today's astrology forecast | Friday november 3rd, 2023 - Star of David in the Skies today, cosmic protection and opportunities

Look at the feminine Earth and Water signatures forming an unusual Star of David (Grand Sextile) in the skies today. 

In a natal chart this could be said to bestow protection, exclusive opportunities and a kind of 'cradle to grave' constant of whatever is represented by the bodies/signs/houses involved. This is certainly echoing the BOUNTY of today's aspects - 

the downside with something like this would be expending our energy in too many different directions or over-doing something too much/taking something too far. 

Today's more challenging aspects - the three oppositions - can help ground the Star's sextiles.  

Beyond that, it's quite beautiful, involves Venus, preparing to leave Virgo for her home sign of Libra in a few days and echoes her own orbit - Venus orbits in the shape of the pentagram/six-pointed star, too. The pentagram itself connected to nature and natural cycles of creative regeneration ....

The Moon is home in Cancer now. So maybe our attention has turned to home matters, real estate, renovation, home or family business. With a Cancer Moon we are nurtured/nourished by home and family, by what keeps us safe, by mom and apple pie.

The Moon trines Mercury, sextiles Uranus (retrograde) and then Venus, trines Neptune and then finally goes void off her monthly stand-off (opposition) with  Pluto at 11:27PM EDT. The trines and sextiles with the Moon strong in her home sign are smooth energies/opportunities and supportive of today's other aspects.

This is also the day Venus opposes Neptune and the Sun opposes Jupiter. 

Venus/Neptune polishes off a cycle - oppositions are endings like Full Moons - that started last February. Something, that might have seemed too good to be true may have proven to be or maybe, with Venus in critical/discerning Virgo, we see what needs fixing as whatever this is begins its waning cycle. With Saturn stationing direct in Neptune ruled Pisces within hours, there could be a kind of 'reality-check' moment with this or a kind of 'reality-grounding' moment as we release certain expectations about how something should look/be. The strong, emotional, Moon in Cancer's sextile to Venus is supportive. If something is disappointing now or we are depleted/exhausted even ill - family helps. Nurturing yourself like you would mother someone else helps. 

Sun/Jupiter can bring BIG culminations. 

Lucky results, if we haven't taken something too far, but have stretched ourselves JUST ENOUGH. With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon challenged by Pluto, there could be an egoic push for power now. Watch for excess/greed. Don't over-spend/over-merge. 

Both Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde, so nothing is happening here that we couldn't see coming. Everything has its feet in the past. With the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, but also just being Neptune - there is old karma (which is simply the cause and effect of our prior actions and our ancestor/past lives prior actions) being RELEASED. Venus, ruler of the South Node, is repeating this. 

Eris (terrorist/whistle blower) sits with the South Node of what is ripe for release. The apple has been tossed. Pallas (wise warrior but also the mother-less father's daughter/patriarchy) sits with the North Node in fiery Aries. 

This weekend should be interesting. 

After tonight, the Moon will be in Leo and making all kinds of challenging aspects until very late Sunday night (the less appreciation/attention we are expecting probably the happier we will be) - closing out, with a tense and frustrating square to Mercury (argument, challenging news). 

Many positives next week.

xo all

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