Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mercury Square Jupiter | over-sharing, over-promising, over-explaining, over-spending

glitter and stars by sollenafotografie

Today, Mercury (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) at 13 degrees. Yesterday's trine is still in play, too.

Together these energies are a time of BIG ideas and conversations. Great for a group brain-storming session about a problem that appears to be unsolvable. Keep in mind that answers may not be totally practical - this energy can be "over-the-top" - and sometimes too much information is as troublesome as too little. But words have great power this week and our intention to solve things will factor into the results we achieve.

We could have a tendency to over-explain ourselves now. If "No" is a complete sentence then lots of other short and sweet (or short and sour) explanations are perfectly acceptable, too.

I said so many words yesterday I regret today. Knowing these energies are at play isn't enough if we don't act on our knowledge. Some cards are best played close to the chest. I tossed mine all over the table (still looking for that two of spades).

If it feels like other people are judging us, step back from the moment. Do we need to be right or do we want to be happy? Sometimes these things are at cross purposes. A whole heap of the sky is in Cancer now and Cancerian energy is very defensive. Defensiveness sometimes sounds judgemental. Let's give each other a break. We might also have to reel back in our own language. That square from Cancer to Libra (family vs something/someone else) creates tension.

We are in the NEW phase of the Cancer Moon cycle. Our emotions are probably all over the place. Let's not judge ourselves for our weaknesses and vulnerabilities now. It's the job of this cycle to bring this stuff up to slow us down. Tonight we will move into the Moon's crescent phase (creativity, growth) and while we are sleeping the Moon will move into grounded Virgo.

For today, avoid the "overs" and stick with the facts. No over-spending. No over-explaining. No over-promising. Avoid "over the top" schemes, sob stories and TALL TALES.

This energy reminds me of when my sister and I were kids and would get over-excited and giggling too much and falling all over the place and my grandmother would say "you are laughing now, but you'll be crying before the day is over" (ugh Grandma). Back then we usually were crying within the hour. And we might cry now, too. Let's not judge ourselves or anyone else as weak here. Cancer is about working with our vulnerabilities. It's pretty much the point of the whole thing ....

Tomorrow, Mercury is going to hook up with fiery, fiesty Mars. Of course it is exact enough to feel it now. We will have to work hard to outrun that family fight or those angry words. Break out the running shoes now. Or just be prepared to laugh until it hurts.

xo all

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mars Trine Neptune | our faith makes us stronger

faith by sollenafotographie
Here is the one gentle and steady aspect this week to hold onto.

Mars (in Cancer) is trine (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces).

The energies this week will challenge (Mars) us to remain peaceful (Neptune). Neptune dissolves the boundaries between ourselves and others making it easier to feel what other people are feeling (yes, we are all loving and frightened inside) but can also be emotionally overwhelming.

Mars in Cancer is the divine masculine energy compelled to defend what we call "home" (hold close). This trine to Neptune (the mystical realms) tells us the way to that win-win for all of us is through compassion. We are all is this together. If our right hand forms a fist and throws a punch our left toe is compelled into action, too.

It is MUCH better to move through these times with hands open - the healing action, the compassionate gesture, the universally loving touch - moves all of us away from the circling sharks and into the smoothest waters. We don't have to fight to win. That's the dying patriarchal paradigm. In fact, if we fight we can't win. An open heart opens other hearts now. Pray for peace.

Heads up creatives - this aspect can also dissolve (Neptune) our initiative (Mars). We are only a few days into the summer season, maybe this is a good thing .... xo all

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 26th - high emotions, drama, itching for a fight ....

pillow fight by sliwka

Most of this week is about Mercury (words, ideas, communication, conversations, siblings, neighbors, transportation).

He squares Jupiter and trines Neptune on Tuesday. He conjuncts Mars on Wednesday and opposes Pluto on Thursday. Then we end the week on Sunday with the grand-daddy of "win at all costs" fight aspects when Mars opposes Pluto.

Things could go something like this:

Travel plans will be a mess. TAKE EXTRA CARE DRIVING. Words will be BIG and exaggerated. Conversations will be emotional. We could be over-confident or over-commit. Boundaries will be crossed. People will be competitive. We could be over-loaded with information. Words could be heated. We could jump to the wrong conclusion. We could be pushed to make a fast decision we regret later. There could be power plays. Take safety precautions as needed.

Things will feel urgent and that sense of urgency and impatience will make us come on stronger than we intended to - "Did he just say that? Yes, he did." If we have to convince someone of something - well, good luck with that. Maybe something began with Jupiterian positivity and some sense of adventure now becomes fertile grounds for arguments and anxiety. We will be challenged.

If we push, someone else will push back HARDER.

Chiron is going to station retrograde on Saturday triggering whatever vulnerability he is activating within our Pisces natal houses.

The week will end on Sunday with that dreaded opposition between Pluto in Capricorn (power, karma, transformation, security, structure, government) and Mars in Cancer (violence, anger, initiative, passion, war, home, country) that kind of kicks off this summer's volatility and potential for world and personal violence.

I don't mean to sound so negative. I'll write the dailies, look at the Moons and we'll dig in deep and find the good stuff. It's here somewhere. The Moon is in Leo on Monday and Tuesday which is great creative energy and it will hit that North Node in Leo at some point - we need to be working from our heart. And we are, right?

If you can schedule light this week do that. We'll get through it.

xo all

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Venus Trine Pluto | having our cake and eating it, too


This aspect has been building for a few days and reaches its exact alignment today with Venus at 18 degrees Taurus and Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn. This is a goodie.

This is where we can take what we want/need/love (Venus) and go in deeper (Pluto). We go a step further. We push that outer limit of what feels comfortable.

With trines things fall smoothly into place. We won't have to push or force or manipulate anything.

With Venus in Taurus (what we already have, what we value) we attract what we want/need/love through what is already working - what comes naturally. With Pluto in industrious Capricorn trining this energy - it's a good time for something good to become something great.

Something we had hoped for gets the green light. An investment grows more profitable. A relationship more comfortable and stable. The value of what we already have increases now. Yes, our stock just went up.

Indulge in just a little bit ... more.


My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their beautiful baby boy Joel Vincent to planet Earth last night. The doctor told them at 4:10PM that he would be born in 10 minutes, and of course, already a fellow who will not be told what to do, Joel made his appearance almost exactly 4 hours later (at the Cancer New Moon with that stellium in Cancer!).

I was planning to be in the hospital waiting room. But I am especially sensitive about my tendency to interject myself into my younger siblings' stories and my sister-in-law is a very private person, so when my brother texted, "Please don't come, I'll text you", those plans changed.

A few hours later he texted "doctor is coming in to deliver baby - doctor says 10 minutes!".

Seconds later my daughter called and we were talking about what was going on at the hospital as I paced around the house (the hospital was actually on fire on another floor, my brother could see three fire trucks from their hospital window and their doctor had been locked outside - it was a nailbiter).

wild turkey and baby?
My daughter, "why don't you just go out there even if you sit in the parking lot, you'll feel better."

At exactly that second I looked out my back door patio window and there was a giant bird, three foot tall, walking next to my pool. I hang up to take a picture with my phone and when I focus in on the giant bird - a type of bird we'd never had in our yard in over 20 years, what the hell kind of bird was this - I see that walking right behind the bird is her baby!

My mom used to send birds in the months after she died, so I knew exactly what this was. I'll just say 'tears flowed like wine' ... and then some wine flowed, too.

And of course, I will re-purpose the corks ...

xo all