. Beginnings. There are commitments/responsibilities that we have outgrown. There are new commitments/responsibilities we have grown into. Happening conjunct Pluto will make our feelings more intense (life and death - watch your language around what is "killing" you) and situations more likely to involve power struggles.

Does anything transform without a struggle? Yes, says Neptune who is active, too, but we have to let go with love/forgive/take time to grieve/bring empathy and compassion to the situation, and often hardest of all, bring it home to ourselves!

With minimal air (only one planet in an air sign) in today's chart - the atmosphere could feel heavy and stifled. And Mercury (as well as almost everything else) is retrograde. We can't think our way out of this. It's a time to release anything that starts with "if only...".

Consider any new commitments (investments of time, money, resources, your emotions) before taking them on now, because they will involve work, time, patience, taking on the man/the old guard. They could pay off in big, unexpected ways, but don't say I didn't warn you about the WORK.

There are collective themes of home/work balance issues and power struggles within relationships in the Full Moon chart. I spell it all out HERE (grab a cup of coffee, this is all happening in my third house of communication and  I like to write).

The Eclipse is intended to bring a culmination/ending to some situation - some way we interact with the world, some goal, commitment, sense of priority - in our Capricorn house. Keep in mind Eclipses come in a series and this is a process. We have two more at the end of December/beginning of January 2020.

We might think we have to "fake it til we make it" - a very Capricornian thing, but then there are times - and this is more and more true as we move into and through the Age of Aquarius - when we have to realize we are just faking it - there is no "making it" because we are faking it. We might have the corner office (maybe we do/maybe we don't) but if we aren't feeling emotionally satisfied, our cup will never be full enough/our view will never be good enough, because this is not who we really are. 

It's time to be honest with ourselves.

Lots to think about as we move through this week and close out this Eclipse season.

xo all - back with the weekly


photo by the talented Rona-Keller 

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