Sunday, October 21, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 22nd - the Full Moon in Taurus, the surprise that isn't really a surprise, we either own it or we don't, our karma and destiny is knocking, change is good, major turning point, life has your back, game on

Fairy tale about a girl who became a tree by laura-makabresku

Hopefully you took advantage of the dreamy Pisces weekend because this is another BIG week.

Here's some of the major action this week:

MONDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto
TUESDAY - Sun enters Scorpio, Sun opposes Uranus
WEDNESDAY - Full Moon in Taurus, Sun squares the North/South Nodes
FRIDAY - Sun conjuncts Venus

There is alot of Scorpio energy at play this week so many of us can expect to be focused on Scorpian themes - life/death, taxes, banking, big money (we will almost certainly see some lottery winners this week!), other people's resources/money, loans, inheritances, insurance, sex, reproduction, intimacy, secrets, third party situations, power plays/struggles, obsessions, control, jealousy, manipulations, karmic situations, Halloween(!).

On MONDAY the Moon is in Aries and will be for the next couple days - this is especially good energy for independent work - or connecting with others in ways that require our courage (submit something to a higher up, go on a job interview, apply ourselves to something we have been procrastinating out of fear), taking action and getting things moving. Tempers are short during Aries Moons so keep that in mind. Today's Mercury/Pluto sextile at 18 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn makes it a good day to clear clutter (including mental clutter). Ideas can be transformed. Healing conversations (and the right info coming in) are possible now. Work from the bottom up. Dive in.

The Moon goes void on TUESDAY at 2:18PM EDT until 10:33AM on WEDNESDAY when she moves into Taurus.

I am not going to write a day-by-day this week because Wednesday's Taurus Full Moon encompasses everything - other than to say the Moon will turn void again on FRIDAY from 10:40AM EDT until 3:41PM EDT when she moves into Gemini - giving us an uber BUSY and communicative weekend.

So, don't start anything new or send anything out into the world you want "something to come of" during those Void Moon periods on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning or most of Friday - the Moon needs to connect with other energies to make things happen and these are the times she is flying solo.

OK - let's talk about the Taurus Full Moon - because it's HUGE. This is when the changes promised by Uranus's move into Taurus back in May will really begin to unfold!


On WEDNESDAY at 12:45PM EDT the Scorpio Sun will oppose the Taurus Moon giving us the Full Moon in Taurus. The Moon will conjunct Uranus retrograde while the Sun will be conjunct Venus retrograde and the whole thing will be squaring the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. The Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and rules the 2nd house of everything money can buy and everything money can't. She rules finances, love, stability, security and comfort. She rules our values and also represents Mother Earth. Taurus energy is nurturing - it brings us back to ourselves.

It also represents fear based thinking when our security is threatened (real or imagined) focusing us on all the reasons something we want to do won't work or all the reasons we can't have what we want. Taurus energy is stubborn (like the bull) or passive (like the cow).

We either own it (whatever "it" is) or it doesn't belong to us.

Like all Full Moons, this is a Sun/Moon opposition. The Sun is in deep, dark, transformative Scorpio and the Moon is in earthy, grounded Taurus. Full Moons represent fullness, peak power, endings - that moment of our breath when our lungs are full just a second before we begin to exhale.

Oppositions are just what they sound like and often at a Full Moon we might find ourselves working with the polarity

(and speaking of Polarity - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my lockets?)

of the two energies involved. With Scorpio, some transformation comes to light (Full Moons bring things to light) maybe we have to surrender, there could be a loss of control - with Taurus, we turn toward the present moment - what already exists. We take solace in what brings us comfort - nature, food, touch, our physical senses.

So, all of that applies to every Full Moon in Taurus which happens around this time every year. There are also some energies that apply specifically to the Moon this week:

1. The Moon conjuncts "anything can happen", unpredictable, disruptive and retrograde Uranus. So expect a surprise with whatever is coming to light, reaching a culmination/peak. With Uranus retrograde and opposing Venus retrograde - and with Venus ruling the Full Moon as ruler of Taurus - the "surprise" will be something we can see coming. We've seen the writing on the wall with this. Venus opposed Uranus back on September 12th, so there could be a connection to that date with whatever is happening now.

2. The Moon opposes not only the Sun (like every Full Moon), but also Venus, retrograde in Scorpio, and ruler of Taurus, so ruler of this Full Moon. The Uranian "surprise" will most likely involve a Venusian theme (love, relationships, money, resources, values, self-esteem, women, beauty) or the themes of your Scorpio/Taurus natal houses (the Full Moon polarity themes in your chart). The Uranian opposition to Venus (exact on Halloween) at the time of the Full Moon also indicates a need to do something different. 

3. The Sun/Moon are squaring the karmic North (future) and South (past) Nodes in Leo/Aquarius. There is something fated here - a major turning point. Squares indicate tension/stress - the need to "turn a corner" and keep in mind that like the Uranus/Venus opposition - we have been here before. This aspect's karmic significance is enhanced because the ruler of the North Node (the Sun) is opposite the ruler of the South Node (Uranus). This is cause and effect. We did that and now we get this. Riches earned in past lifetimes (or by our ancestors) can provide an unexpected "harvest". Open your arms.

4. The Moon is trining (brakes off) stable and sober Saturn in Capricorn. So whatever Uranus is throwing at us, Saturn's smooth trine assures us that we aren't going to fall like Humpty Dumpty and break into a million pieces. Life has our back here. The change is good. It is leading us to something lasting and stabilizing. Saturn speaks of making the responsible and "best for you in the long run" move now. Work the solution. Yes, there is work in here somewhere. Even for those lucky lottery winners.

This Moon's chart is a powerful Fixed Grand Cross. Something that has been kept too tightly bottled up is ready to EXPLODE. There are oppositions and squares and that trine to Saturn that shows us the way through.

Looking ahead the energy from around October 29th - as Pluto conjuncts the ecliptic at 18 degrees Capricorn and starts descending for the first time since 1770 (the time of the Boston Massacre that led to the American Revolution) the lord of the underworld is literally returning to the underworld (!) - through November 8th when Jupiter comes home to Sagittarius - is HUGE. And yes, those dates include the important United States mid-term elections! Could we be in another battle for the soul of a divided nation?!

We will talk through all of this later this week, but I wanted to get the Full Moon up on Sunday night.

It is game on people. 

For the collective and in our own lives, too. We've got this thing.

xo all

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | October 20th-21st - good vibes, harmony, peace, wetsuits and access to all that nice Pisces mojo

Some One by arayo

That Mars square Mercury with Mercury trining Neptune is still in play and we need to WATCH OUR LANGUAGE. We don't want to speak out in anger or impulsivity or with forceful demands and make "the best speech we will ever regret". Just sayin'.

Mostly though the energy this weekend is all about Piscean harmony.

The Moon moved into dreamy Pisces late yesterday afternoon and today she makes nice with Saturn (sextile), then Venus (trine), then Vesta (sextile) and finally she conjuncts Pisces ruling planet Neptune for their monthly love-fest.

This is a great weekend (the good-vibes continue on Sunday when the Moon trines co-ruler Jupiter) to relax and unwind. The energy is especially ripe for imaginative work, meditation, music, healing, day-dreaming - offering compassion and forgiveness and connecting with other people, animals and ourselves. If we can be in or near water at some point all the better.

(I am closing my pool - finally - and that will do. Yes, it's cold here and has been for weeks. No, the pool is not heated. And yes, it's kind of green and freezing and I will be trying not to fall in when doing the final vacuuming - because it wouldn't be the first time. The pool has a dramatic slope since we buried an above-ground pool in the ground and I usually vacuum it from inside the pool because the suction tends to get stuck and toss me off-balance if I am standing on the edge. Maybe I should wear a scuba suit? Where did I put that wetsuit anyway??)

If we can't find something to feel good about this weekend, our sensitivity chip has probably been burned out from all this Uranian electricity (the kind that feels like anything can happen at any time) and we need to connect to something stable - hug a tree, pet a dog, eat some hearty soup, walk the earth in bare feet - now, where did you put your scuba suit? And are those things warm anyway?

Bottom line. Relax. Don't feed the bottom feeders. Let yourself rise like that cream on top of your morning cup of joe.

The Moon will go void on Sunday night at 7:47PM EDT and then move into Aries at just about midnight.

Next week features a powerful, change-maker Full Moon in Taurus (you might be thinking - Taurus, change? remember that's where erratic and unpredictable and disruptive and and retrograde Uranus is hanging out!) so we are going to have to stay flexible folks.

More on that in the next post. Let's not look too far ahead - enjoy the weekend ....

xo all

I hope I don't trash-talk Pisces energy too often. Neptune sits on my ascendant and that slippery Piscean slope toward the great abyss (escape!) is all too near and dear to me, although I am fortunate enough to have sober Saturn sitting on my Aquarius Sun to keep me anchored in reality (most of the time). #kidding, #notkidding "Escaping" reality this weekend is exactly what the energy calls for - just make it a safe and healthy escape.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Square Mars | avoiding hotheads and raging drivers, letting information reveal itself in its own good time, probably not the best time to announce any sherlockin', don't shoot the messenger, don't get shot, keeping a cool head, forgive, be compassionate, step back, let it go, let it be

Sherlocking by iNeedChemicalX

While we slept Mercury moved into a sweet trine with dreamy Neptune. I woke at five, then, what felt like ten minutes later, checked the time again and it was seven. The morning could feel something like that. Great for imaginative work, meditation, prayer, healing.

Your intuition can be counted on. Boundaries will be thin.

At 10:23AM EDT Mercury moves on to a testy square with Mars. Communications/information could be stressful. Mercury wants to dig in deep, to uncover the truth, and Mars, tired of plowing through airy Aquarius by now but also having spent a great deal of time (since last May) working through issues of freedom and liberation, is having non of that. 

Arguments are possible. The more intense and URGENT something feels the more likely we are to screw it all up. Take a step backward.

The way through today's tension is this morning's dreamy trine (brakes off). Conjure up your Neptune. Be patient. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Put yourself in the other's person's shoes - you are there anyway. Let go of what you are clinging to so stubbornly - especially any ideas you are totally RIGHT. Release. Just be.

The information/answers we need will come to us in their own time (thoughts really are living things) - this isn't the time to dig and push for them. If we are struggling to find the right words we aren't using the trine. Trines are times when the brakes are off. The energies flow smoothly. If just the right words flow from your mouth now you know you are using that trine - if you are struggling to speak, take a breath and go inside. Life is an inside job today.

If we are the ones looking to divulge someone else's secret, this could backfire on us now. Look within. What are you really doing? In Scorpio, Mercury can discover all kinds of muck, but he/she is also thinking about the ways to put the information to use - to manipulate, to gain power. If anything like this applies to your situation, know this stuff will all come out in its own time.

You don't have to toss yourself/ your reputation on the pyre, too (in other words don't connect yourself with any crap you don't have to or later on when other people think about the 'crap' they will think of you, even though you were just the messenger).  

Yes, messengers get shot under these skies - just sayin'.

This also would not be the best time to submit a mortgage application for example - save the deep disclosures - which yes, includes financial information, for after this square has waned (a few days, if possible).

The Moon goes void from 8:27AM EDT to 4:20PM EDT, so this is not a good day to start anything new. Nothing will come of it anyway. Keep this in mind with any arguments/urge to divulge something that isn't ours to divulge or if anyone is pressuring us for information. Nothing useful will come of their/our manipulations anyway. So don't force anything. Let it be.

xo all

Here is more info from the WEEKLY about today's energy (note this was in play for most of this week and will take a few more days to unwind itself):

"The fixed square will mean no one is going to want to bend and arguments/disagreements are more likely. Mars/Mercury is a restless mind, a fast talker and words have the potential to hit us - and other people - right over the head.

We might want to be the first to think of something, we want to "win" the conversation - communications are pushy. Words can start wars now so think before you speak. Walk away from any loud mouth idiots. Don't fight with your sibling or neighbor. Did I say back up your computer? Back up your computer. Drive safely.

The good news is that trine (brakes off) to Neptune shows us the way through the Mercury/Mars minefield.

Neptune says - release your grip, use your intuition, use your imagination, reach for peace, offer forgiveness and compassion. Meditate on it. Pray. Talk to a spiritual counselor. Go inside. Let go and let God."