Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sun Conjunct Neptune | aligning ourselves with ourselves, feeling inspired

imagination by katrin-elizabeth

The Sun hooks up with Neptune today at 11 degrees Pisces.

Neptune has been in Pisces (the sign he rules) since 2012 (thru 2023). Once a year while Neptune is in Pisces, the Sun will catch up with him in a slightly different space of the Piscean skies.

If there is a way for us to let the day to day chores slide for a bit, this is excellent energy for dreaming and inspiration - for connection, compassion and healing; for aligning ourselves with ourselves.

It's our annual meeting of ego and spirit - our inner focus in strengthened. The more we fail to do this (touch base with ourselves, stop) the more confusion and chaos result.

Look around us - there is so much to feel good about. Our imaginations are wide open today. What do we really see?

A dream (Pisces) could become clear (Sun) now (we can also feel ourselves connecting with the dreams that never came true - they are ripe for release and ready to make way for something new). A light is thrown on imaginative, inspirational work. A light can also be thrown on the things we are hiding.

As we use our imagination and spirit and detach ourselves from this time and place, we can tune into all times and places. Our compassion and sensitivity is heightened - our awareness of the connection we have with each other and how one of us affects all of us becomes clear.

The Aries Moon makes multiple planetary contacts, so as we move through the day we could find ourselves more emotional than usual or more emotionally connected with unusual things, people or situations.

(the fly in the ointment is an increased ability to be susceptible to lies and delusion now - keep this in mind - this is not a good day to invest money, sign a contract or deal with facts and figures - use this energy for something else)

xo all

Monday, February 27, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 27th - pace yourself and stay sober

you are behind the wall by elif karakoc
Sunday's New Moon Solar Eclipse will strongly impact this week's energies.

If there is something we need to "eclipse" out - some thing, belief or expectation in our way that is preventing us from moving forward, this would be the time to take some action to move this energy.

Know there is alot of Piscean fog now (imagination, illusion, delusion).

This is not a good week to make an important decision or sign a contract. Facts will be blurry.

One day we'll be thinking one way and things seem in order - the next day everything will be flipped on its head (kind of like the Oscar's best picture announcement!).

On Monday, Mercury conjuncts the South Node in Pisces. Information surfaces that connects with the past. There could be a significant conversation now. Keep in mind this week's theme of releasing something and separating truth from illusion.

Mars (war, initiative, anger) conjuncts Uranus (sudden, out of the blue, rebellion) and opposes Jupiter. This one is "revolution/freedom at all costs". The spaces that have us feeling caged in and ready to bolt will be activated. It is best to channel this energy toward our goals - try something new, work with something else. The opportunities here come from unusual and unexpected places. We probably don't want to meet this energy in the outer world in the form of accidents and unexpected things happening to us. Use it or be used by it. Practice caution when driving, working with tools or fire.

Keep a cool head. People can be angry. Our own temper could flare as suddenly as a fire grows out of control. Take care in crowds. Avoid alcohol and drugs - their effects will be GREATLY enhanced. You have the wisdom of astrology - use it. Don't over-react.

With expansive Jupiter urging Mars "let's just do it" toward action - not much is needed to compel Mars to act anyway - and with Uranus "let's just do it NOW" electrifying the situation there is also the potential for great leaps forward here. Maybe no one ever crosses any great distance between who we are and who we want to be without that leap or stretch that at the very least risks back injury. Could you toss your back out or land on your ass - of course. Maybe pace yourself.

Activist efforts would be a good use of this energy and we will see increased activism this spring.

On Tuesday, the Moon and Venus connect and have us focused on their themes - home, family, the public, real estate (Moon) and/or love, money, values, women (Venus). Expect increased emotions.

On Wednesday, the Sun conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces). Expect waterworks. Embrace compassion. Meditate. Maybe a light is thrown on a deception. Keep your eyes open. Creative work is favored now.

On Thursday, we have the second of three Jupiter oppositions to Uranus. The first one was around last Christmas. Whatever happens here could be sudden (Uranus) - maybe a sudden ending or conclusion, but just as likely a second chance at whatever was going on back in late December. With Jupiter retrograde this time around it likely won't be about something brand new and there is an increased chance of a more positive result.

On Friday, the Moon is void pretty much all day (starting 10:20 am EST until midnight) - don't start anything new that you want to amount to anything. This would be a good day to connect with authority figures or work with existing plans or goals. As with any long Void Moon plan light as unexpected situations could surface.

On Saturday, Venus stations retrograde in Aries (she will then continue backtracking through Pisces). I'll do a post about this. I've already written on it some HERE. The start of this retrograde being in Aries - the sign of me, myself and I - will make it clear to us what needs to happen to make ourselves a priority. For some of us, it won't be pretty. Mercury also conjuncts Neptune on Saturday - making conversations compassionate, imaginative, blurry or deceptive - which I realize is a broad range of adjectives - we'll narrow this down in a later post, too.

xo all

(remember I am writing about aspects on the days they are most exact - we could feel the energies most intensely as they begin to move into aspect or at the point of disconnection - making the days a bit flexible - keep this in mind - also note I only mention void moons during working hours, there are others this week after 6pm EST)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces | back to the future

waterworld eclipse by nethskie

This morning's New Moon at 8 degrees Pisces is a solar eclipse (the only annular eclipse in 2017 - instead of the Moon blocking out the Sun totally it will leave a visible ring of fire around itself).

The Sun will, of course, be at 8 degrees Pisces, too. This concludes the Pisces/Virgo eclipse cycle that started in 2015 (last cycle in 1999, next one in 2035).

We also have Mars meeting up with Uranus in Aries, a hair's breadth away from Eris. It's a powerhouse combination and strongly impacts the entire week ahead!

First the Moon. New Moons are times of fresh beginnings - the very tiny beginning, the first impulse. Often the beginning that only looks like a beginning when we look back from a smarter, later vantage point. The seed is planted.

Pisces rules endings. This month's new beginning (New Moon in Pisces) is more about what we have to let go of first. Plus the South Node of the Moon (what we are collectively releasing) is still in Pisces. Something needs to shift.

Find 8 degrees Pisces in your natal chart. What house is it in? What does that house rule? Google - 3rd house astrology (for example), or ask me. In my chart 8 degrees Pisces is in my 4th house and I have Chiron (the wounded healer) at this exact degree. The last eclipse was exactly on my Midheaven and the next one is exactly on my Sun. Big changes coming for me personally and you know how much I like change?!

Within the collective - and everyone has access to this energy - this fresh start energy is about Pisces themes - imagination, spirituality, charity, loss, escape, addiction, healing, release, illusion, delusion, the unconscious, things/people/situations that have been put away. There will be 6 celestial bodies in Pisces today - this is a whole lot of water people! It could be time to purchase that water proof eyeliner you have been thinking about - if you aren't crying at some point over the next week, I'll eat a donut (yes, I've given up sugar ... again ... so if you do not cry this week please let me know because I really, really want a donut). Sniffle.

With Mars (initiative, anger, courage, war) meeting up with "anything can happen, out of the blue, rebellious" Uranus in Aries (ruled by warrior Mars!) and sitting so close to Eris (discord, righteous outrage, Goddess of the angry and powerless) we need to take some caution now. This is great energy to have an accident. If there is a situation we feel angry and powerless about (the more I read about Scott Pruitt the more I channel Eris!) this is the energy to do something about it. Remember the people with weapons who feel angry and powerless have access to this energy, too. We could have flashes of sudden insight now. This is so much like the power of a dam breaking!

(has anyone else connected the Oroville Dam's leak and Trump's 'leak' talk - no, not that leak talk, the Russia/Flynn leak talk - with all this Pisces energy - and the prefix "oro" means gold and is the root of the word orange - both words that make me think of Trump - or have I just become totally unhinged that this is how my mind works now - ha!)

With so much seductive, illusive Pisces - not much is as it seems now. We'll talk more in the weekly!

There is a very big week ahead and I'll write about it tonight. For now, I have to clean my house since I am having company for dinner! Don't forget to set your intentions - powerful energy for fast changes accompany this New Moon - so if you need it, it's right here.


This is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces including our imagination, compassion, peace, releasing victim-hood, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, addictions, lymphatic system, colds, feet, toxicity (if you know your Pisces natal house themes you can use those, too!).

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - always make affirmations from a positive place (and the combination of both definitions of positive is where the magic happens - certain and favorable) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - this month I'll write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours. xo 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mercury into Pisces | this is our brain on drugs

otwarte, zsiniale granice ... by narva

Today, Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, thinking) moves into Pisces (intuition, imagination, addiction, escape, deception, secrets, healing, clandestine situations, things and people put away) until March 13th.

Our thinking gets more fluid. Details are harder to pin down. There are distractions. As our mental focus widens and blurs it gets easier to see the big picture but also easier to lose sight of the specifics. Goals become more elusive because the target is moving.  

And where the hell did we put our car keys?

Our emotions/intuition will tend to rule our logical mind now and so will everyone else's so keep this in mind. This can be an expansive exercise for our practical intellect - it can also be very frustrating.

Mercury in Pisces is great energy for creative, imaginative work and fanciful words and language. It's not a time to worry about perfection though or saying just the right thing, the beauty will be in the imperfection now. We will all be more psychic.

This transit breeds indecision.

(not Libran style indecision - where we can see both sides of a situation which makes choices challenging - of course Libran energy isn't really here to decide anyway, the energy is here to discriminate) 

With Pisces, decision making is challenging because our thoughts are constantly morphing (think water here - I am picturing the bad guy in Terminator II forming from that puddle). We might find ourselves thinking/communicating one way when we are around certain people or situations and then another way under different circumstances. Our communications blend into the environment we are exposed to. Boundaries shift. Let's give ourselves a break with this - wishy-washy thinking will probably prevail for awhile.

It is easier to get lost in "groupthink" since the boundaries between our minds and other people's minds, which are certainly imaginative to begin with and only necessary to keep us sane - are very, very porous.

Empaths (and everyone else!) will need to meditate and spend time alone or we will be totally bogged down in other people's junk.

Those Aquarius 'alternative facts' evolve into plain old fashioned lies. The don't become any easier to spot though. Reality is foggy.

This is a great transit to listen to other people, especially those we tend to disagree with, because it will be easier to feel what they are saying instead of just hearing it.  

We might be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves during this transit or focus in on the ways we have been victimized. Our Pisces South Node is asking us to release all that. The way through everything (until May) is still Virgo - one step in front of the other, doing what is right in front of us, embracing what is healthy, releasing what hurts.

Tomorrow is the big Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces - a fresh start for our Pisces natal house and all those Pisces themes - post coming - have a wonderful weekend.

xo all