Monday, September 1, 2014

BIZ Astrology for Monday, September 1st - Happy Labor Day

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The Moon (and our emotions) moves out of the depths of Scorpio and into Sagittarius today (after being void a couple hours around lunchtime EST).

This Scorpio period won't be repeated with these same aspects for a long time. It has been asking us to be sure about what we want to expand our heart into - to look deep. Some memories and emotions may have been triggered over the past weekend that need to be looked at this morning. "Looking at" doesn't mean "holding onto" - we can process this junk right out of our life now if we want to. Our Virgo Sun loves to clean closets after all!

Neptune has cleared the Sun so clearer thinking for decision making - depending on our own chart, some decisions may have to wait for Saturn next month.

We have a T-Square with Neptune and the Sun, Mercury finishing up in Virgo, so lots of stimulation, new ideas and opportunities. Lots of shifting energies in the week ahead. Have some fun this afternoon with that Sagittarius Moon  - think adventure with this one, but remember we are accountable for our actions now.

Mercury moves into Libra tomorrow where he will spend most of the month. This will trigger some excellent aspects for artists and entrepreneurs to communicate, speak, write, sell, sign on the dotted line, pitch proposals, field offers or embark on something with and through other people, especially relationships with women.

Makings and businesses geared to women will also get extra support. Be open to collaboration (see the right side of my blog for the free handouts from a class I taught last year) and maybe a little constructive criticism now (sometimes it is easier for others to see something we have overlooked) - if we are the one giving the criticism let's temper it with praise.

Plus we have Venus moving into Virgo on Friday giving us another great business aspect and more support in these areas - this is a good time for resolving co-worker issues and problems with any small animals in our lives.

Communications with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competition (rivals not enemies here) and other important relationships will go smoother now.

Mercury will be retrograde for most of next month (October) and we have that organized Virgo sun, so let's use this energy productively now.

Lots of aspects this week for the kids to have a great back to school week and lots of aspects for us to get work done. There are financial and intimacy opportunities all month. Long range business planning is favored now.

October is eclipse season and some of us will get a glimpse (as early as this week, but maybe around the 10th) of what will be 'eclipsed' out of our life next month. This isn't scary stuff - these kind of changes are well-supported. This is the stuff we signed up for.

xo all

Friday, August 29, 2014

BIZ Astrology for Friday August 29th - last holiday weekend of the summer!

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Friday is a nice day (duh!) - the Moon is still in Libra until noon and then goes void - there is a feel good quality to the energy (and, for many of us, having a holiday Monday doesn't hurt!).

With the Sun opposite Neptune in Pisces there is an opportunity for real intimacy this weekend, but if we do not hold firm to our personal values and have boundaries in place for ourselves we can end up sacrificing what is most important to us for someone else.

Let's not let that happen. Situations and ideas can appear better than they are now.

Any big decisions will need a second or third look - time to check in with our heart and also check in with our head. Does this make sense? Once the Sun clears Neptune on Sunday things will be clearer. See if those plans still hold water next week. We will feel a real push then toward the things we are supposed to create.

The best way to work with this Neptune energy is to respect it with our actions - get in the water, get lost in a daydream, work a spiritual practice, write some poetry. Feed him his daily dose of imagination and vastness. This is the last holiday weekend of the summer - let's enjoy it!

This weekend the Moon goes into Scorpio and aligns nicely with Neptune. This is excellent energy for efforts we make behind closed doors.

Saturday night will highlight a square to Jupiter so it feels like some extreme emotional changes. Caution is needed. Check ourselves. No flying off the handle. We may be given an opportunity to work through some feelings like envy or jealousy. Don't stuff it.

Negative emotions (if we don't stuff them with ice cream - clear your freezer now!) give us the opportunity to ask ourselves "what is it I believe that is creating this feeling?" - often it is something like "there isn't enough for me" or "I am not safe" or 'I am not enough".

Then ask ourselves "what would I have to believe to let this belief go?" - so then some opposite belief forms our affirmation. So we start an affirmation practice with something like "I am always safe and supported" or "There is always enough for me."

Affirmations are powerful tools. If practiced regularly they are like exercise - they must work when we actually do them. We don't have to do our affirmation and then take action. The affirmation is the action. Physical changes will work through us once we expose, accept, expand and release the negative belief. Our higher consciousness has already chosen. The Moon is a waxing crescent now and will support our plans to grow.

xo all

Thursday, August 28, 2014

BIZ Astrology for Thursday August 28th - appreciating and expanding our relationships

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The Moon is in the balanced and tactful partnership sign of Libra today with friendly aspects to Jupiter in Leo - she is looking to expand our relationships.

What is the best way to do this? Think sandbox etiquette now. Play nice, share, don't bite. With Leo this expansion comes from our generosity and appreciation of others.

With the Sun in Virgo the small details matter - so showing someone they are loved and appreciated with a cup of joe, a grateful email or a kind word goes a long way today.

The Moon squares Pluto at the end of the day so anyone with hurt feelings about being left out (including us) at that time, probably needs a little extra appreciation (even if we feel like wringing their neck) - no coddling though, with our grounded Virgo Sun everyone has the ability to put their own feet on solid ground now.

The Moon opposes Uranus in Aries so this is the emotional test of finding harmony while taking action - how do we find peace in less than peaceful situations .... if an unexpected opportunity comes our way due to an ending or someone leaving today - we should probably grab it.

It we can't get what we want now - let's try something else. Jupiter gets a little testy if what we want are conventional ideas of success that are not part of our life purpose. Our intuition can guide us with this.

Jupiter also reminds us not to ask for too little. Some energies can only be engaged when we over-reach! The Virgo Sun encourages baby steps, but to get Jupiter's attention we need our own enthusiasm and heartfelt exuberance activated!

The Sun is starting its big opposition to Neptune which is kind of a checkpoint for us to see if we are on track. We'll talk about this tomorrow - also see last night's post about Neptune's current long transit.

Mercury is in Virgo which is his home space - but he does create this energy where we pick up every little detail and it can feel like too much. Communicate responsibly now.

xo all