weekly astrology forecast | November 20th to November 26th, 2023 - empowerment opportunities early in the week, healing conversations, then reality checks, limits and ego hits, a mixed bag

We start the week with the Sun and Mars and Ceres finishing up in Scorpio with smooth sextiles with powerful Pluto. 

Our actions, the way we stand out/shine, the way we mother/nurture/work with what we can't control or make complicated compromises are creating OPPORTUNITIES. This is happening with these planets in intense and focused Scorpio. And, between these energies and powerful Pluto in Capricorn - so good for empowerment, career, relationships with authority and stepping into our own. 

This is not the time to hide/take a nap. 

Then, in tandem, the Sun/Mars/Ceres come up from the depths of Scorpio and into the greener pastures/bluer skies of Sagittarius (YAY

and smack into squares with Saturn in Pisces (BOO, HISS).

Saturn squares are REALITY CHECKS/LIMITS. Sag squares to Saturn can be deflating, but Sag can be overblown anyway. Keep your feet on the ground. Don't take on too much. Don't exaggerate, fly too high or look too far ahead. Don't over-promise with Saturn blowing in because you are going to have to deliver. Things are not quite as grand as they felt just days/moments before, BUT the Sun and Mars and Ceres are still in optimistic Sagittarius now, joining Mercury. It ain't all bad.

When planets get into Sagittarius PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING. 

Let's take a look.

MONDAY - First Quarter Moon, Sun sextile Pluto and conjunct Ceres, Mercury trine Chiron

TUESDAY - Mars sextile Pluto, Ceres sextile Pluto

WEDNESDAY - Sun into Sagittarius, Venus opposes Chiron

THURSDAY - Sun squares Saturn

FRIDAY - Mars into Sagittarius

SATURDAY - Ceres into Sagittarius, Mars squares Saturn

MONDAY - the Moon in detached and intellectual Aquarius moves into a square with the late Scorpio Sun, giving us this month's first quarter square - an obstacle, tension, frustration - in between last week's New Moon and next week's Full Moon. Here is where that New Moon in Scorpio story, which remember is INTENSE and focused, is required to step back, detach and intellectualize. Something/someone needs some space.

Mercury (already in Sagittarius) trines Chiron. Hope/optimism is healing. Big/bodacious words are healing. This is not the time to be afraid to talk about what hurts/your vulnerabilities and insecurities. But this is NOT about wallowing. Find the positive spin, the rainbow after the storm, the silver lining in there somewhere. Think a better/bigger thought. Watch/listen to something inspiring. Those prosperity preachers that annoy me because I sometimes kind of like them (I think it's my Venus in Sag), come to mind. 

Ideas, and maybe especially big ideas, can improve things. 

At the same time the Sun, at the end of Scorpio, moves into an opportunistic sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Opportunities - this could be about career, goals, ambitions, your 28 degree natal Cappy house - come through commitment, intensity, focus, merged resources/skills/money. Money is power. Sex is power. So is manipulation, although I wouldn't recommend it. Use your power for good. We are going to have three different energies interacting in potentially opportunistic/empowering ways with Pluto this week, but we will have to take some kind of action to make use of them.

On TUESDAY, we have Mars and Ceres sextiling Pluto, too. 

Transformative and PERMANENT change is possible this week if we take action. Remember this is Scorpio action, happening BEFORE the energies get into Sagittarius. We are still in the fixed waters here. This is about digging up what is hidden, burying what is dead, being intimate, focused, passionate, controlling, committed, RELENTLESS. If that sounds kind of scary ass, yes, this is scary-ass Scorpio. What are you afraid to do? Maybe try that. 

Nefarious power moves with hidden objectives, revenge scenarios, covert actions can create opportunities, too. 

The power/brass ring will go to who makes the best use of this. 

The universe doesn't judge/keep score - only seeks balance through karma. I can't recommend any of this controlling/manipulating stuff though because it always comes back around to bite. Sometimes taking a nice solid chunk. Keep that in mind.  

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into Sagittarius while Venus in Libra opposes Chiron. 

Venus, at home in Libra is about beauty and balance and fairness and grace and our relationships. Opposed Chiron we will feel the ways something here isn't working and it won't feel good. Old wounds around our appearance, ability to partner/play well with others, have fairness/peace are TRIGGERED. Or maybe the reality of what we have/want is painful. The Sun into Sag will help. And remember that trine from Mercury to Chiron - positive words are healing. Open conversations. Mentors. Optimism. Hope. Don't be afraid to speak up and talk about it. 

On THURSDAY - SATURDAY, the Sun squares Saturn, followed by Mars and Ceres squaring Saturn, too. 

There is tension and frustration through responsibilities, REALITY CHECKS/LIMITS. We could hear a "no". There could be a delay. Maybe someone/something is challenging our control or authority. Our ego is dented. We are stopped in our tracks. 

Sometimes with Saturn in Pisces (daddy/authority is gone/on a bender) we are our own worst enemy - something can kind of drift off course. Authority is weak. Our resolve can be, too. We are tired. We get sick. We can't see what is behind us. One hour of Netflix leads to an all-nighter and then we can't function well the next day. One drink leads to two or four. Keep all this in mind.  

Saturnian squares require us to step up. They show us what we are made of. 

Keep in mind, too, that the squares are happening with these planets in boisterous/skies-the-limit Sagittarius. 

Maybe some of the wind taken out of our sails now is not such a bad thing. 

The only way past Saturn is with our head up, shoulders back, big girl/boy pants on. 

Know there could a humbling/limit/reality check this week. Being over-confident, talking bullsh*t, over-promising won't cut it. 

Do your work. A mutable water Saturn in Pisces "no" can just be a "no" for now. Keep your commitments. Keep the faith.

It's a mixed-bag kind of week - here's hoping you get the good stuff. Which, we can see from the astrology, will be at the BOTTOM (Scorpio!) of the bag. 

xo all

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