Monday, January 16, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 16th - cloudy skies and a thorny crown

Crown by Natalia Drepina

The word inauguration comes from the Latin "inaugurationem" meaning to install under good omens (auger meaning predict). In ancient times new phases and spaces were inaugurated when omens were favorable. Of course, 'favorable' meant whatever it meant at the time. This week's omens, whether looked at astrologically or just by taking the temperature of the U.S. populace, are probably not so favorable. 

(Remember the same troubled astrological skies would have ushered in Clinton had she won - although Trump's chart when synchronized with the U.S. chart and the chart for Friday, is particularly volatile. The inauguration chart will affect Trump's - and so the United States' and world's - next four years.)

On Monday, Mars (in Pisces) conjuncts Chiron and moves into position to square Saturn on Thursday. Mars in Pisces is tricky enough to manage. We are trying to direct the flow of water - it's not easy. The highest use of Mars in Pisces is compassion and healing. The lowest is deception and self-sabotage. 

Hooking up with Chiron (the wounded healer), someone's actions (ours or other people's) are 'opening a wound'. Actions are painful.

Sometimes the only way to clean a wound is to open it. This doesn't make it hurt any less. Also the Moon is in critical and persnickety Virgo now. Kindness matters. If our goal is 'to take someone down a few notches' - we might succeed in doing this, but with the approaching square to Saturn we will bring things to a screeching halt, too. If we are up against an authority figure or a situation that is 'always done this way' - it is unlikely to budge. Saturn is going to win this week. Let's really think about our goals with what we are doing and saying. There is a way around this. We all have Saturn in us. Time and patience may be required.

This doesn't mean authority and the status quo should not be challenged - this is the year it will be! But we must be pushing for (or better said - moving in the direction of) what we want and not against what we don't want. Keep this in mind.

The Virgo Moon says - get to work, get organized. Mars is behind the scenes (deception, addiction) so we don't know what we don't know. The distraction is probably not real anyway. Focus.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into Libra so our attention naturally turns to partnership issues (equal partners - spouses, clients, attorney, agent, competitor, etc). We could be responding to challenging news. 

Mars (war, courage, passion) energy is getting stronger. If there is any great mayhem this week, it will likely be sometime now through Thursday.

On Wednesday, we continue to build toward the Mars/Saturn square - exact on Thursday. Whatever is going on in our natal Pisces house or behind the scenes or with a Pisces theme - addiction, healing, compassion, imagination, deception - is about to run head on into Saturn (authority, structure, time, limit, commitment, career). With Saturn in Sagittarius the theme will likely be something legal, higher education, politics, publicity, religion or travel. 

We can see the wall. Keep a cool head.

On Thursday, the Moon is void all day - don't start anything new, don't initiate. Mars squares Saturn - I'll do a post about this in the dailies. We hit a limit. Big boy pants are required. The Sun moves into Aquarius focusing our attention on the group, the internet, revolution, innovation, Trump (Sun conjunct Uranus natal), humanitarian causes. 

By Friday, the Moon moves into deep, dark Scorpio. There are a couple good aspects this day, so the inauguration chart isn't totally challenging. We'll talk about this later.

By Sunday when the Moon moves into Sagittarius - we are starting to move past 'the hurt'. We are focusing on 'what's next'. 2017 is all about moving us into our hearts and getting unstuck. This week concludes part one of that.

xo all

Thursday, January 12, 2017

FULL MOON in Cancer | January 12th - pulled in different directions

Self medicating by Katy Twist

Today's Full Moon in Cancer is BIG.

The monthly Full Moon is always a time of Sun opposite Moon - this month, the Sun is in Capricorn at the same degree the Moon is in Cancer. It is always a time we are being pulled in two directions. Well, this month we also have Uranus and Jupiter forming a Grand Cardinal Cross with the Sun and Moon. Imagine a giant cross in the sky with each planet at one of the four points. And imagine us in the middle!

So now we are being pulled in four directions! Cardinal signs initiate. Grand Cardinal Crosses create situations, usually stressful, that cause us to initiate changes.

This energy will be very potent and impact us strongly until the next New Moon on January 28th and to a lesser degree until the New Moon in Cancer next summer. Most impacted will be people with planets or points around 22 degrees. 

(this energy will be in effect during the U.S. Presidential inauguration and the U.S. - born on the 4th of July - is a Cancer Sun country)

This is a battle of extremes. With the Moon (our emotions, motherhood, patriotism) in its home sign of Cancer - emotions will be very high for everyone. Grand Crosses are difficult to resolve because it's like each side wants what they want, and something has to give here.

Luckily for us Saturn is forming beneficial angles to all the players in the cross. Saturn brings all of us together. Now, Saturn is called Father Time, so patience will be required. It may be time that heals this wounding. Hard work could be required since he rules that, too. Maybe Saturn will show up in the form of an actual older person (older than us or a very Saturnian person - strong Capricorn, strong Saturn) who pulls things together.

Saturn will be trining (brakes off) Uranus - this is an excellent aspect for young and old to work together. This is good for traditional ways to work with new ways. With Saturn in Sagittarius, this could bring people from different backgrounds together. Saturn will be sextiling Jupiter - this is measured expansion that creates opportunity over time. Common sense is needed. And, of course these Saturn aspects - the way through this - will play out over a longer period of time.

For now, if something happens that feels like it is threatening our security/family, remember we have faced hard things before and survived. We will survive this, too. For some of us, there is karma and fate in whatever happening is catching us off guard. This might be helpful to think about even if things are painful. Be flexible. Flow with what is happening. There is literally soul healing here ....

Also today Mercury moves back into Capricorn (moving forward) - this story has been unfolding since around December 19th. We have all the information we need and are ready to face the truth with this.

This Moon feels so challenging I wouldn't even walk in it - if you get what you want here, celebrate respectfully, because someone else isn't .... xo all

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mars Sextile Pluto | the courage to go for it

You and my winter by TanjaMoss

Today is a good day to tackle something we have been procrastinating or have been afraid would be too difficult. Action creates opportunity. Mars (action initiative) in Pisces (dream, imagination) is sextile (opportunity, ease) Pluto (karma, transformation) in Capricorn (work, authority, career).

Also the Sun is sextile Chiron and squaring Jupiter - this is us having faith in our goals and ambitions. This is us getting back on that horse.

I have to head out but wanted to get up a few sentence or two since the energy is there for us to take a chance. We could over-do things (not a good day for shopping!), there is that Jupiter square (see the weekly post for Wednesday HERE), we might also accomplish something we thought was out of reach. Focus. xo all

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sun Square Uranus | lead up to this week's Full Moon - tradition gets shaken up ....

her hands by Natalis Drepina

With the Sun, in Capricorn so answering to Saturn

(and I should say influenced by and not 'answering to' since the Sun, being the biggest big cheese of all, doesn't ever 'answer to')

squaring off with Uranus, the planet of the new and unusual - we might feel a strong urge to try something new now. Someone or something else could upset our apple cart, too, by doing things in a new way or acting unexpectedly. Restless energy can break through very stagnant and stifling walls, but could take the floors and ceiling out, too. Maybe they need to be taken out or maybe it just makes more of a mess to clean up.

This is a good time to try something else, but keeping one foot on solid (and proven) ground for a while will probably be a good thing. Take care driving since not everyone will be playing by the same rules.

We also have Vesta (keeper of the hearth) retrograding from Leo back into nurturing Cancer today. We talked about her a little bit here. Maybe we move away from Leo ruled - creative project, children, romance, passion, play - and refocus on taking care of ourselves. An energy of "devotion" moves from our Leo to Cancer natal house (where are Leo and Cancer in your natal chart?) for a bit of backtracking.

We are building toward Thursday's Cancer Full Moon which is part of a Grand Cardinal Cross (imagine a cross in the sky with a planet at each point and us in the middle being pulled in four different directions) involving the Moon, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. There is something shocking here. Something anxious to be born. So many planets at the same degrees and no planets in fixed signs at all!

Life is changing folks.

There's still so much Pisces energy ... we swim, we float or we drown. Maybe we cry. Maybe we just get wet.

xo all