Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | regrets, second chances, keep a cool head, power plays, a deep cleaning, words hurt, cooperation, generosity, the SUN will come out tomorrow .. and then he does

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Let's finish unpacking this week!

By FRIDAY morning EDT the Moon is in Scorpio and squaring Mars (retrograde in Aquarius) sitting on the South Node. This will make for some tense interactions and frustrations. 

With Mars conjunct the South Node for the second time (of three!) this could be a second chance with something that happened around June 8th or regret over whatever we did/didn't do at around that time.

Mars retrograde and out-of-bounds creates a boomerang effect for aggression and anger, so we don't want to be the one tossing out the snide comment or landing the first blow right now.

If trouble is stirred up now - walk away. Walk away.

With our actions squaring that secretive Scorpian Moon we also don't want to be the one withholding information that other people need - secrets will have a way of coming back to haunt us later. This summer's long and winding Mars retrograde has, and will continue to, provide us with multiple opportunities for self-sabotage. We likely slept through a sextile to stable Saturn, but staying focused on the important stuff, our responsibilities and commitments will come in handy today.

By Friday night the energy does a 180 (WHEW!) with the Moon's sextile to lovely Venus (persnickety in Virgo, but still Venus) at 7:40PM EDT followed by her conjunction with expansive Jupiter. Good energy to be out and about, optimistic and having a good time. Good relationship energy. I vote - DATE NIGHT! Hoping to drag hubs to Mamma Mia (that cast!).

On SATURDAY the Moon (in Scorpio) will sextile (opportunity) Pluto (in Capricorn) at 10:28AM EDT - opportunities for deep, emotional healing and POWER moves that pay off. Good energy for research, deep cleaning, a counseling session or even hunting for buried treasure. Where is your metal detector? I used to have a metal detector. The sextile will have moved on by the time I find it though! Also good energy for financial stuff - doing taxes, estate planning, taking care of bills, investments, etc.

By 3PM EDT, the Moon will square (tension/frustration) Mercury (in Leo) - this is tension between our head and our emotions. People could be moody and opinionated. Someone might be digging in their heels. Or someone could be changing their mind. Someone might be spilling our secrets. Things might get LOUD.

Take care when driving. Take care when operating heavy machinery - not a good afternoon to pull out that wood chipper! Take care with your language. Don't fight with your sibling or neighbor.

Likely with this aspect - words/ideas/information will arouse emotions that are STRESSFUL. 

Don't fear though because "cue little red-haired Annie" - the Sun will come out tomorrow!

Very early on SUNDAY EDT, while we sleep, the Moon goes void off a trine with the Sun (this will actually be late night on the West Coast so it could be a good LATE date night there!) making us feel safe and secure.Yes, we might sleep through all of this - tuck and cover - but we should wake feeling comfortable.

Venus (in Virgo) will sextile (opportunity) Jupiter (in Scorpio). 

I missed this in the weekly forecast - and this is probably the best aspect of the week. So glad I put up a weekend forecast and took a second look! 

These two beauties don't move as fast as the Moon so this will be in play for a couple days. 

This is opportunity for our love/money/resources/values/self esteem to EXPAND. Good for relationships, good for business, luck, positive change - good news for our natal Virgo and Scorpio houses. 

This is about cooperation and generosity!

At 6:12AM EDT the Moon moves into Sagittarius (more optimism!) focusing us on Sagittarius themes for the next couple days - our higher thinking, foreigners, higher education, travel, weddings, the media, legal issues, publicity.

The good news continues with the Sun's roar into fiery Leo - the sign he RULES - at 5:01PM EDT.

The Sun in Leo is naturally generous, proud, self-expressive and CREATIVE. Leo rules the 5th house of fun and recreation, romance and love, children and creativity. This is the space of the North Node and our collective way forward. Are we following our joy? Are we playing all-in? Are we taking the center stage of our own life? Are we removing all roadblocks to our most heart-centered life? What are we proud of? How are our children - personally and collectively? Is our own inner-child given time to PLAY? We are all burning Leo fuel now!

I will get a preliminary post up this weekend about next week's challenging Eclipse and also see what the hell is going on with the Donald. We probably need to be following the Maria Butina story because she burst into the headlines with Eris and BML activity this week and we know "Russian spying" connects back to that 2010 eclipse. The plot thickens ....

xo all

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Astrology Forecast For Creatives | Week of July 16th - rocks and hard places, hard to compromise, the scorned feminine/underdog bites, dealing with that thing AGAIN, karmic contracts torn up, the eye of the storm

(tribute to football 2 by ZNZtazmanijus) - viva la france!

We are fully in Eclipse season now, with this week looking like the eye of the storm, but eclipses are anything but predictable!

Some major aspects this week are:

MONDAY - Venus inconjunct Mars, Mercury inconjunct Pluto
THURSDAY - First Quarter Moon in Libra
FRIDAY - Mars retrograde conjunct the South Node, Eris stations retrograde, Sun opposes Black Moon Lilith
SUNDAY - Sun into Leo

MONDAY is a tricky day with multiple inconjuncts (rock vs hard place) - the good news here though is we can be sharp and focused and with the Moon still in practical and organized Virgo sextiling (opportunity) expansive Jupiter there is good energy for public relations and group activities - the day is just NOT so well suited for one on one dealings that require any kind of tactfulness or negotiation.

The Mars/Venus inconjunct could be a man/woman issue, a relationship issue - it could be what we want (Venus) and what we have to do to get what we want (Mars) is not so compatible right now or maybe we can't get along and get what we want, too!

Compromises - the only real way through an inconjunct - are not so likely when Venus clashes with Mars! Inconjuncts require adjustment and give and take - there aren't easy any real solutions.

Remember where these planets are - Mars is retrograde in detached Aquarius moving toward his second conjunction with the South Node later in the week. He (as us via our actions, passion, anger and initiative) is going back over something or meeting delays as we attempt to plow straight ahead and Venus has just stepped into practical, dot your i's and cross your t's productive Virgo.

EXAMPLE FOR Aquarius/Aquarius Rising (Mars in your 1st house, Venus in your 8th house) - that 8th house issue - other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction, the way you merge your resources/intimacies with other people - is the hard place and you (Mars in Aquarius) are the rock. You could be using a hammer with a situation that could benefit from a gentler touch or a hammer to hit a fly and miss your mark entirely. There could be something you have been avoiding that Venus in "sharp-eyed" Virgo isn't allowing you to just skim over this time. Inconjuncts don't offer the solution - there isn't a tidy solution to an inconjunct - instead they bring our attention to the problem and require us to adjust both sides or come to a standstill. With Mars retrograde and set to hit the South Node in your sign for the second time this week and last week's eclipse in your health/daily habits house Aquarius AND next week's eclipse in your sign (Mars/South Node's first conjunction was June 8th, so something could be related back to that time) you could be seeing the results of many years of action/inaction on your physical body, your physical situation/possessions, your brand, etc. Mars demands action (and that anger/passion/force be expressed). MOVE it or lose it.

On the same day Mercury (in Leo) is inconjunct Pluto (in Capricorn). Words are the rock and power is the hard place. We could get fixated on one particular idea - yes, there will probably be a song stuck in our head! We could feel paranoid or suspicious. We could speak way too LOUDLY or boastful or say things that are way too personal. On the flipside we might not be able to get a word in at all if someone else has taken the reins. Cross this date off your calendar for that important conversation with your boss - if you have one scheduled, feign a stomach ache and leave early #kidding, #notkidding. People could try to manipulate us with their words or we could be the one doing the verbal manipulation that will not be very effective - maybe nix that stomach ache story.

This is the day Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin. I don't think anyone is getting what they want with whatever is going on with that.

After I posted the eclipse blog the other day someone asked me if last week's eclipse related back to any previous date and the closest eclipse I found was one in mid July 2010 and I added a sentence at the end of the post about that.

Later when I googled for newspaper stories from around July 11, 2010 to look for any connections to current events I spied (!) a story back then in both the Washington Post and New York Times about a big spy swap (the largest in decades) between the U.S. and Russia that took place in Austria. One of the spies was the Russian who was poisoned last March (along with his daughter) in the U.K. and note that story is back in the news now because of further poisonings with that same chemical.

The swap also included a married couple living in the U.S. (the TV series 'the Americans' is loosely based on their story) and one of the most senior FBI agents working on that case for many years was FBI agent Peter Strzok who was up before Congress at this eclipse testifying about the Clinton/Trump election and Russia. Then the next day, last Friday, we had the indictments of a dozen more Russians in connection to meddling in the U.S. election. And last week's eclipse degree is almost exactly opposed to that UBER hot degree where Saturn and Pluto will meet in Capricorn in January 2020. Hmm.

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER/Cancer Rising (Mercury in your 2nd house, Pluto in your 7th house) the rock is your money/values/resources/self esteem and the hard place is a partner/partnership. This speaks of power struggles within a relationship over money or something you own or the value you place of yourself. An argument/disagreement is possible. Keep in mind you just had a big eclipse in your own house Cancer (the first of multiple coming next year and the next) - if big decisions are not forced on you now, give yourself a break and some time to catch your breath. Next week's eclipse will be in your 8th house of other people's money/taxes/debt/sex/reproduction and will bring a square with unpredictable Uranus in your career/public life house so there are more surprises ahead.

The Moon makes a nice trine to Pluto at 10:29PM EDT favoring deep emotional connections.

On TUESDAY, the Moon is Void until 3:42PM when she moves into sociable Libra likely turning our focus to Libra themes over the next couple days - our relationships, cooperation, beauty, women, diplomacy, partners and social activities.

On THURSDAY, we have the Moon's first quarter square with the Moon finishing up in Libra and the Sun finishing up in Cancer.

This is the halfway point between last week's eclipse and next week's eclipse and will probably focus us on a relationship/balance/diplomacy tension. Our relationships with other people are important things to care for now. And any Cancer square could make us emotional and have us feeling that our security is threatened. It will also be important to keep in mind though, especially if it feels like someone lets us down now or does not have our back that with wounded healer Chiron in independent Aries, some things will just be up to us. We don't want to lose ourselves in another person any more than we should lose ourselves in our work or in our fantasies or in a bowl of spaghetti. Although if the spaghetti is homemade with a homemade sauce and a crusty loaf of bread on the side ... well, I don't know ...

The Quarter Moon will form a T-Square with Eris, who has exactly squared the Sun on TUESDAY. This could bring a pissed off woman (the one who was NOT invited to the party and also reminding me of the 30,000 plus women burned at the stake as witches during the Inquisition) or an issue regarding women into the LIGHT.

Maybe Trump will have another woman issue come to light this week since he could be playing the Sun for us collectively here. We'll have to see how big a collective news week this eclipse midpoint turns out to be.

The Moon goes Void at 3:52PM EDT until 9:13PM EDT when she moves into Scorpio turning our focus for the next couple days to finances, intimacy issues, life/death issues, reproduction, sex, power dynamics, issues around the resources we share with other people.

On FRIDAY we have a retrograde Mars meet up with the South Node (again! the last meeting was June 8th) - this could be  a repeat "Groundhog Day" style situation, the movie I mean, not the 'seeing his shadow' thing (the final conjunction is on September 27th) where we are dealing with something again and again in order to wrap the damn thing up or this could be various karmic situations designed to release us from old contracts - ours and our ancestors. With Mars long summer journey there could be some lessons, too, about learning to express anger, passion, aggression and force in healthy, positive ways.

EXAMPLE FOR PISCES/Pisces Rising (Mars retrograding through your 12th house) - this is happening in your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. This could take you back over something you thought you had already put behind you - likely related to something near that June 8th date and/or connected to when Mars first went into Aquarius on May 16th. Something here is ready to be released - it might not be quite as easy as simply opening your hand, but some part of your load is surely and sorely wanting to be lightened.

Also on Friday we have Eris stationing retrograde - yes, another energy retrograde in Capricorn! - and the Sun opposing Black Moon Lilith - our other pissed off feminine energy.

We'll take a look at Friday in the weekend forecast - it's too much for me to unpack on a Sunday night!

In the meantime - we are in between eclipses now folks AND we are going to be saying this again in two weeks because we have three eclipses instead of two this summer. Next week's Aquarius Lunar Eclipse is a biggie hooking into Mars sitting on the South Node and squaring "anything-can-happen" Uranus.

Get some extra sleep. Stay hydrated and limber. Don't over-schedule yourself.

xo all