Sunday, January 21, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 22nd - partnership re-negotiations, karmic release clauses, SECRETS are spilled mid-week, BIG announcements, to sum it up - news we can use followed by unexpected plot twists

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Here we go!

Pencil in Wednesday and Thursday for the most likely times to bring BIG news or a big decision.

On SUNDAY, Juno (partnerships) conjuncts the South Node at 14 degrees Aquarius.

Juno has been in liberating and innovative Aquarius since mid-December waking up/breaking up outdated/boxed-in partnerships and agreements that are no longer evolving both parties. She has also been busy turning friends into partners and partners into friends (which could be a good thing or just create more detachment within relationships).

Her travels through Aquarius (until February 23rd when she moves into Pisces) are showing us the ways our existing relationships are confining/liberating and encouraging the idea that true partnership consists of two unique and equal individuals. 

Independence and individualism within relationships - how do I keep "me" as I become "we".

Marriages, for example, where the wife is playing mother to the husband or the husband is playing father to the wife are showing the strain of a changing paradigm where interdependence comes through everyone's ability to stand on their own two feet (often women - physically and men- emotionally) and be themselves. The ways we are unable to be ourselves within a partnership could feel stifling.

Partnership agreements/contracts we came into this life with might reach their natural conclusions (romantic/professional). Maybe new clauses need to be added or outdated requirements crossed out and initialed by both parties. Maybe something is just done. Stick a fork in it.

As Juno moves over the South Node (what we are releasing) it is possible a relationship that has been too restrictive, or tied to the past, could end. It is equally possible a committed relationship could move to a deeper level as certain expectations/requirements are released and both partners feel freer to just be themselves.

Maybe a friendship or group activity requires a revised commitment/contract. New relationships (karmic) can also get started now.

Rules and behavior for dating that equalize both parties (we can see this conversation in the collective now) are up for re-negotiation, too.

Freedom and equality are the key words here - although it might look like the relationship issue is about something else. If one party is feeling too put upon (this may or may not be actually true), restricted, subject to unequal power rules or feels a contractual agreement has been broken or not lived up to - something could be re-negotiated between now and the end of February.

Although all relationships are working through this to a greater or lesser degree, this week's Juno transit would likely have greatest impact for people with planets or points near 14 degrees Aquarius or the other fixed signs - Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.

EXAMPLE for Cancer/Cancer Rising (Aquarius 8th house) - the 8th house is about other people's resources and how they are shared with us. This transit (mid -December through late February) could be energizing situations involving your partner's income or your joint finances and how much each partner is putting into the pot. Are both parties contributions being equally valued? Inequalities could lead to breakdowns/breakthroughs now as Juno touches the South Node. Or maybe one partner has different needs regarding intimacy or fidelity - working this stuff out now will take the relationship to a deeper level. An inability to resolve these kinds of issues could contribute to an ending. Restraining contracts/debts could also be on the table or cycle out now.

EXAMPLE for Libra/Libra Rising (Aquarius 5th house) - the 5th house is about creativity, children, romance and recreation. If one partner is working while the other partner is playing this could need to be restructured now. Unequal child-rearing roles or disagreements around how much freedom to give children, for example, could cause breakdowns/breakthroughs within partnerships. Can you be in a romantic relationship and still create what you need to create? Can you be a parent and be in a romantic relationship, too? Maybe relationship rules with grown children are getting re-negotiated as old guidelines drop away. Maybe the contract being worked out is actually your contract with yourself.

Compromises could be required.

There are many ways this could be playing out. Think - contract re-negotiation - what is working for both parties gets to stay (it doesn't matter how oddball or strange it is or how it doesn't look like something traditional or what we thought it would look like), what isn't working needs to go/change.

MONDAY and TUESDAY are all about the Aries Moon (Moon changed signs while we slept Sunday night). On Monday it will sextile the Sun (in Aquarius), square Saturn (in Capricorn) and sextile Venus (in Aquarius) all before we sit down for lunch. After the weekend's meandering/dreamy energy it might be a good idea to take a moment this morning and get centered.

With the independent and likely impatient Moon squaring Saturn (the rules/authority) and sextiling the Aquarius Sun - we could be butting our head against something rather solid. Maybe something from the past is holding us back or tossing up a roadblock. After lunch, the Moon's sextile with Venus, gives a green light to social activities. Good for sales and commerce and making money through our own initiative/courage. If you need to make contact with a woman, or take action regarding a money matter, make your move after 12:30PM EST.

On Tuesday, the Aries Moon requires us to focus on the here and now. The Moon squares Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter before finally conjuncting Uranus, late at night, and going void. This many challenges to an independent Aries Moon would make this a good day to work alone. People will be pushy and situations will push our buttons. All these tense contacts to our emotional Moon could make us moody. Be diplomatic. Do the work that is right in front of you. Make plans. Strategize. But maybe save the power moves for a day without so many challenges. It could be hard to get to sleep if we go to bed too late (over-stimulated from that inventive Uranus).

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY are big news and information days. The Moon moves into grounded Taurus making us more focused on our money, our resources and our emotional stability.

Mercury (our communication, words, thinking, ideas, sibling, transportation, local environment) in solid-as-a-rock Capricorn conjuncts karmic, transformative Pluto at 19 degrees

Yes, 19 degrees Capricorn AGAIN - there is unfinished business here - it goes way back ...

Mercury/Pluto makes me think of powerful secrets and conspiracy theories. Passionate communications. Conversations are life-changing, life and death or maybe just feel like life and death. 

Maybe we overwhelm people with our words. Maybe we are the ones overwhelmed. 

This is good energy to be mentally focused and diving into something. Excellent for research and what we discover could change our thinking.

It's time to speak (Mercury) our truth (Pluto) and hear (Mercury) the truth (Pluto).

Then Mercury moves right into a sextile (opportunity) with expansive, lucky Jupiter (in Scorpio).

So the news comes in - good or challenging depending on our personal storyline - but either way we can figure out a way to make use of it!

In the collective there could be another big story in the news about abuses of power.

Whatever this is for us personally - new/information/ideas, etc - it will be too big to push under the rug. There is truth here and it might be raw and ugly. But maybe not.

The good news is a powerful, expansive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter that follows, telling us there is benefit and growth connected to what we learn/say/hear now. 

There is reason for optimism here. There might be a pot of gold at the bottom of that rabbit-hole, after all. Keep digging.

Mercury will also be sextiling Chiron (in healing Pisces) so we know the words are medicinal, even if they hurt.

Skipping ahead to SUNDAY, Mercury is going to square unpredictable Uranus.

So here is the fly in the ointment - a last minute Uranian plot twist (I am certain Trump, with Uranus on his natal Sun, will be tweeting!).

There could be an unexpected result, conversation or new information now. Words are disruptive. It could be the consequences of whatever is being chosen/decided/said, but we won't be able to put the genie back in the bottle or ignore what Pluto told us earlier in the week.

Spontaneous words could fly now. Stay in the moment.

EXAMPLE for Aries/Aries Rising (Capricorn 10th house, Scorpio 8th house, Aries 1st house) - your 10th house rules your career, your business or public life, so a conversation or information now could impact your work or professional life. You could put some insider information or thorough research to good use - for your growth, expansion. It could make you lucky. Any gain could also come through powerful, well-placed contacts or working with other people's resources. On the flip-side of this, especially with that square to Uranus in your own sign at the end of the week - there could be some unwelcome "truth" uncovered regarding your business or career or you could spill the beans on something yourself and have to deal with the unexpected consequences. Think before you speak now.

EXAMPLE for Leo/Leo Rising (Capricorn 6th house, Scorpio 3rd house, Aries 9th house) - your 6th house rules your day-to-day activities, work and health so a conversation or information coming in now could impact one of these areas. Information, a decision, a solution - could work to your benefit or for your growth/expansion. It could make you lucky. Uranus's square at the end of the week indicates there could be an additional twist or turn after you think you have your ducks lined up. Stay flexible.

And, yes, I could be WAY over-thinking these specific scenarios (who me? overthink it?).

Maybe just be prepared to adjust and make use of information that comes in this week. And then re-adjust!

On FRIDAY, the Moon is void until 12:40PM EST and then moves into Gemini. We will be busy (the weekend, too) - communicating, going here and there, multi-tasking (yes, I hate that word, too!).

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius (through March 18th). We move from dealing with secrets to dealing with truth (and yes, that will mean different things to different people and people will be PREACHY).

In fiery Sagittarius, our actions are more courageous and things move faster. We could be quicker to anger, but also quicker to spring into action when necessary. The anger could dissipate quickly as the next thing on the horizon catches our eye.

We might be more easily distracted and our actions less focused, but the bonus optimism and faith in the bold new adventure that Mars in Sagittarius inspires in us could be worth whatever detail is lost to a wider lens.

Our Aquarius Sun's (and Juno's and Venus's) yearning for freedom or something else gets kicked up a notch now.

Our energy flows with Mars, so whatever the theme of our Sagittarius natal house is where we will feel a kind of pressing urgency to DO SOMETHING.

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (Sagittarius 2nd house) - your 2nd house rules your money, resources, values and self-esteem. Mars' transit here makes you more courageously/actively push yourself to make more money or acquire more resources. It can also increase spending.

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising (Sagittarius 4th house) - your 4th house rules home, family, home business, real estate, security. Mars' transit here could focus courageous actions in these areas. Whatever needs to be improved, whatever needs to be initiated - here's your shot of adrenaline to get it moving.

xo all- keep in mind I list transits when they are exact, so transits other than the Moons are in play for some time before and after the dates I list them in these forecasts

(Did anyone else have a some kind of structural break down after last week's Capricorn New Moon party - although a party in Capricorn might look more like a bunch of people waiting outside the principal's office or in line at the DMV - something we count on or were counting on? Most likely pertaining to our Capricorn natal house - in my case 3rd house/car break down right on time. In the United States it is our government (Capricorn ruled) that has closed up shop/broken down - not able to be counted on right now.

For me, I predict a mid-week 'face the music' moment with a potentially costly repair or vehicle death notice (Pluto) followed by a 'come to Jesus' reprieve/miracle fix (Jupiter). Followed by something like - the repair doesn't actually fix the problem or the car breaks down again (Uranus). Or something else totally happens. My crystal ball is fuzzy. Stay tuned ...)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Weekend Forecast for Creatives | a weekend to relax, heal, dream and create - burning Aquarius fuel now, digging our heels in

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On Friday, we have Mercury (thinking, communication, ideas, siblings, local environment) sextile (opportunity) Neptune (dreams, imagination, art, healing, escape).

The Moon is void most of the workday. We could dream this day away and it wouldn't be a bad thing. This is not a good time to make an important decision because our thinking could be cloudy or rose-tinted. If all the Capricorn weight has had us a bit depressed, this weekend's energy could act as a balm for that. It could also make us more sentimental and sensitive, even more vulnerable, so keep that in mind, too.

This is excellent energy for creative writing, working on a website's verbiage, researching healing information, meditating or making art or music. Words heal. Words create. Opportunities come through artists, healers and Piscean people now (strong Pisces or Neptune).  

Affirmations are very powerful now.

After the void - 3:25PM EST - the Moon moves into dreamy Pisces for the weekend. The same themes continue. This is excellent energy to relax. I can't overstate this because this month has been challenging already and eclipse season is approaching. RELAX. Addictions tend to worsen under Piscean Moons, so watch for that.

The Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius today and even though Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, too, with both Venus and the Sun in Aquarius now, something should feel less pressing. Maybe it isn't actually less pressing, but events will conspire to give us a little space.

The Sun's move into Aquarius means we are all burning Uranian fuel now.

Our groups, our causes, what we do with technology, what we do on the internet, being ourselves, working with things/people/situations that are different could be more of a focus.

Our ancestors came out of hibernation now (Capricorn), and sick to death of green beans, made their way into the community to trade their extra beans for somebody else's extra cans of peaches. They traded stories and remedies, too. In modern times, in modern ways, these rituals continue.

We are going to talk alot about Aquarius this month once eclipse season gets started.

We also have Pallas Athena (warrior, strategies - considered the strongest Goddess to the ancients, who surely understood her better than we do) moving from Aries into Taurus today.

Her move at the kick off to Aquarius season flavors the next few weeks.

In Taurus, our best strategies will be focused on something solid - things we can touch, taste and smell. Plans are grounded and focused on the here and now. This could clash with Aquarius's focus on the future, so maybe there is some tension between what we have to do to stay safe and secure and comfortable and what we want to do to move into the future. With both the Sun and Pallas in fixed signs - we could be digging one heel in the NOW and one heel in the FUTURE.

We'll talk about this as we move through it, too.

For now, for the weekend - meditate, go to the movies, read, relax, create. If something needs healing - create a solid plan/strategy (Pallas) for it that is both practical (Taurus) in terms of what can be done with our actual resources on hand AND future-leaning (Aquarius) - somehow innovative in our approach.

xo all

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Venus into Aquarius | stepping back to get a clearer look, attracted to the strange and unusual, seeing the forest, the future is calling, when crooked teeth are more than crooked teeth

anteojos by siesta

Last night Venus (love, money, beauty, women, our values and self-esteem) moved into Aquarius (through February 10th).

Aquarius Suns and Aquarius rising (Aquarius ruler of first house of your natal chart) get more attractive. Both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want (Venus).

All of our natal Aquarius houses become more attractive, too.

Our Aquarius house is a space we experience and evolve through Aquarian energies. Maybe by experiencing unexpected situations and unusual experiences. Maybe by being able to detach and get enough distance from something to be able to see it clearly. Maybe through flashes of genius or rebelliousness. Maybe through chaos. Our natal Uranus placement (ruler of Aquarius) and its contacts will tell us a more complete story.

Now, we have Venus moving into/through this space.

As she moves through Aquarius she will make contact with not only any planets/points we have in Aquarius, but also the planets/points we have in Leo (by opposition), in Scorpio and Taurus (by square) and other planets, too (by sextile, etc).

This is where knowing our natal chart can come in handy.

As a collective influence, for all of us, Venus moves out of Capricorn (the rules) and into Aquarius (the space we let go of the rules).

Beautiful Venus drops her briefcase full of "shoulds". She takes her hair out of its tightly constructed bun and shakes her head. She kicks off her too-tight, office-ready pumps. She wears whatever she wants to wear now. She can do whatever she wants to do now. There is no one to impress in this new space. There is no one to answer to.

Now subconsciously we all feel this (even though there is a hell of alot of planets left in Capricorn and Saturn is home in Capricorn now, so we don't get to drop all responsibilities, plus Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius!) - a kind of relief as Venus disentangles us a bit from what is required of us to be 'acceptable'.

Maybe we start to notice (attract) things we would have otherwise missed. The strange and unusual will catch our eye now. 

We will be attracted to things/situations/solutions/people that are different.

Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, Aquarius is the space that is hard to forecast. When we step outside the rules (Uranus is outside Saturn's boundaries) our outcomes become less predictable, too.

Venus (beauty) in Aquarius (unique) allows us to see the beauty in things we wouldn't normally regard as beautiful. What would it take to see our crooked teeth as beautiful? our messy house? a real loss?

Wouldn't it take detachment? Wouldn't it take an ability to step back a little farther from whatever we are looking at?

To see the big picture -

(maybe those slightly crooked teeth have allowed us to evolve, as we grow to appreciate them, from mumbling our words through a mostly, un-moving mouth to speaking our well thought out opinions clearly and emphatically - maybe without those slightly crooked teeth, we would have learned this lesson in an even bigger, more painful way).

To see what other people, who are not closely connected to the things we are connected to, are seeing  -

(that messy home looks like a busy, happy family lives there).

To see the future -

(that loss now is creating a space something bigger and better will be filling in five years).

Detachment is one of the gifts of Aquarius (and also one of the curses if taken too far - think about technology that detaches us from reality).

Venus's transit here allows us to step back from what we are usually most attracted to. When we step away we can see things we couldn't see before. And keep in mind people (and situations) could step away from us a little bit now to get a clearly look, too. This isn't a permanent disconnection (unless it is) - this is a transit remember. It's a part of the process. A kind of 'sowing our wild oats' part, where we all need a bit more space. A part we skip at our own peril.

Aquarius is the genius, rebel, criminal, humanitarian - the outsider.

This is a good time to step outside of ourselves and view our situation more dispassionately. To be more objective. The energies at play now will assist us. If this was someone else's situation/life we were looking at what would we see?

Venus is about what we want.

Can we step away from what we want just long enough and just far enough to give everything some fresh air? to gain some different insights? to try something else?

xo all

Note - during Venus's travels through Aquarius she will conjunct the South Node (at 14 degrees on January 29th) - this could be a time when something/someone from the past or a situation we thought we were finished with (a love, an attraction, a financial situation) comes back to create a little chaos or shake something up that has grown stagnant.