Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sun into Cancer | Summer Solstice - nostalgia, feeling vulnerable and how we feel about the vulnerability we see in others, moving past the decision, SUMMERTIME!

Sand wings. by Lileinaya

The sun moves into the sign of Cancer on Thursday. At 0 degrees Cancer we start the Summer Solstice (the southern hemisphere starts the Winter Solstice).

A chart drawn up for the morning of the Summer Solstice will give us an idea of the overall energy for the summer (the second celestial quarter of the year) - just like a new chart drawn on our birthday can give us the themes for our new year.

This year the Sun is squaring Chiron (in Aries). There is something here about not feeling safe or not feeling mothered or cared for. It could be some tension around a home/family issue - a frustrating situation now could trigger a childhood wound/trauma pain.

Kind of like "feel the fear and do it anyway" Chiron in brave and independent Aries asks us to feel the pain (or fear or weakness) and soldier on anyway ....

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is about our emotions so we could be more emotional now with whatever we have going on.

We had Venus (in Cancer) square Chiron back in mid-May and Mercury (in Cancer) in mid-June. There could be a culmination/coming to light now of what hurt then AND the wound will have still deeper roots (childhood).

Remember Cancer is the sign of the mother and the baby. Let's be kind to ourselves. Let's nurture ourselves. Know that any unsteady ground (instability) or unsure decisions will be exasperated now and trigger other times/spaces we didn't feel safe/sure. This isn't something we have to solve. Gemini season (the mind) ends when Cancer season starts. This is something we have to feel.
Solstice means standstill: the Summer Solstice is the time when the sun halts its journey over the Tropic of Cancer on its tropical journey north - then after three days, turns in its tracks and begins its journey south. The time of symbolic marriage - we call this period Midsummer.

The Solstice is like a powerful full moon in its potent energy but like a new moon with its clean energy for a fresh start - instead of walking in the moonlight it's time to get up early and absorb the sunrise - at least one of the 3 days if you can - there is much magic at play now. 

Remember our DNA carries the energy of our ancestors who celebrated the solstice all over the planet for centuries.

This is powerful stuff. Set your intention for the new season of your life. Light a candle and let it burn in the sunlight. This is the manifesting energy of fairy magic!

The Summer Solstice was once the biggest celebration of the year.

The shifting of celebratory emphasis from Summer Solstice (Moon/Mother/Cancer) to the Winter Solstice (Saturn/Father/Capricorn) reflects the dominance of the patriarchal paradigm of the last many centuries which we are currently evolving, so it is supportive of the emerging energies now for us to put our attention and intention on celebrating and enjoying this time of the year, too! In a few months the North Node will be moving into Cancer - home, family, security. We will not be talking so much about following our heart (North Node in Leo) as we will be about "coming home, what we really need to feel safe and secure, family, mothering, nurturing, emotions".

So today we move out of Gemini - I am a 3rd house kind of girl (Gemini rules the 3rd house) with three planets there, but have to say Hallelujah! One more day and my brains would have exploded.

Yesterday was the First Quarter Moon and we had the Gemini Sun squaring the Virgo Moon - a time of choices and details, although I bet alot of people have found out over the last few days they didn't have as many choices as they thought they did! In Gemini we want to keep all our options open, but at the First Quarter Square there is something about this that's a no-go now. Maybe the too many options are just too overwhelming and have to be pared down. Maybe life has pared things down for us. Maybe something has naturally risen to the top of the pile. We choose. We focus on that choice. We have Mars walking degrees he will walk two more times (and most of the heavens retrograde this summer) - so things we do now will be subject to some natural do-overs anyway.

With the Sun's move into Cancer so quickly after the square we could feel the emotional loss of anything in our rearview mirror - what we didn't get/didn't choose/have to give up to - that's OK, that's what we are supposed to feel. I hope we also feel some excitement about whatever in our life is having a 'changing of the guard' even as we continue to work through the nitty gritty day-to-day details of the thing.

Venus is hanging out with the North Node - our collective way forward. Venus, ruler of Taurus and our 2nd house of what we value is in Leo, ruler of our 5th house of our creative projects, our joy, our heart, our romance, our children - do we value our children? Do we value our own happiness, our own personal joy? The Mars/Venus opposition we have been talking about for awhile is also exact today!

Neptune has just turned retrograde, so it's like we can see the man behind the curtains now, and over the next few months.

Mars is turning retrograde (in Aquarius) in just five days. Doing the same old/same old doesn't work in the Age of Aquarius - which is all about advancement and equality. This summer is intense with 3 eclipses and two inner planets - Mars and Mercury - both retrograde, as well as pretty much all the outer planets (!) - slowing everything down. We have a big mid-July eclipse in Cancer opposing Pluto.

For today, lets appreciate the gift of a brand new season (summer or winter depending on where on planet Earth you hang your hat).

We are alive. Life is changing for all of us.

Cancer is all about family and home and history and patriotism and security - about having our needs met and meeting the needs of others we are close to. Family interactions will be sentimental. What we need and what other people need will be colored by our memories of how things used to be (or how we wished they had been). Comfort comes from people and situations that are familiar.

We could feel a bit lonely or nostalgic now.

It's about vulnerability (being vulnerable and how we see vulnerability in other people - playing out in the United States in technicolor through a hard-line immigration policy and its impact on families) and how we deal with that.

The Sun will shine a light on these areas as well as light up our natal Cancer house.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Her emotional nature comes from the fact she changes signs every couple days - contrast that with the Sun who moves through one sign a month or Neptune who sits in the same sign for fifteen years. Can you imagine if the celestial body ruling our emotions stayed in the same place for fifteen years?

We wouldn't be moody anymore and certainly some people would be lucky enough to be smiling for over a decade, but we could be stuck in a bad mood through three presidents and two car loans. That's a whole lot of lemons, folks!

Looked at this way - the moody, changeable Moon is our friend.

Feel whatever you need to feel now. Solstice means standstill - so stand still. Get near water. Watch the sun rise. Light a candle in the sunshine. Do that balance an egg thing. And then let's be as gentle with ourselves as we are with that egg!

xo all

Monday, June 18, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 18th - PAY ATTENTION, saying it out loud, putting it in writing, feeling dizzy, separating the illusion from reality, what we want is wanting us right back, a wake up call at the end of the week

words of love by oprisco

OK, let's take a look at the week ahead!

MONDAY - Neptune stations retrograde
TUESDAY - Mercury trines Jupiter (part of Grand Water Trine), Venus conjuncts the North Node
WEDNESDAY - Mercury trines Neptune
THURSDAY - Summer Solstice | Sun into Cancer, Venus opposes Mars
SATURDAY - Sun square Chiron, Mercury opposes Pluto (OUCH)

We have a gorgeous Grand Water Trine (yes, another one!) - peaking on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY with Neptune in Pisces trining Jupiter in Scorpio trining Mercury in Cancer. Our words, our thinking, our ideas - are very powerful now because they will have not only Mercury but also the energy of Neptune and Scorpio behind them in a closed energetic loop. Remember in early June we had the same loop except then we had Venus instead of Mercury in Cancer. Maybe the thing we wanted then or that came to our attention then - can now be said out loud or put in writing.

This is an important week for INFORMATION (also other Mercurian themes - communication, siblings, our local environment, teaching, writing, transportation, commerce) with lots of karmic reaping (what we have sown) and a foreshadowing of our future as Mercury walks the path previously laid out by Venus and also does a little fortune telling via that big mid-July eclipse in Cancer.

This is also the last week we will have Mars in forward motion for months - if hay needs to be made somewhere, best to get on with it. The Moon is waxing.

On MONDAY the Moon will move into industrious Virgo while we sleep, so no sleeping in. I's will need to be dotted and T's crossed. The Moon (in Virgo) will trine Uranus (in Taurus) early in the day - good for commerce, ambition, making money. Late afternoon EDT the Moon will trine stable Saturn - so tending to our responsibilities, doing the right thing, interactions with authority - should all move us forward.

The big news of the day, and it could make the entire day kind of dreamy and ungrounded, happens at 7:27PM EDT when Neptune stations retrograde at 16 degrees (where he has been hanging out for what feels like forever on top of my natal Jupiter!). He will backtrack to 13 degrees and then on November 25th he will station direct. All retrogrades are period of re-visions and re-dos.

Neptune rules the ocean, the seas, sleep, our dreams (both the dreams when we are sleeping and the dreams when we are awake), the unconscious, the subconscious, our inter-connectedness, flow, imagination, compassion, meditation, medication, illusion, deception, lies, addiction, alcohol, exhaustion, escape, baptism, sacrifice, spirituality, detox, faith, psychology, mental health, mental illness, intuition, mysticism, fantasy, the ethereal realms (things that cannot be seen, touched, tasted or heard with our five senses), art, dance, music, film, chemicals, drugs, poison, ghosts, victims, martyrs, saints, religion, fanaticism, hospitals, healing, research, confusion, retreats, release, isolation, orphans, nursing homes, retirement, our feet, vision, karma, hidden enemies, what is hidden, what we do in secret, what we don't want to look at, any lack of boundaries, the 12th house of our charts (things we do last, things that are put away, our subconscious, our self-undoing), the house that holds Pisces in our natal charts.

Pisces rules endings. Most often the quiet kind.

Think of the way rock is worn away by water - slowly and almost imperceptibly - but effectively and permanently.

This one takes Neptune from 16 to 13 degrees Pisces through late November. If you have planets or points in those degrees or in those degrees in any of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you will feel this year's retrograde strongest. Neptune is retrograde about 40% of the time.

Something here is up for review which means situations, people, circumstances will come up that will re-focus our attention on one or more of these areas over the next few months.

This will be a time to reflect, re-do, re-evaluate, re-examine, release or re-visit what we are working with here. Neptune always turns us inward. 

Dream guidance and intuition will increase.

Remember when a big energy shifts like Neptune does today we will literally be "off" so things can just feel "off" - let's not push where we don’t need to push. Instead just stay alert to the signs and feelings around us and take our cue from them. We might require extra (or less) sleep, more (or less) time alone or more (or less) meditation time or time in or near water.

Avoid mind altering chemicals and known addictions.

Life's natural anesthetic is moving in reverse now, so the lure of outside numbing agents - that drink or shopping spree or pain pill will be stronger - keep this in mind.

Imagine we are standing at the shore line up to our knees in the cold ocean. When we look down into the water everything looks foggy. Our legs look two sizes too big, almost like one wide mermaid's tale (or this is how I imagine myself, clamshell bra and all). The shells and pebbles at our feet are not in exactly the place they appear to be when we reach for them. Even in the clearest water things are illusory and shifting.

Then the tide flows out. The shells at our feet look a lot more ordinary and less colorful and they are smaller than we thought they would be.

Instead of things being closer than they appear, they now appear to be exactly where they actually are. Stuff is a little less magical - the mermaid's tail/tale turns back into our ordinary legs/storyline; sunburned,  spider-veined and filled with typos - but now that we have legs again we can do all kinds of things we couldn't do before. Maybe sometimes the tail/tale is needed to keep us sane and protected, but at some point it just gets in our way.

And this is a sloppy, terrible metaphor, but you might see what I am getting at. 

Neptune retrogrades separate the illusion from reality.

And what we will be left with next November will be the reality. Useless boundaries, lies, guilt, martyr and victim stories and other tall tale/tails will be left on the shoreline. What was vague will clear up. Draining dreams will dissolve. Reality shifts. LIES ARE EXPOSED.

This could happen now, planets are uber-powerful when they station, slowly over the course of the retrograde or when Neptune turns direct in late November.

This would not be a good day to make an important decision.

On TUESDAY, the Moon continues her journey through Virgo - we are focused on our day-to-day activities, our work, our pets, our health.

At 3:43PM EDT Mercury (in Cancer) will trine Jupiter (in Scorpio) and trine Neptune (in Pisces). This is a smooth flow between issues dealing with home, relocation, family, renovation, home business, mother, our past AND other people's money, loans, mortgages, investments, inheritances, insurance, commissions AND those Pisces themes we talked about for yesterday.

Words are very powerful and expansive now. 

This transit connects back to early June when Venus was walking these same degrees (what we want, love, money, women, beauty, our values or self-esteem) and is foreshadowing the mid-July eclipse in Cancer here.

So what are we saying, what are we hearing, what are we signing, what ideas are we hatching, what thoughts are we thinking, what things are we learning? PAY ATTENTION.

This transit is excellent for creativity, for healing and also to feel quite lazy and just let things drift!

On the same day Venus conjuncts the North Node in Leo.

This is excellent energy for everyone on that North Node path - following our heart, taking the center-stage in our own life - this is where what we want meets our best path forward.

New attractions, opportunities, people will feel fated because they are. This is the time to step up.

The ways that we have been mired in that South Node in Aquarius - in distraction, in detachment, in technology, hiding out in a group or dissolving into group-think - will oppose Venus, so work at cross purposes with what we want. With Mars in Aquarius about to go retrograde and Venus moving toward an opposition with him in just two days - things won't be all puppies and kittens, but somebody somewhere is getting some puppies and kittens - I hope it is YOU!

We are stepping toward what makes us feel most proud and generous and ALIVE.

Leo ruler of the 5th, also rules children - hopefully this is the week the horrendous decision to pull immigrant children from their parents at the border can be stopped.

On WEDNESDAY, while we sleep, the Moon (in Virgo) will square the Sun (in Gemini) giving us our monthly First Quarter Square Moon. We will be facing a challenge with whatever kicked off at the Gemini New Moon last week - maybe we are facing a decision or feeling overwhelmed with details/choices (not all choices are real now). We may want to keep looking for more data, but it is probably time to focus on what we already know. It could be time to apply a solution, even if it is not a perfect solution.

The Moon moves into Libra at 8:29AM EDT - we should be a bit more balanced, diplomatic, focused on keeping everything on an even keel and on our partnerships over the next couple days. A late afternoon square with Saturn could everyone more difficult and inflexible. Authority or career issues are tense/frustrating.

At 11:59PM EDT (could make for some interesting dreams) Mercury will trine Neptune enabling our words/communications to go deeper. We may say more than we intended to say, but it won't necessarily be a bad thing. Great energy for creative writing and meditating. Also for healing words and information.

On THURSDAY the Moon (in Libra) goes void from 11:13AM EDT to 2:17PM EDT.  The Sun moves into Cancer at 6:07AM EDT welcoming the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - I will write a post.

This summer is going to be all about the "re's" with every planets except Venus (and the Sun and the Moon which never retrograde) turning retrograde AND focused on the big eclipse season where we will see the first eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

This is also the day Venus opposes Mars - opposition around what we want and what we are willing to do to get it. We will talk about this in the Solstice post.

We end the week - SATURDAY - with the Sun squaring Chiron and Mercury opposing Pluto.

With Mercury (in Cancer) opposing Pluto (in Capricorn) we could get some information we don't want to know. There is probably something here we don't want to look at/think about/deal with. This is good energy for deep research, but also good energy to be manipulated - don't let yourself be talked into anything now - or to be obsessed with an idea or thought.

At the same time the Sun will square Chiron - the wounded healer and wounded healer doesn't mean healer of wounds, although it might, it means the healer IS wounded. With the Sun in Cancer now - there is probably something here about not feeling safe or not feeling mothered or cared for. It could be some tension around a home/family issue - a frustrating situation now could trigger a childhood wound/trauma.

A big week that kicks off a BIG ass-backwardsy summer! Back with some dailies.

xo all