Friday, January 18, 2019

Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus trine Mars, the Sun square Uranus and sextile Chiron | the power of information, secrets are revealed, deep conversations, solutions, decisions, words come up and out, psychic communications, announcements, lucrative ideas, our actions getting us what we want, our words getting us into trouble, change hurts and heals, wanting to BOLT

I'm an open book ... by jaro4

Lots of aspects today as we build toward the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday/Monday. I wrote about it HERE

We have Mercury conjunct Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn (right on my natal Mercury and I have been working with Mercury/Pluto for a couple years. I am going to write tonight about how all this is playing out ... this morning I am going to acupuncture to have some needles stuck in my head which sounds about right, too).

Venus (in Sag) trines Mars (in Aries) at 11 degrees. The Sun (still in Cappy for a couple more days) squares Uranus (!), sextiles Chiron AND we have our monthly waxing inconjunct between the Sun and the Moon - this time from Capricorn and Gemini. The Moon goes void at 8:32PM EST (off a sextile to Uranus - do something different tonight) and then comes home to family/real estate/mother focused Cancer at 10:44PM EST for the weekend.

Other than the Moon - everything here is in play during the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Did I already say I wrote about it HERE?

With the Moon (in Gemini) answering to Mercury, deep in Pluto territory the stage is set for honest communications. We get to the bottom of things. Conversations (usually light and chatty during Gemini Moon days) go deep - and maybe dark. Information is dug up. It may not all be things we want to know. Although on some level we are seeking any painful revelations. Discussions can be intimate. Good for research. Secrets are unearthed. Words (Mercury) are powerful (Pluto). Power struggles, communications with powerful people or where our own powerful underpinnings are awakened are possible. Shadow issues and what we do in the dark (sex, death, taxes, reproduction) are talked about. It's good energy to verbalize what we are carrying inside. Keep in mind the Sun is squaring Uranus, so we are all one step from bolting/running away from something and our words are powerful now.

Mercury in Cappy - picture the serious reporter with the pencil behind his ear and his fingertips on the typewriter getting the important story out because he is doing his job - who meets up with Pluto today giving Pluto (transformation/death) a voice.  

Words will really deliver a punch now. Maybe even a knock-out blow. Keep this in mind.

Venus and Mars are playing nice - so our actions (Mars) can get us what we want (Venus). Our masculine and feminine energies are working smoothly together. Flames are fanned. With Venus in big-thinking Sagittarius and approaching her conjunction with Jupiter next week - there is an ability to see the bigger picture with whatever is going on and especially with love/money issues. These two energies together in the signs they are in have a definite "GO" feel to it.

The Sun squaring Uranus is a need for freedom/liberation/trying something new. Plans change, so expect the unexpected. Disruptions. Chaos. Anything can happen. The Sun's sextile to Chiron at the same time speaks of an opportunity for healing (remember Chironic wounds are healed through acceptance of what we have to learn to live with) coming through whatever gets stirred up here. We are healed through the change/disruption. If you need a mental health break you will really need to take it now.

The waxing inconjunct is a rock and a hard place between Capricorn and Gemini - maybe those answers/plot twists Mercury is digging up leave us with no where to hide anymore .....

xo all

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Full Moon, Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo | January 20-21, 2019 - the wall, patience, major endings, an unexpected change of direction, a female leaves the table, raising our vision over that wall, the final leg of that 'following our heart" thingie which might come from what feels like the other legs being kicked out from under us

Let's step back and look at the big picture - we are living under the drumbeat of Saturn (the patriarchy, the "man", the establishment, that someone/something who knows better than us and keeps us safe) walking the Green Mile toward Pluto (death/transformation).

That shaking ground is real.

Saturn is going to get all the way to 20 degrees Capricorn (this April) then station retrograde. It will be January 2020 before he finally reaches Pluto (22 degrees Capricorn). Checkmate.

But the chapter where Saturn (as us) is called to cash in his chips - has already started. 

(Saturn's changes are happening in the metaphysical realm but also in the physical world. I wasn't too surprised to find THIS article just a couple weeks ago)

This is the evolution of consciousness and it sounds like a very big deal because it is a very big deal.

Not long ago we lived in a world comfortably made up of things - like protons and electrons and leather reclining chairs and now we live in a startlingly more uncomfortable world - because comfort comes from familiarity - made up of energy - that creates stuff like protons and electrons and leather reclining chairs and people and then goes back to being energy again AND this energy cannot be destroyed and most importantly - what this energy does is totally dependent on who is observing it.

We see things differently because we actually see different things.

(and I'm not talking Facebook, but yes, one billion of us on Facebook is part of this - as above so below, thoughts become things, etc)

Cue the shaking ground.

Our quantum paradigm has changed everything. The world shifted as soon as someone figured out the world didn't really work the way we thought it did and once one person knew/remembered WE ALL DID.

And we might not know we know, but just had a thought like "what the hell is really going on here? what the hell is true?". 

When Kelly-Anne Conway coined the term "alternative facts" on January 22, 2017 (yes, almost exactly two years before this eclipse and yes, I am quoting Kelly-Anne Conway now, WTH people!!) - she didn't know the "truth" of what she was saying. It wasn't actually her boss, the former reality tv-show host that killed reality (again the whole as above so below thing), but it might feel like he did. Getting rid of Trump isn't going to flip us all back to one-reality though!

People are uncalibrating all over the place. No one knows what to believe anymore.

The one-reality world has gone/is going bye-bye and it will make us totally insane to try and hold onto it. It served us well for a while as a way to stay safe, but now that need for other people "to see/believe/experience things the same way we do" is chewing us up and spitting us out.

Our world being shaped by the observer means that we truly are all living in different worlds; worlds that we are co-creating as we go along.

The time when we looked for someone over us to explain it all to us is ending.

At the same time it is not our job any longer to convince anybody of anything.

We can share what we think/believe. We can be inspired by what they think/believe (or triggered if we want to stay playing a losing game, which to a greater or lesser extent we are all still playing). But if we are still searching after some kind of absolute something, some kind of pecking order of truth where one fact/belief is more important or more true than another fact/belief we are barking up a tree that was long ago chopped down to build a pedestal someone is about to fall from.

We have no clear idea of what this is all going to look like, this world without the structures and pedestals and beliefs (in government, in religion, in hierarchies), we have depended on to keep us safe (that have also been keeping us stuck) because we are co-creating this whole thing as we go along!

We have to work the process.

This eclipse - is part of that process. So, let's take a look at it.

The Sun (at 0 degrees Aquarius) opposes the Moon (at 0 degrees Leo) at 12:15AM EST on January 21st (which is Monday, but this is really late Sunday night). So close to the Nodes of the Moon this is a Lunar Eclipse so close to the Earth, this is a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Full Moons are times of fullness. Stuff reaches a culmination, a peak, an ending. Eclipses eclipse things out of our life or out of our way. Lunar eclipses sometimes denote the loss of a female energy - a nurturing energy or an actual female person or animal. And like every ending, the Full Moon Lunar eclipse is also a time of beginning - and zero degrees Leo means an especially fresh, especially heart-centered start for any new beginning. Keep in mind the timing of eclipse events is tricky because eclipses work backward as well as forward. I often see events one month before or after, give or take a day or two, or one week before or after, again give or take a day or two. Lunar Eclipses give the Full Moon chart added oomph and added staying power allowing the energies to play out over 18 months instead of the usual six.

With this Full Moon, the Sun and Moon (and North and South Nodes) are squaring Uranus - the planet of fast change, chaos, the future. With the Moon in Leo, the Sun (ruler of Leo) rules the Eclipse and with the Sun in Aquarius (answering to Uranus and Saturn) that T-Square to Uranus is even more powerful. Saturn is strong and home in Capricorn and exactly squaring Mars, strong and home in Aries. Venus and Jupiter (strong in Sagittarius) are conjunct (exact next week) and sextiling Saturn and trining Mars - they are our golden ticket here. And of course, because the golden ticket always comes with a bit of a "buyer beware" (that fly in the ointment thing) the chocolate bar it is wrapped around good for cavities and sugar headaches, I guess - the good stuff is squaring dreamy Neptune. Most of Pluto's stuff is pretty wide, but he is conjunct Mercury - this is the deep truth, unearthing/merging/purging/financial/death stuff we have been talking about this week.

This is alot to unpack and my head is still clogged with a head cold/sinusy/flu thing, but we will give it a go.

Saturn/Mars speaks of the need for patience. Something is slowing us down - maybe the rules are not permitting something or the document isn't signed correctly. Whatever we are trying to get moving is stopped or slowed. No point going all cray-cray about it. Cooler heads will prevail, so be one of those. With Mars/Saturn both strong in their home signs - any battle - crisis/tension - will be won by Saturn (yes, he's on a death march, but he ain't dead/transformed just yet). Saturn wins here. The rules are enforced. The document must be notarized. Pushing only gets us a sore back. You get the idea. Time is on our side.

That square to Uranus speak of pressure/chaos - fast change, something unexpected. I know this seems like the opposite of "time is on our side", but really it isn't. The T-square is moving us into a possible change of direction.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction that trines (brakes off) and sextiles (opportunity) Mars and Saturn is our golden ticket/escape clause here. In Sagittarius luck is on our side here. That sextile to karmic Saturn from the mountaintops of Sag makes me think we win by seeing our situation from a loftier perch. From a wider/higher perspective. We know why what is happening is happening.

Maybe the real opportunity (sextile to stable Saturn) luck/expansion (Jupiter) and attraction (Venus) comes from a fast change (Uranus) in our perspective/beliefs. Or some other Sagittarian thingie done quickly - a fast trip, an out-of-the-blue instruction, a conversation with a foreigner, a visit to a church, a wedding (a quickie wedding? I don't know!), something optimistic and stretchy!

Keep in mind our benefics are both squaring Neptune - remember the Jupiter/Neptune square in play for most of 2019 - making for excellent manifestation potential, Neptune adds magic, but also the potential for things to appear better than they actually are/delusional. Avoid excessive anything. Don't overspend. Don't over invest any part of yourself in anything too pie in the sky.

If this eclipse is hitting your chart you are already feeling it or about to be and it is BIG.

The bottom line though is that this is the last of the Leo eclipses - following our heart, taking the center stage of our own life, creating something we can be proud of, taking care of the children/our inner child, the tender romance, the theme of our Leo house. Something here is being impacted. Mars/Saturn usually indicates hard work (maybe also cruelty, so be careful with your personal safety now, too), but also that our actions (Mars) can amount to something real (Saturn).

xo all

I would say don't forget to get out and walk in it, but eclipses are powerful, so I will leave that up to you - do make some space for it (maybe appease/barter with the 'eclipse something out' part) by giving something away.