Saturday, November 17, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | more flies with honey, the power of our imagination, the fine print, adventure, the Sunday night blues or inspired ambition

And suddenly it's evening 1X by Michela-Riva

We wake on SATURDAY morning having slept through our monthly Moon/Neptune conjunction. If you had any memorable dreams maybe write them down and give some thought to them. This energy should put us in a relaxed, dreamy state for the early part of the day. It could be hard to know where we begin and other people leave off though. Boundaries will be thin.

By 2: 10PM EST the Moon moves into a sextile (opportunity) with Pluto (at 19 degrees).

This is the energy for eliminating (Pluto) our delusions/illusions (Neptune), for deep/maybe dark (Pluto) magic (Neptune), for transformation/lasting change (Pluto) through compassion (Neptune), for using the power (Pluto) of our imagination (Neptune). Good for meditation, making art, healing. Stay sober. 

This is an opportunity between our Capricorn and Pisces houses. It's like Aquarius has gone to use the restroom and Cappy and Pisces are holding hands under the table.

How can we use this? For example in my chart this is an opportunity between my 3rd house (communication, conversations, siblings, neighborhood, transportation) and my 4th house (5th house if we are talking rulerships - but the Moon will still be in my 4th house) of home, family, property, my roots, mother/motherhood - so communicating about a home/family situation is favored. This energy is swift, but potent.

Also on Saturday - which could factor in or be about something else entirely - we have the Scorpio Sun (25 degrees) opposing Juno (in Taurus). Juno is about our relationships, our commitments and contracts involving partners, our marriages and in Taurus she is focused on stability; on keeping the relationship safe. Also, she is focused on the money, honey and on the relationship's resources. 

Remember Juno is Jupiter's long suffering wife and the part of us that will look the other way to keep our commitments and contracts intact.

So now along comes the Sun shining a bright light/bringing a conclusion (a solar opposition is like a Full Moon to the planet being opposed) to something that the Sun in Scorpio has dug up. The Sun is drilling into the fine print in that relationship contract and comes to Juno with a flashlight in one hand and the thing she (as we) maybe does not really want to look at in the other and she/we can't look away.

On SUNDAY, the Moon, in her final Piscean play, has trined the Sun in Scorpio, while we slept. This would be another good night for a dream analysis if we can remember any. The Moon moves into action-oriented Aries at 7:56AM EST. We'll wake up ready to GO and by mid-afternoon she moves into a nice trine with Jupiter (2:18PM EST), so the afternoon is ripe for any Jupiterian pursuit - an adventure, a focus on the big-picture, higher education, travel, anything/anyone foreign to us, weddings, the media, religion, etc. This aspect brings optimism. 

By late Sunday night, the Aries Moon will be squaring Saturn (in Capricorn), focusing us on our responsibilities - our goals and ambitions. Squares bring tension and stress, but are really the energy we need to get things done and there is no better energy to get things done than a square to Saturn.

We get what we want by following the rules now, yes, and yes, there are obstacles in our path, but an Aries Moon eats obstacles for breakfast! And getting this monthly aspect on a Sunday night instead of a Monday afternoon might make it go down easier.

The flies in the ointment with this one are - we could be dealing with cold emotional responses, fights with dad/authority, feelings of being caged in or lonely - just keep in mind the long-game we are playing. This is just one fast (fight?!) transit.

Avoid physical risks.

Tonight's energy could feel like a let down if the day felt especially good. It's like the guy with the good jokes and the good pot has left the party.

Don't let Sunday night ruin a perfectly good weekend. We know Monday morning is coming. It always comes.

Mercury is retrograde folks, expect delays, having to do things again and not knowing what we don't know. Roll with it.

xo all

Next week we have what astrologer Susan Miller calls the luckiest day of the year - are we ready for that? Yes, we are!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

shifting sands ahead .....

Untitled by Irina Joanne

OK, let's take a breath before the next round of shifts starting tomorrow and see/feel where we are.

We are on a brave new quest with Jupiter's return to Sagittarius - just keep in mind this is a year-long quest. We don't have to do everything in the first week!

We have Mars - the planet of our action, our initiative, the way we go about getting what we want - leaving Aquarius after six MONTHS. The last time Mars was in Aquarius for this long was in 1971! He moves into Pisces on Thursday where he will stay for about six WEEKS.

Aquarius is not Mars favorite place (neither is Pisces!) - and he had to deal with the South Node there (what we are releasing) and because Aquarius is a fixed sign - this left Mars squaring Uranus in Taurus, opposing all the Leo energies (including the North Node of where are heading) and then squaring all the Scorpio we have been working through with Venus! This has been challenging us since May. Although Mars can still perform in Aquarius, he isn't fond of Aquarius penchant for - over-thinking, digging in too doggedly to a mental position, detaching - Mars wants to just go for it. And Aquarian energy does not work like this.

Now, he (as us) moves into Pisces. This would be a great time to rest if we can rest. If our life is not set up to rest for the next six weeks (Mars is going to really, really want to nap!) and I know mine isn't, and yours probably isn't either, we are going to have to be careful we don't slip up and sabotage ourselves by - zonking out, drifting off purpose, totally losing our boundaries, escaping with another glass of wine, going on a shopping marathon, taking action based on what we are seeing through our rose-colored glasses, vegging out with too many Netflix marathons, letting things slip away.

Maybe we should put a rubber-band on our wrist and snap ourselves awake every hour!

We are going to have to muster whatever reserves we have to stay on top of things for the next few weeks. AND we are going to have to prioritize rest and escape somehow, too.

We are NOT going to push because Mars in Pisces can't push. It will be like pushing jello up a hill - nice for the guy behind us who isn't pushing and gets a delicious strawberry dessert tossed at him that he didn't have to work for - but not so nice for us; the ones doing all the work. On the other hand Mars in Pisces is excellent energy to go within, to meditate, to make art, to heal, to work with our intuition, to work with our dreams - this is the energy of the spiritual warrior and having this compassionate energy during the holiday season is a very, very beautiful thing - a gift to us.

Mars in Pisces won't be squaring Uranus and Venus and the Nodes anymore, but he will be squaring Jupiter (freshly home to Sagittarius) and these are our two BIG unlimited energies. And Mercury is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius, too, so our thinking is surely going to be more optimistic, obviously a good thing, but also more unrealistic and more over-the-top.

This can get us so caught up in what is possible, some far-out-there dream that we toss the baby out with the bathwater - and it's pretty freakin' cold out there for babies, we jump from that plane (adventure!) without checking to see if our parachute is working or if we are even wearing a parachute.

We party like it's 1999 ... and it ain't 1999 no more folks.

Think rubberband. Think wrist.

#kidding #notkidding

The day after Mars finally moves out of Aquarius we have Venus stationing direct (25 Libra) and Mercury stationing retrograde (13 Sag). Now all three personal planets have changed sign or direction within just two days - how often does this happen?! Friday is a very big day, but big things don't always happen when energies are exact. Sometimes they happen as the energies wax or wane. I would still expect Friday to be a big day.

We have been going back and forth through Venus over relationship/financial/resources/self-esteem situations since early October. We have made decisions and had to deal with other people's decisions - maybe multiple times (!), we have weighed things out, we might have had to let something go (relationships, money, power). Things have been up and down and out of balance.

This energy will shift forward and we will regain some balance now. We are following up on decisions that we made a few weeks ago and again asking ourselves - What do I really value? What do I want? What do I need? Have I been too focused on what isn't mine?

And because Venus is STILL squaring the nodes - remember they moved into cardinal signs, too - we are STILL making decisions - and yes, some of this is out of our hands -  and these decisions are going to impact us for a long time. The North Node in Cancer - which I am going to write a big post about - is asking us to root ourselves in our new decisions and grow something from this stronger, smarter position.

Maybe we may have worked ourselves right around in a circle to the same place (maybe not)! Either way, we are different people now. If we haven't totally wasted the last few weeks and that would have been pretty much impossible - our decisions will be better, stronger and smarter than they were in October.

So now we have committed to something with relationships or money and we will know where we stand ... but we are not finished with our work here

because Venus will still be walking degrees she walked twice before until December and because Mercury - it is not a coincidence these stations happen at the same time - now takes some part of this story - the deepest part - remember he is headed back into Scorpio where much of the Venus retrograde took place - backward again.

Venus has shown us what we truly value. Now Mercury says, "hold that thought"..

Something needs a re-view, re-vision, a re-novation, a re-location - think "re" here - with our thinking, with the paperwork, with the information, with the idea, with the conversation. Squaring foggy Neptune it is going to be hard to tell what is real and what is bullsh*t.

And keep in mind Venus (because Uranus has changed signs, too) is moving toward another opposition with "anything-can-happen" Uranus - remember that opposition during the Kavanaugh hearings?! - and the North and South Nodes - because they moved into cardinal signs last week - are still squaring Uranus, only from new positions. We have to stay grounded.

By early to mid-December we will know what we are doing. By the end of December/early January we will be moving full-steam ahead.

(just keep in mind we will never totally know what we are doing and we are never totally full steam ahead plus I can't see your natal chart transit which could countermand all this stuff)

If we can't wait - if decisions must be made and strong decisive action taken, and this could certainly happen - what do we do?

Well, we work with what we have. We have a lifetime of experience that got us to this place. We already know what to do. We already know when something is too much. Just know it is likely, because Mercury is retrograde, we will have to go back over some things and revise them. It's not a time to bet the farm, but most decisions are not that big. Most decisions can be tweaked later and as we move through the remainder of 2018.

We need the time between now and the end of the year to get things right. But we can't just take a powder for the next six weeks or we will sabotage the whole damn thing.We'll wake up in December/January with nothing to move full steam ahead with.

We have to be smart and we are smart. We can make progress during Mercury retrograde and Mars in Pisces it just won't be progress in a straight line.

Straight lines are boring.

xo all

Also keep in mind that next spring Uranus is going to move back into Taurus (this time not just for a few months like he did from May through last week, but for a few YEARS) - so we can't do the Venus/Taurus stuff the same way for much longer anyway - the way we do relationships, the way we earn and spend money, the resources we value, the way our self-esteem connects to our wallet, the way we toss our old crap into a landfill, the way we disrespect the "mother" - this is all going to change. For all of us. Big time.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 12th - Mars finally out of Aquarius after 6 months, Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde - hold that thought!

The Involvement by 7oretta

OK guys, here we go again. We are moving through our second week of adjustments now as even more energies change course.

This week ALL our personal planets (except the Sun) change signs or directions so we will feel these shifts in our individual lives. Keep in mind some things will continue to be undecided - just like the mid-term election results!

Some situations move forward, others grind to a halt.

These are the important aspects I see for the week:

SUNDAY - Ceres enters Scorpio
THURSDAY - Mars sextiles Uranus and then enters Pisces (after 6 months in Aquarius!!)
FRIDAY -  Venus stations direct (25 Libra), Mercury stations retrograde (through December 7th)
SATURDAY - Mercury squares Neptune

On SUNDAY, Ceres (mother issues, nurturing, the seasonality of our lives, compromise, power sharing, division of resources) dives into Scorpio (death/rebirth, power, loss).

More and more I like thinking of Ceres as the ruler of Taurus (sorry Venus, but you will forever have Libra) - this would make Ceres in Scorpio (Taurus polarity sign) in her detriment now. A planet in its detriment - opposite its home sign - has an extremely narrow focus of expression.

What this stirs up will depend on what house (house's theme) Scorpio rules in your natal chart, but collectively, she will activate Scorpian situations/issues around shared finances, other people's money, taxes, loans, inheritances, shared resources, reproduction, sex, intimacy and death/rebirth.

We could face situations (and something could have hit us like a thunderbolt within the last few days as she opposed Uranus) that make us aware of the ways our own power is limited in any of these areas or the ways we are not as safe as we thought we were. Compromises will be made.

During her transit here we will uncover personal sources of resilience and power. Ceres will be in Scorpio until January 25th.

We start the work week with a serious Capricorn Moon on MONDAY. This is the time to focus on work, responsibilities, getting things done. A good day for career and working with authority figures and stepping into our own authority. Work on goals (especially long-term goals), within limits, do what needs to be done, yada yada.

The Moon will hook up with Pluto at 12:57PM EST - this speaks of intense experiences and passionate/deep emotions. Maybe power struggles with a woman/women or pressure from a woman. Obsession. Manipulation. Taboo stuff. Whatever we have going on - we are feeling it.

On TUESDAY, the Moon has a short void from 10:13AM EST to 10:43AM EST then moves into Aquarius focusing us on  - friendships, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, our future, whatever we are doing on the internet, our groups and causes and new experiences - for the next couple days.

A monkey wrench is tossed into that Capricorn situation - goals/authority/career/responsibility - in the afternoon/evening as the Moon squares Venus and then Uranus, although sometimes Uranian squares will resolve themselves almost as quickly as they appear - maybe they will drag the Venus tension (love/money) away with them!

Aquarius is fixed air and the Moon here wants what she wants, but we need to stay flexible.

The week starts to flip on us by THURSDAY when Mars, planet of initiative and action, FINALLY leaves Aquarius - yes, you can begin to exhale now Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo - and heads into dreamy Pisces. But first he sextiles (opportunity) Uranus inviting us to try something new and different.

Action Mars is not a happy camper in the drifting Piscean waters, but maybe after six months in Aquarius, where he wasn't happy either - he can at least catch a nap once in a while!

Mars is our masculine energy - he (as us) wants to go out and make things happen. Pisces in where we allow things to happen; we go with the flow. With Mars in Pisces, there is just no way to "force things" - stuff will go or it won't.

Mars (our actions) will be working through our emotional intuition now. We'll need to use our inner guidance and work with divine timing.

Our natal Pisces house - is shaken awake and its theme (where is Pisces in your natal chart?) is activated. We are used to just going with the flow here, so Mars moving in could be just the kick in the a** we need to get moving.

Keep in mind Mars is still Mars even though he is wearing a toga and smoking some of those funny cigarettes Michigan just legalized. He (as us) can still get things done.

The key to working with Mars in Pisces (think spiritual warrrior now) - and he will be here through the end of the year -  is to continue to initiate, continue to take action, continue to move forward, but to avoid pushing.

And we will know we are pushing because whatever we are trying to do won't be working.  

Mars in Pisces is also a kind of perfect storm for self-sabotage, so stay moving and AWAKE.

Also on Thursday we have the First Quarter Moon as the Moon (in Aquarius) squares the Scorpio Sun. This is the first tension/challenge to whatever kicked off at the New Moon last week. Maybe Scorpio wants to go all-in and Aquarius wants to step back and detach. When we check to see what the Moon does next for our way through this challenge - we see the Moon moves into a trine with Venus (in Libra) so things will move forward through diplomacy, cooperation, balance, since Venus is retrograde - maybe taking a small step backward. Kindness matters. At 10:58PM EST the Moon will sextile (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries) opening us to change and trying new things. Then the Moon goes void until 11:41PM EST when she moves into Pisces.

This will naturally draw our focus to Piscean themes until Sunday - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, art, illusions and delusions, etc.

On FRIDAY we have the biggest energy shifts of the week as Venus stations direct and Mars stations retrograde on the same day!

Venus stationed retrograde on October 5th and since that time we have been going back and forth over what we want/what we really value. The ways we have been too focused on the things that aren't ours. HERE is a post about the retrograde.

Now Mercury (wait a minute Venus, hold that thought!) stations retrograde - and we know how strong planets are at station - and then immediately squares dreamy, fuzzy Neptune.

Venus's retrograde has made clear to us what we want; what we value. Mars into Pisces is giving us a new way of going about getting it (by allowing!) and Mercury - passed that retrograde hot potato from Venus - is charged with figuring this thing out (ideas, conversations, paperwork, daily actions). Mercury will start with the big-picture and then as she moves back into Scorpio - ironing out the intimate details, looking at the stuff that is under the hood, scrutinizing the numbers - then reversing course and moving over this stuff for a third and final time.

A retrograde Mercury brings the usual re-minders. We are doing the "re's" - re-thinking, re-doing, re-viewing, re-kindling, re-inventing, re-visiting whatever is happening in our Sagittarius/Scorpio houses. Collectively - our beliefs, the big picture, Sag themes like travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking and Scorpio themes such as other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction, life/death.

All of this pulls us into mid-December and right around the time Venus starts covering brand new territory.

For now, know that Mercury is going to square Neptune at the very start of her/his retrograde at the end of this week. This speaks of the possibility of a lie, an illusion, a delusion - and by this time we have Mars, the Moon and Neptune all in Pisces! Our rose colored glasses will be wearing rose colored glasses. And Mercury, retrograde in Sag is answering to Jupiter strong in his home sign - so everything will feel big and IMPORTANT.

And maybe it is, but maybe it isn't and either way -

the truth/facts will be hard to come by - whether our future is so bright it hurts our eyes or we are seeing the lights from the oncoming train, is hard to say - just know we will be going back over this stuff for a few weeks. 

We don't know what we don't know yet, but we will know later. Keep moving, Keep allowing. By mid-week, stop pushing so hard - life has your back. When it's over it's ready to begin. Trust this.

I will write more as we move through the week.

xo all

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