Monday, May 29, 2017

Grand Fire Trine KITE | up first ... Mars opposes Saturn, limits

waiting for wind by Pis 7li

I didn't get a chance to write a weekly yesterday, but dailies will probably work better this week anyway since we have a rare Kite formation in the skies now. A Kite is a Grand Trine (this one is a Grand Fire Trine) with a planet at the end (Mars). Since Mars is at the top of the Kite (the focal point of all of this) we will track him as the week moves along.

Kites present lots of opportunity but the energy can be fairly easy to squander - we'll keep our "eye on the prize" by tracking Mars as we move through this one!

There is opportunity here so make the MOST of the things that come up.

We start the week with that opposition between Mars (in Gemini) and Saturn (in Sagittarius) that we talked about last week hitting its exact degree. Saturn is the stop sign. Mars, in multi-tasking Gemini, has multiple choices, but they are choices we are forced (Saturn) to deal with. With Saturn it is always about doing the work and living up to our responsibilities - nothing else really matters to Saturn. 

We have Mars wanting to go wide in "all-over-the-place" Gemini and a retrograde Saturn requiring us (Saturn always wins here) to go deep. 

There is a "what we resist persists" angle to whatever is happening. Mars (anger, energy, initiative) is restricted somehow. Maybe we want to do this thing, but we haven't yet finished this other thing and we have to finish that first. Maybe something is stop and go. Maybe we have to control our impulses (and temper). There are limits.

The only way through this is doing what we have to do, doing our Saturn - trust me on this one - I have this opposition in my natal chart. Saturn always wins. Take responsible (Saturn) action (Mars) with whatever comes up now.

This could also be a finish line (of sorts) where medals are given out for the work we have done and for the work we should have done we see the medals go in other directions ... we could have felt most of this last week or it could play out more this week.

After getting past Saturn (the end is never really the end) Mars will sextile (opportunity) Uranus (unexpected) then trine the South Node in Aquarius and sextile the North Node in Leo, then Venus (the other part of this Kite) trines (brakes off) Saturn, then Mars squares Chiron (ouch) then Venus conjuncts Uranus trining the North Node. This all happens between now and Saturday!

AND then Mars moves into touchy-feely security conscious Cancer and we start feeling every move we make - this can be challenging for action oriented people.

I'll flesh this out more tomorrow. Our annual Memorial Day parade - the one I was sure would be rained out and so didn't prepare for - is back on and I need to clean my house!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - we are taking action - it's all about MARS. There is some outside opposition, some limits, what we resist persists. Wednesday is also about MERCURY - communication, ideas, making connections. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all about VENUS - love, money, self-esteem, women, cooperation, balance.

And this all ties together (that Kite) as we get ready to fly!

xo all - back, tomorrow, enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Moon in Gemini | questions, choices and new ideas - changing your mind

the ballad of gemini by sebastien tabuteaud

Strangely enough for a sign that is all about making connections, Gemini, today's New Moon isn't making any!

Gemini is all about the movement of information and ideas. Gemini is about choices and multiple anythings. The expressions "more than one way to skin a cat" and "kill two birds with one stone" make my point here - although in a most ghastly way

(for pete's sake who was doing all this cat skinning, bird stoning anyway - I don't even want to know where these expressions come from - although actually I will probably Google them since I do want to know now that I think about it since it's Gemini season and all and don't blame me if you Google this horror, too!).

There will be more than one thing to talk about now, more than one thing to do, more than one way forward. With no other planets making any aspects this Moon is all Gemini all of the time.

This is the first New Moon since the Nodes moved from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius. And the Moon's closing aspect is a sextile (opportunity) to Uranus (anything can happen!).

Change can't be stopped folks! Information (and remember there is a quantity over quality thing happening now - use discretion, check things out) will be coming at us from all sources. We won't be bored for the next month that is certain. If you need a mental health break now and then - take it.

New Moons are times when we are literally in the dark. The Moon and Sun are together at the same degree. Then time moves on, the Moon becomes visible, a little more visible everyday. This is called waxing and is the two weeks of the month when things are naturally growing.

Ruled by Mercury and ruler of our 3rd house, Gemini rules our growth through the exchange of information, through contact with our immediate environment, through language. Gemini reigns over: the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, conversations, stories, lies, our local community, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation. This is all the stuff getting a do-over now and for the next 30 days and the 6 months through the Gemini Full Moon next winter.

Gemini is the first air sign of the astrological year - a sign of the mind, the archetype of the "teacher" - the storyteller. If you are a Gemini Sun sign this is basically the way you process life. As soon as you learn something, and you are naturally curious and learn alot of "somethings" - you simply must pass it on. Gemini has more to do with questions than answers. She has been mentally exploring and noticing stuff her entire life.

Gemini is perspective. What we notice becomes what we think about, what we talk about, what we act on. 

What we notice becomes who we are. 

It's a good time to notice what we are noticing. Of course, we would probably have to stop for a moment to do this and we won't be able to - because we will be so busy!

Geminis are actually supposed to know a hell of a lot of stuff that will never make them any money (unless they make it into the final rounds of Jeopardy) - this is the sign of curiosity.

Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their natal chart. Here is a little Gemini New Moon forecasting by sign based on Sun and Ascendants. If you know the house Gemini resides in your natal chart, use that, too. Have fun with it, see what fits and toss what doesn't. I am not here to transplant my thoughts into your head. Do your own thinking with this. Just knowing the theme can help you see what ideas can be seeded now. Follow your heart and that North Node in Leo!

It is Gemini season and we have the Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini now - don't be afraid to change your mind, ask a question, make a new choice, look at fresh perspectives and new ideas, try new things, sign up for a class, teach a class, do something within your local neighborhood, call your sister (or brother or cousin), start that book, start that blog, open your mouth!

Also on Thursday, Venus (in Aries) is squaring Pluto (in Capricorn). We talked about this in the weekly. This aspect suggests power struggles within relationships particularly over love, money and self-esteem issues.

ARIES | ARIES RISING (Gemini 3rd house) - This New Moon is in your 3rd house. Maybe a conversation or new idea gets you thinking in a brand new direction. Venus squaring Pluto is about your career and public image sector. You could be feeling greater pressure to succeed - there could be tension now around some "cost" that you might or might not be willing to pay to get ahead. There could be a power play/manipulation going on here. Maybe there is another option?

TAURUS | TAURUS RISING (Gemini 2nd house) - This New Moon is in your 2nd house of the money you earn. Maybe there is a new conversation about your salary or information regarding your pricing structure that catches your eye (or ear). Maybe you get a new idea for earning more money. Remember our mantra for Gemini season: be flexible, think on your feet. Venus squaring Pluto is about something you don't want to look at regarding a love or money situation. Secrets create compulsions and obsessions - what are you hiding or what is being hidden from you? When something small happens and our reaction is over the top we know there is something underneath trying to be heard.

GEMINI | GEMINI RISING (Gemini 1st house) - This is YOUR New Moon! What new questions, ideas and choices are presenting themselves to you? You have more than one way forward and more than one fresh start to choose from. It's your fresh start energy - use it! Venus squaring Pluto is about your groups, teams or friendships. You could be dealing with power plays, jealousy, compulsion or manipulation. Keep yourself above board - avoid gossip. Keep things honest.

CANCER | CANCER RISING (Gemini 12th house) - This New Moon is in your 12th house of stuff happening behind the scenes. Maybe a new idea, some new information or conversation outside of your attention could develop into something later or it happens now and you hear about it later. Or maybe something or someone 'behind the scenes' needs your attention. Venus squaring Pluto in your career sector could generate competitiveness, manipulation or power plays. Your public image could be scrutinized. Maybe you are dealing with a conflict between your career and your personal relationship - it's the time to look at both sides of the situation. Know the answers are coming. Chances for advancement in your career are good now - just keep everything honest and know you are probably going to have to hustle. 

LEO | LEO RISING (Gemini 11th house)- This New Moon is in your 11th house of groups, friendships and opportunities. Maybe something new and exciting is starting in a public way. There are lots of conversations and communications with others. Venus squaring Pluto indicates some kind of pressure/lust for something that is hard to get. Maybe a work or health issue is challenging or standing in the way of what you really want to do regarding travel, higher education, media, publicity, publishing, legal issues or a higher commitment. Remember that Leo North Node - oxygen mask on your own face first now. What is your heart telling you?

VIRGO | VIRGO RISING (Gemini 10th house)- This New Moon is in your 10th house of career. Maybe a conversation, discussion or idea leads to a new job or business opportunity. This is a good time for a new beginning with something related to the public. Take action within the next 2 weeks and stay flexible. The sands are still shifting. Venus squaring Pluto indicates some kind of power play or insecurity regarding other people's resources - partner's money, debts, taxes, inheritance. Maybe a partner's commitment is questioned - remember this transit is opening us up to some intense feelings. Avoid over-reacting.

LIBRA | LIBRA RISING (Gemini 9th house) - This New Moon is in your 9th house of travel, foreign interests, media, publishing, legal issues, higher education, higher commitments, religion. Maybe a conversation, discussion or new idea opens up something in one of these areas. Maybe it's time to plan a trip or take/teach a new class. Venus squaring Pluto in your partnership house can bring up feelings of jealousy, manipulation or power issues. An imbalance within your relationship could come up to be worked through. Keep a cool head - that New Moon offers multiple ways forward. Look at both sides of the story. But wait, you are a Libra I don't have to tell you that!

SCORPIO | SCORPIO RISING (Gemini 8th house)- This New Moon is in your 8th house of other people's money/resources. Maybe a conversation, some information or a new idea offers a new way forward with that debts, tax, inheritance or partner's income issue. Or maybe something is hidden now and comes to light later. Stay flexible. There could be multiple fixes afoot. Venus squaring Pluto could usher in some intense moments regarding work, health, daily routine or pet issues. You could be pushed too far or be the one doing the pushing. Relax.

SAGITTARIUS | SAGITTARIUS RISING (Gemini 7th house) - This New Moon is in your 7th house of partnership. Maybe a new person comes into your life now or even more than one new person! Be out and about communicating and traveling locally. Venus squaring Pluto in your children, creativity, romance and fun sector could result in some kind of power play, manipulation or competition within these themes. Take a deep breath. Talk/think things through. Much can't be seen during a New Moon - you will know what to do when you know what to do.

CAPRICORN | CAPRICORN RISING (Gemini 6th house) - This New Moon is in your 6th house of work, health, pets and your daily routine. Focus on new information, ideas and communications within these themes. New beginnings at work or with a health or daily routine situation will require you to think on your feet, stay flexible and likely multi-task for awhile. Your sign rules the 10th house top of the heap - you've got this thing. Venus squaring Pluto could bring up stress within your family or bring a family situation to a head. You will probably want what you want. You need to stay flexible with this issue, too - everyone has their own ideas and everyone needs to be heard to feel valued. You might have to agree to disagree or wait for the answers to untangle themselves a bit or the right information could come rushing at you all at once. Either way the focus here will be on home and family issues.

AQUARIUS | AQUARIUS RISING (Gemini 5th house) - This New Moon is in your 5th house of creativity, children, romance and fun. Communication, information or new ideas within these themes could be just what the doctor ordered (notice how when writing by sign, I start to sound just like the old Sunday newspaper horoscope section ... or is there still a Sunday newspaper?). Venus squaring Pluto in your communications, mental arena could result in intense conversations, power plays and potential manipulation. Information/situations can be more important than they seems at first. Or conversely stuff that seems important could turn out to be the stuff that pulls you off your game. Pay attention. I know you are going in multiple mental directions at once but try your best to focus.

PISCES | PISCES RISING (Gemini 4th house) - This New Moon is in your 4th house of home and family. Conversations and information about home improvements, moves, family issues and home businesses can move something in a new direction now. It's OK to change your mind. Venus squaring Pluto will bring up financial/resources issues. Your earned income or the money you are spending/saving will be analyzed. Keep everything above board. Avoid power plays and competition. Trust (Pisces rules trust in a higher power!) that life always has your back. Your career/finances have been stressful for some time now - the end of all that is near, dear Pisces!


This is a great time for affirmations for Gemini themes - movement, flexibility, wit, communication, logic, social graces and ease, siblings, local issues, teaching/learning, mental anxiety, areas of life where you are seeing double or doing two things at once, our nervous system, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and our lungs.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a good frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place (meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.  

Know what you seek is seeking you (Rumi). Know these things are already yours.

xo all

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mars Opposite Saturn | between a rock and a hard place

set me free by ashley mae
This transit is perfecting next Monday.

I was going to write about it later in the week, but in light of the Manchester bombing I thought I would write about it now.

Astrological transits (other than the Moon) have an impact for days (even weeks and months for outer planets transits to our natal planets) before and days after they reach an exact aspect.

There was quite a bit of tense astrology happening late Monday, but it isn't until you look at the chart for the city of Manchester itself you see the biggest challenges. I wish every town and city would employ an astrologer to track each area's transits. This wouldn't be fool-proof, obviously, but it might be helpful at times.

The chart for Manchester for the time of the bombing shows Mars (initiative, action, anger, war) opposing Saturn (structure, authority) in the first house (the city itself). The Mars/Saturn opposition (two malefic planets) is a violent signature. It can show up as bullying, anger, frustration and conflict. Mars squares Chiron (wound that can't be healed) in the 4th house of roots, home and family. Mars was conjunct the asteroid Chaos and square to Neptune. Neptune (loss). rules over events like music concerts (places of escape, places we lose ourselves, music - we have seen a Neptune signature before with nightclub shootings).

And, of course, with something happening "out of the blue" we would look to see what Uranus is doing - Uranus isn't about violence necessarily, but brings something sudden and unexpected. Uranus was conjunct the Moon with the Moon sitting on the IC (4th house cusp - home, roots - extremely important space of a chart). We also see Lilith and Eris (more and more Eris is showing up with a prominent placement in charts involving terrorism) conjunct Uranus and the IC - a "shocking, violent event that hits close to home".

Jupiter is the chart ruler and Jupiter rules religion and what is foreign and is retrograde now, so out of sorts. Venus (women) is opposite Jupiter. The murderer could have been focused on religion or felt foreign to the people he was hurting (Jupiter), maybe wanted to hurt women (Venus), maybe part of a larger structure or just looking to hurt society (Saturn), but it doesn't take astrology to guess at this.
(I wish the media would stop calling murderers 'terrorists' as if they had earned some kind of "title" through their actions the way a geologist or theologist or biologist would - language is power)

Moving forward this Mars/Saturn opposition is going to be building through Monday when it starts to unwind itself.

We have Mars (in Gemini) opposite Saturn (in Sagittarius).

(during the 9/11 attacks in the United States we had Mars in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius - again two malefic plants in the same signs)

Mars is action, initiative, aggression, anger and war. Gemini is thinking, communicating, fast moving, transportation, the local neighborhood, young people. Saturn rules authority, structure, rules, time. Sagittarius rules religion, anything foreign, higher thinking. The word salads do not look like anything remotely edible. At best I am seeing religious arguments or arguments with authority figures.

At the same time we have Venus (in Aries and answering to Mars) just coming out of that opposition to Jupiter we talked about last week about to make a hard square to Pluto and Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury are forming a Yod this weekend. We'll talk about this later. It is definitely not all bad - we have alot of good energy ahead, too.

Remember it's not that things are getting worse - they are just getting more visible. If you need to back away from the news DO THAT. Oxygen mask on your own face first now. Raising our own energy helps the collective in ways we cannot even imagine.

So use your astrology knowledge to help yourself. Keep the Mars/Saturn energy in mind, but don't dwell on it. Keep a cool head. Stay flexible. Get some exercise. Write something. Keep attuned to your local environment - pay attention to what is happening around you. The Moon is dark - reflect, meditate, send prayers to the people who are hurting now ... xo all

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 22nd - sharpen your pencil

pencil girl by cetrobo

The start of Gemini season will mean a busy week for most people. This will probably also be another sensational news week!

Let's jump right in.

On Monday, we'll have the energy to get right down to work with an Aries Moon that has everyone focused on "action, action, action" and "me, me, me'". If you are presenting something to someone now make sure you focus on 'what's in it for them'. If you need a boost of courage, today is the day. The Moon makes nice with Venus early in the day - great energy for a fresh start with women, money, self-esteem, values and beauty issues. Balance, harmony, fairness will prevail.

Then around lunchtime the energy shifts (eat a light lunch, so you don't lose it). There is a whole John Wayne cowboy vibe to the rest of the day - people will be more willing to use force and go their own way to accomplish their goals. The Moon squares Pluto (in Capricorn) which is not such great energy for dealing with authority figures. There is tension around goals, structure and ambitions. Emotions can also be intense. More can be accomplished working alone today, especially in the afternoon. 

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into Taurus (where the Moon is exalted) focusing us in on money issues, purchases, what we value and what we own. In Taurus we want to stop and smell the roses. The Moon is only in Taurus a couple days every month and now that Taurus Sun season is behind us, it is important to use that nurturing energy in some way, so take some time - today and tomorrow - to relax, get outdoors, get your hands in some dirt, cook a nutritious meal, etc. This would also be the perfect day to get a massage.

The Moon is balsamic - it's a natural time for a monthly time out. 

On Wednesday, the Moon is making beautiful music with Neptune - good energy to make art, work with our imagination, healing, romance, spirituality, hospitals - stuff that is hidden and put away. Around noon the Moon trines (brakes off) Pluto - this is the time to work with those authority figures, goals, structures and ambitions. Emotions can still be intense but things will move smoother.

Remember Jupiter is retrograde for another couple weeks - we will have to work for our luck, the golden ticket is probably not going to fall out of that candy bar (so let's not kid ourselves that it's a good idea to eat five of them). And that's OK. It's alot easier to hold onto the stuff we have to earn anyway (plus Gene Wilder has passed on and it would just be us and the Oompa Loompas).

The Moon goes void at 3pm EST so maybe plan an early escape, save this time for routine work or at least don't start anything new in the afternoon - nothing will come of it.

On Thursday the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Gemini. The Gemini New Moon kicks off a two week growth period of choices with a focus on words, sales, meetings, writing, interviews, communications, conversations, local community activities, stuff with siblings and neighbors, our vehicles and electronics. Also the theme of your natal Gemini house.

Also on Thursday, Venus (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn). This is tension within our relationships - compulsion, power struggles, obsession. This is not the time to be possessive. Trust me on this one. I find Pluto squares usually bring up issues around fear of abandonment and we all get a bit more paranoid.

Try not to channel Glenn Close in that rabbit movie (I forget the name). If you meet someone new now the energy could be a bit like Fatal Attraction (that's it!), so prepare for fireworks, heartbreak and a likely hospitalization that requires stitches #kidding, #notkidding.

This is good energy for focus and powering though problems though. Just check that you are using your most awesome powers for good. No one will be a push-over today. So don't push. Nobody puts baby in a corner either, especially not Gemini. That New Moon in Gemini assures us there are multiple options. Look again. POST TO FOLLOW.

On Friday, Neptune (delusion, illusion) is squaring our Gemini New Moon so I wouldn't make any big decisions right now. The day will be busy with lots of communication and information. Check any impulsive behaviors in the p.m.

On Saturday the Cancer Moon takes over focusing all of us here in the USA on mom and apple pie and the long holiday weekend. There is some tense and important stuff this weekend that connects back to the beginning of this month. We'll talk about it later in the week!

NOTE this weekend with its first quarter Moon in Cancer is an excellent time to plant vegetables and flowers in the ground.

Remember we are in Gemini season now and Gemini rules the 3rd house of our immediate environment. It's a good time to think about how we deal with the stuff that is right in front of us. Do we see danger where there isn't any? Are we off in lalaland and not paying attention to actual snake pits?

Staying in the present moment (plus meditation and clean eating) keeps our instincts sharp. We are going to need them sharper than ever (think about that number two lead pencil we needed to have ready for those fill in the dot exams back in grade school) as we move into June, throughout the rest of the year and in the years ahead.

Gemini season is distracting. Make conscious choices and conscious moves now. We are being prepared for ever shifting grounds and increased uncertainty. Conscious action (and Gemini season) is good practice. We've got this thing.

It can be challenging to start new projects, and have things run smoothly, or move too far ahead with things in Gemini season because so much is in flux. It doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't do these things, definitely keep moving, just know that new information will probably come in that changes our perspective. Stay flexible. And open-minded. And sharpen your pencil.

xo all