Thursday, August 28, 2014

BIZ Astrology for Thursday August 28th - appreciating and expanding our relationships

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The Moon is in the balanced and tactful partnership sign of Libra today with friendly aspects to Jupiter in Leo - she is looking to expand our relationships.

What is the best way to do this? Think sandbox etiquette now. Play nice, share, don't bite. With Leo this expansion comes from our generosity and appreciation of others.

With the Sun in Virgo the small details matter - so showing someone they are loved and appreciated with a cup of joe, a grateful email or a kind word goes a long way today.

The Moon squares Pluto at the end of the day so anyone with hurt feelings about being left out (including us) at that time, probably needs a little extra appreciation (even if we feel like wringing their neck) - no coddling though, with our grounded Virgo Sun everyone has the ability to put their own feet on solid ground now.

The Moon opposes Uranus in Aries so this is the emotional test of finding harmony while taking action - how do we find peace in less than peaceful situations .... if an unexpected opportunity comes our way due to an ending or someone leaving today - we should probably grab it.

It we can't get what we want now - let's try something else. Jupiter gets a little testy if what we want are conventional ideas of success that are not part of our life purpose. Our intuition can guide us with this.

Jupiter also reminds us not to ask for too little. Some energies can only be engaged when we over-reach! The Virgo Sun encourages baby steps, but to get Jupiter's attention we need our own enthusiasm and heartfelt exuberance activated!

The Sun is starting its big opposition to Neptune which is kind of a checkpoint for us to see if we are on track. We'll talk about this tomorrow - also see last night's post about Neptune's current long transit.

Mercury is in Virgo which is his home space - but he does create this energy where we pick up every little detail and it can feel like too much. Communicate responsibly now.

xo all

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Neptune in Pisces - the power and problems with being unbounded

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The immense power of water - 70% of our human bodies and 70% of our earth's surface! Water changes things gradually over time and also in an instant.

When my mother was very ill with emphysema, sometime during the last few months of her life, she was released from a hospital (one of many hospital stays) but was not ready to come home.

She went into a rehab facility where they primarily worked with adults recuperating from accidents and where they were totally unequipped to help her. Her second day in rehab they wheeled her exhausted, tiny body attached to her oxygen tank into a wheelchair sized shower stall, turned on the water and she had her first actual shower in years.

I arrived just as she was getting back to her room and she looked exactly like our fluffy white cat when she had been caught in a rainstorm - hair plastered to her head, white as a ghost, shivering and totally exhausted. I was very angry and certain they had just given her pneumonia.

I helped her from the wheelchair into her bed where she slept for 16 hours and woke up more clear headed and less frightened than she had been in months and was basically a different person until her death a few months later.

Native American culture would throw a wayward man into the sea and tell him to call back his spirit.

(Hubs and I wanted to do this with his brother David a couple years ago and had serious conversations about how we could do it, without him drowning or us going to jail - I still regret we never had the chance!)

We have all heard the story of Pavlov's dogs (ring a bell?), but the ending to this story is not so well known. When there was a flood in the Russian scientist's laboratory none of his surviving dogs retained any trace of their conditioning.

This is the power of water to create a life changing disruption.

The New Moon this week was the first New Moon since the mid-1800's where the New Moon triggered an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This opposition will likely show up over the next two weeks in the form of another person (this sometimes shows up as a process).

This can be a good thing or a not so good thing (sometimes this person shows up as someone who is deceptive or addicted or ungrounded). Whatever happens we probably won't be able to miss it.

Neptune is a slow moving outer planet. He rules over the watery realm of our dreams, imagination, intuition, creativity and compassion and inspires us with art, music, poetry and spirituality .

He also rules addiction, distraction, escapism, self-deception, vagueness, obscurity, unrealistic desires, illusion, confusion, intrigue and lies.

He moved into Pisces late in 2011 then sauntered back to Aquarius for a few weeks and has now been steadily in Pisces since February 2012. He will be here until 2025. So, we have Neptune the God of the Sea, governing water and dreams, in the watery, dreamy sign he rules (Pisces).

This is a whole lot of water for us to navigate - we all need scuba masks now!

Check your natal chart to see where Pisces was hanging out when you were born because that house is where you will feel this current transit. In addition, using Pisces house 1, Aquarius house 2, etc we can work our way around the astrological wheel with your Sun sign and see where else he will affect us. This sounds confusing and maybe it is - hit the LET'S CHAT button on the right with your birth date and time and I will work this out for you privately!

This is good information to have. This is the space in our life where we can dive in, but must build boundaries and safety nets so we don't get in over our heads. For example people with their Sun in Aquarius can make money through creative ventures, but just as easily lose it through carelessness or deception. If you are an Aquarius - a person you can make money with creatively or lose money through can enter your life now. This also applies to anyone born with Pisces in their 2nd house.

I have Pisces in my natal 4th house - which rules home among other things - and when Neptune moved into Pisces in February 2012 - hubby's brother (with addiction and mental illness), a walking talking Neptune in Pisces moved into our extra bedroom. I also got back into astrology again, much more intuitively now, after several years away from it which I do from home and since I work at home making jewelry my creativity has greatly increased along with, unfortunately, a distractibility and tendency toward depression I never had before. Boundaries around 4th house issues have become extremely important to me.

When we make time for dreaming, for poetry, for gazing at the moon, Neptune promises us in return he will offer up crisp focus when needed. He always reminds us we are much bigger than our current circumstances.

If anyone wants a personal heads up with this aspect just let me know.

BIZ Astrology for Wednesday August 27th - details, adjustments, release, peace

Today the Moon goes void in Virgo before entering Libra around dinnertime.

Void Moons are not a great time to start something new but they are a wonderful time to put the details into place and practice. Routines will make us feel nurtured and safe now.

Artists know that small details are never really small details.

This is an excellent day to attend to practical stuff. Clean our studio. Organize our paperwork. Eat right and light. Move our body.

We've got Venus in Leo wanting us to experience what we love - she is just moving off that tense square asking us what really makes us happy - when the Moon moves into Libra tonight and relationship spaces in our lives will take center stage.

With the Sun and Neptune starting to make an opposition many people will be feeling a spiritual calling now - with a Virgo Sun this could show up as health or work practices. What are we here to give?

There may be a feeling of unresolved wanting regarding a creative project, relationship, children, fun vs work or financial stuff today so if we feel some tension in those areas just know this is really a timing issue. Other things have to fall into place. This can frustrate us or make us push harder. Today feels like a day for the easier road. Give it time.

Jupiter in Leo is beginning to make a square to Saturn - these are the big boys of the zodiac so there are lots of opportunities coming our way. We will have to choose though. We can't have it all. This aspect is still a little bit in the future for most of us, but it's something to think about. We are grounded in Virgo now, what does our heart want?

Later this week I am going to put up a Neptune in Pisces post - we have this dreamy outer planet in dreamy Pisces from 2011 thru 2025. This is incredibly creative and powerful manifesting energy - magical makers listen up! It can also leave us ungrounded and without boundaries. Now that we are a couple years in and can see (through the haze) where all this might be going for us personally it feels like a good time to talk about it. Knowing the sun and ascendant signs from your natal chart will be helpful.

xo all