inner planet update | where we are right now, the deep end

I didn't pop up a weekly because the major aspects were really covered in that last New Moon post, but let's see what else is going on.

The big picture is we have just come off October's powerful Eclipses and this week's intense Scorpio New Moon. 

We might be tired and need more rest/downtime. 

The Sun is in Scorpio for about one more week. Likely we are intensely focused on something that is important to us. We could be more aware of what we have missed or more AWARE of what is hidden. The stuff we have stuffed, our shadows, our fears (also on a more mundane level - financial issues, debts, inheritances, intimacy situations) can be more visible with the Sun in Scorpio. 

Mars is in Scorpio, too - remember they are meeting up this weekend and kicking off a new 2 year cycle. 

Mars in Scorpio isn't about speed. Yes, Mars typically likes to go fast and this is the sign of Mars ancient rulership, but this isn't a fast Mars, say like Mars in Aries. Scorpio is a water sign. Go too deep too fast and we get 'the bends'/de-compression sickness. If we are smart, and we are, we move more deliberately with Mars in Scorpio. So, maybe, we make a move and then we stop and see where we are, then we make another move, etc. Scorpio does like to pre-meditate and with Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger) here we will think about what we are going to do before we do it. 

And, yes, that sounds slightly criminal and often devious, but this is Scorpio we are talking about! Grudges will be held. Revenge will be taken. And, I am a Scorpio rising, so get to say this :) 

Our actions become more focused. More intimate. There is no more Libran fence sitting (although Venus is in Libra now and quite strong, so this is not quite true this year). 

Mars here may (depending on our natal chart) be good for our physical energy since Scorpio is continually re-generating itself. So, maybe we go to bed exhausted and drained, but somehow we still wake up ready to give the world another go. 

Or maybe we finally get used to the time change. WTH it makes me crazy.

Because Scorpio rules our 8th house of compulsions and obsessions we could find our actions driven by our impulses. If you find yourself caught in a loop - STOP - ask yourself - why am I doing this again? why am I so mad? why do I want this so badly? what am I really trying to do?

We can get alot done with Mars in Scorpio, let's just make sure it is stuff worth doing

As Mars and the Sun meet up - we should be getting the hang of this deep-water thing/be moving with the current.

There will be an inconjunct with the North Node through. So, there is something about Scorpio season's intense focus that isn't so compatible with our fresh/independent future. We might need to come up for air or take some time for ourselves if we have been too immersed with others. We might have to take some new and maybe short term action with something else. Maybe we can't have control and our freedom, too. Aries demands something fast/new/independent and the inconjunct says an adjustment is needed.

Venus is in Libra, happily making her way through her home sign, after her summer of discontent. She is sextiling Mercury, who has left Scorpio for Sagittarius. This is EXCELLENT energy for casual conversations, being social and diplomatic. Communications should go well when we keep our words hopeful/positive and balanced. Although Mars and the Sun are going deep, Venus and Mercury are keeping things light - keep this in mind. 

Saturn is STILL sitting at 0 degrees Pisces, making his, slow and steady, third and final go through the early degrees of our final water sign. He is pretty much parked in November, so certain progress will be, too. Once the Sun gets into Sagittarius next week he will square Saturn for another REALITY CHECK. Mars will square Saturn a couple days later, so that 'road-block/no' is probably all part of the same thing. This is also something to keep in mind, but also keep in mind, although Saturn is stronger than Mars, Mars is FASTER, and he will be in a fire sign by then. Adjustments will be needed/work-arounds.

Venus and Mercury will then change signs and Venus will start trining Saturn and Mercury will start trining Jupiter - both in early December - positive/smooth signs of change and forward movement. Commitments, sticky money, good news. If things are dicey - hang in there. 

Pluto is back at 28 degrees Capricorn AGAIN. Pallas, in Libra, moves into a square with him tomorrow. This can pull power struggles into our relationships. Work/career situations could be stimulated by a need for cooperation/diplomacy that comes through tension and frustration. Libra is an air sign, so take a breath with this one. 

What else? 

The Moon is in Capicorn and other than a square to Venus, she is making smooth aspects for the next couple days. The Moon isn't comfortable or comforting in Capricorn. This is the mom who sends you to school with the sniffles because she has to go to work. You learn the art of the stiff upper lip/the pulling up of your own bootstraps. If we don't need things to be warm and fuzzy, the Scorpio/Capricorn sextiles (Luna will sextile both the Sun and Mars on Friday) can bring good opportunities to really get things done. 

By Monday, the Moon in Aquarius will have her plate full squaring off with Mars and the Sun, so let's use the serious and effective Cappy Moon now as best we can.

xo all

Maybe we will look at the Israel/Hamas charts next. I have been procrastinating writing about those, although I have looked .... or maybe we will look ahead to 2024 first ...

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