Today's Astrology Forecast | July 17, 2019 - we feel the weight of it all and then we keep going, moving on, fated meetings, saying yes to something new

The Moon moves into detached Aquarius at 5:19AM EDT. We might find ourselves focused on and nurtured through Aquarius themes for the next couple days (or the theme of our natal Aquarius house) - groups, friendships, the internet, astrology, technology, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, our causes.

She will oppose Mercury retrograde (12:38PM EDT) and square Aquarius's ruling planet Uranus (10:44PM EDT) and then move on to oppose Mars. People, including us, could start arguments just to see what is going to happen! Expect change and disruptions. Unless the people around you are Aquarians/Aquarian-types, this would be a better day for solitary work. This is good energy to step back and get a little distance from something.

We could have an emotional (Moon) breakthrough (Aquarius) about how to proceed because we also have - Venus meeting the North Node of destiny.

She gets past her opposition to Saturn - maybe we get serious about something, are really feeling the pressure of an old (or new) responsibility or commitment, hear a "no", reach a completion/culmination - this is the reality bites thing with the responsibilities we talked about in the Eclipse post.

Limits/boundaries can be a good thing, but they probably won't feel good. At least we know where we stand. Keep in mind the Plutonian eclipse is bringing up alot of fears that our body is carrying, so our emotions (and the Aquarius Moon will help cool this down) could be more intense than the situation calls for.

(I got a new puppy last weekend and am feeling like I opened a kennel and am responsible for 100 new puppies - the weight of this responsibility/commitment added to what I already have on my plate is overwhelming me right now - this is where astro wisdom can help us to know we aren't losing our mind, of course with Pluto sitting on my natal Mercury, I could be, and that transit are transitory)

As Venus meets and crosses the North Node we are moving on.

With Mercury retrograde we might not be clear on exactly what that means and that's ok - something will be illuminated within the next couple days - but the Venus/Saturn reality check (we do or do not have the resources to do this thing, we do or do not still love this person/situation, we do or do not get what we want, etc) gives us some kind of solid ground. It may or may not be exactly where we hoped to be standing, but it's where we are standing (and, yes, the solid ground could include a nipping puppy with teeth like sewing needles attached to our ankle).

Her contact with the North Node tells us this is unfolding exactly as it should be. Venus is in Cancer - so yes, we could be a little more needy than usual, but Venus in Cancer is also where we merge what we want (Venus) with what we need (Cancer). And happening opposite that Capricorn karmic line-up we are required to take responsibility for it.

Watch for synchronicities around Venus themes - love, relationships, balance, money, resources, our values, our self-esteem, beauty and women. Fated meetings. Fated encounters. Fated investments. Fated choices are being made about what we really value.

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xo all

A couple weeks before Christmas, our beautiful pup Olive died. Her loss hit us (hubs also lost his mother shortly after) like a freight train. It's been overwhelming. I have lost both parents, had multiple miscarriages and lost several other pets, but have never experienced this kind of grief. This continued throughout the time Mercury was back and forth through Pisces in the spring - I knew this grief was very old and very deep. I felt literally empty. When Olive died, transiting Ceres (mothering, loss) was sitting exactly conjunct my natal Neptune (which conjuncts my Ascendant) and transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct my husband's natal Ceres. I had also had a near death experience in May 2018 (exactly as Pluto conjuncted my natal Mercury, Mercury rules pets - I will have to see what Ceres was doing then, I just realized I never looked) which immediately preceded the onset of Olive's illness.

And I know this is alot of astro babble, but I know many people who read this blog study astrology and might be interested. Also for the astro babble people - I am a Capricorn South Node/ Cancer North Node. It would create less anxiety in me to help you start a business than to help you watch your toddler.

Last week- exactly one week prior to the Eclipse - after registering with five local rescues in mid-May and never getting a call back, although two people I knew registered and had dogs within a couple weeks - I got a call about a puppy coming up from Georgia.

She, and her two siblings, had been abandoned at a construction site. She was found dragging a hurt leg, fifty feet from the other puppies. A recent x-ray had shown two possible pelvic fractures. The fractures, which might or might not even be fractures, might or might not require surgery at some point. I was told she was probably about nine weeks old and a Beagle-mix. The woman at the rescue told me she wouldn't be going on any long hikes, but if I was looking for a pup to cuddle in my lap and love she might be my girl.

I told her I would call her back the next morning. She asked if I could call her at 10AM precisely because she had a busy day packing pups for her trip up to New Jersey. Tossing and turning all night I decided to go and meet this pup at a local Pet Smart on Saturday. I called the woman at 10AM, but got a recording and she didn't call me back until 12:30PM - at exactly the start of a Grand Water Trine in effect for just a couple hours - that spoke of fast change that created a big commitment/work, and had some magical/spiritual support. I knew as soon as the phone rang I would be getting this dog.

Anyhoo, she sits, although I am not sure we would call this squirming thing where I try to protect my belly from becoming her second breakfast "sitting",  in my lap right now trying to bite my shirt - not the loving little lap cuddler I had envisioned, but her pelvis injury doesn't seem to stop her from running around like a maniac and I can't imagine it not healing up just fine. Her name has been Belle, Ellie, Nellie, Lily, Ripley and Rosie, maybe the Rosie will stick, we'll see .... maybe she'll settle a bit once we settle on her name. And I settle down a bit from this Eclipse energy ....

photo by the talented beyond impression


lynn bowes said...

So happy, happy, happy for you and little Whatername! Something will click with her and you two / three will figure New Jersey life out in no time. Rosie is a great name.

We lost our black cat Oprah exactly a month ago and for sure it's a forever scar. I won't go into details but after having 4.5 oz of fluid drained from her lungs and four days back at home, it was time. She was a great cat and a fierce mouser with a few snakes thrown in and we miss her horribly. One more barn cat left here who is enjoying her retirement now. I've whispered in her ear that when her time comes, please let me find you expired on the kitchen floor. Don't make me go through this again.

xox times 100

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks so much Lynn- so sorry to hear about the majestic Oprah (great name, too), pet loss is such a horrendous heartache - hope you guys are enjoying your farm life "retirement" too xo