Monday, July 18, 2016

FULL MOON in Capricorn | the results of working hard or hardly working (or working hard at the wrong things)

by resido lancin
On July 19th we have a Full Moon at 27 degrees Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn. It's all about stability, hard work and responsibility.

We have both the Capricorn New Moon from Christmas Eve and the Cancer New Moon from the 4th of July culminating here.

If we have been slacking off or putting our energies into the wrong things or into things that are just not meant to happen right now this will become clear to us

(the square to Uranus could make it easier to bounce off in an entirely new direction and get some traction fairly quickly).

If we have been working hard - the results will be clear now, too.

With Venus and Mercury in Leo and impacting Saturn, people will be proud (and loud) about what they have accomplished.

(note - there is an aspect for jealousy with this Moon, possibly career related since Capricorn is all about the Benjamins baby. Keep in mind that jealousy serves the purpose of showing us, for better or worse, what we really VALUE - also it's always good to keep in mind that "sometimes" - to quote a wonderful country singer - "we're the windshield wiper and sometimes we're the bug")

There is always a challenge between the polarity signs in play at the time of any Full Moon because we have the Moon opposite the Sun.

This one is about Cancer (home, family) and Capricorn (work, responsibilities in the world) or our own needs and the needs of other people. Any imbalances here will probably show up now to allow us to realign what isn't working. Also imbalances with authority and authority figures and the way we use and mis-use our own authority. The Capricorn Full Moon throws a light on what power can do and also on the finality of choices we've already made.

Right before Tuesday's Full Moon, a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius will trine (brakes off) Mercury in Leo and right after the Full Moon Saturn will trine (brakes off) Venus in Leo. Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn these aspects will play a part in whatever is illuminated now (full moons tend to bring things to light).

However things shake out, they can fall more smoothly into place.

This Moon is all about achievement and commitment.

Plans will be solidified, previous leaps of faith will be confirmed. There could be an important announcement, conversation or answer. If we have been focusing our efforts in the right direction - something becomes more stable now. There is something here we can count on.

We have all been through so much these last few months especially with Mars in Scorpio - let's remember it's not just other people's Mars that is strong and active now (ie violent people doing or inciting violent things) - our Mars is strong here, too!

We need to stand in our own power - our own value - our own authority. What really matters to us?

Remember the Achilles heel with Capricorn and Saturn is that this energy often values stability over everything else. Its strength is in being 'un-moveable'. But stable things grow stagnant. Being unmoveable is not a good or realistic way to move through a life that is so changeable. We don't want to be un-moved by what is happening in the world! Probably the most important virtue we can encourage right now is 'flexibility'.

If we have planets or points in our natal or progressed chart from 25-29 degrees of cardinal or water signs we will feel this Moon more strongly.

Full Moons are very potent energy and this one is all business. Make sure you get out and walk in it!

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 18th - challenges and culminations

transplantacja by empreinte

If you look up in the sky now you will see the red planet Mars. And sitting very close to Mars you will see two other lights - one is the brightest star in the summer sky, also reddish in color, Antares (heart of the Scorpio constellation), and the other is Saturn.

These three guys are some pretty badass energies to hang together and due to Mars (now direct but covering old ground) and Saturn's retrogrades they have been hanging together for a long time. Magnify their malefic influence with that square to Uranus - the planet of anything can happen and rebellion sitting in Mars (war, anger) and we have some very challenging energy here.

This week add in the Full Moon energy and the Moon and Sun squaring Uranus, too - in some respects it really is a powder keg - use caution. There is also the potential for things (and news) to be 'blown out of proportion'. Keep this in mind.

Those with natal and progressed planets in the 25-27 degree range could feel this 'powder keg' strongest in whatever area of your life this is all sitting. This energy can also be depressing. Please use the Leo energy available to do something fun or creative.

On Monday, the Moon is in authoritative Capricorn. We are building toward Tuesday's Full Moon. We may be more emotional when it comes to our work or in dealing with authority figures. Mercury (communication) is trining (brakes off) Saturn (stability, authority) making this a good time to communicate with bosses and people we are looking to impress provided we can keep our emotions in check. Stay professional. Curb negative thoughts. News or decisions involving Leo ruled stuff (kids, creativity, passion, fun) or the stuff ruled by our Leo natal house, could require us to make adjustments.

On Tuesday, we have the Full Moon in Capricorn - more on this next post! This is the culmination of the Capricorn New Moon when we set our intentions for the New Year. What were doing last Christmas Eve? Something from that time period winds up now. This one is about commitments, focus and dealing with reality. Mercury is still trining Saturn so the Full Moon will likely illuminate some news for us. Whatever shows up will confirm if we have been working hard enough or are working toward the right stuff. The stuff we've been putting our energy into since the New Moon on July 4th will matter here.

On Wednesday, Venus (love, women, money) and Saturn (stability, security, authority, hard work) hook up (I am kind of picturing the GOP convention bringing out a bunch of women to talk about how much they love Trump or maybe something happens to make Trump more appealing to women or maybe Hillary gets more appealing by appearing more stable). We get the 'money, love, women' by taking things seriously or something more stabilizing comes through a woman. The Moon has moved into Aquarius so friends, groups, causes or the internet factors in somehow or maybe something new or unusual plays a part here.

On Thursday, schedules can get off-track. We will be adjusting to others. Stay flexible. On Friday, the Sun moves into LEO. Leo will encourage us to play, take center stage, take pride in ourselves and our 'creations', spend time with children (note - if you do not have young children in your life it is still important to spend time with children somehow - they carry the energy of 'newness' and it rubs off on us, unless you are newly 'in love' it comes with that, too!) and be passionate! If we do not know what we are passionate about, begin with whatever is in our vicinity since it carries the energy we carried when we attracted it - start by being passionate about that - it will carry us to the next thing!

Note that though I write these posts out as daily energies - energy builds and wanes, sometimes quite gradually- so we can feel these transits at different times than as noted here as planets and points move into and out of connection with other energies. Also, for example, if you are very sensitive or involved with Mercury - that trine (brakes off) with Saturn this week could impact you more deeply than the Full Moon ....

xo all - no void moons during work hours this week!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mercury into Leo | speaking from the heart

stage by detail 24
Yesterday, Mercury joined Venus in Leo. His stay will be brief (he'll move into Virgo at the end of the month) and he will be moving full steam ahead. Note - he'll be retrograde again next month, so take advantage now.

Leo is the space we carry what 'makes us special'. With Mercury (communication, intellect) here it will be easier to put our 'special' into words and to connect with the ideas and conversations that will push forward whatever we are most passionate about.

We will want our words to be heard and appreciated now. So will other people. Even the most reticent among us will want an audience.

Speaking from our hearts will connect us to other people's hearts now.

This is very powerful energy. It's our superpower and should be used wisely. People will hear us with their heart and well as their head. This gives the potential for hearts to expand as well as to be broken into little, tiny pieces. Keep this in mind.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, so words can burn now and words can dig us even more rigidly into our positions. With Leo there is great opportunity for win-win and also for 'nobody wins'.

From July 22nd-29th when we have the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the same sign - Leo energy will be at its peak. Leo rules passion, creativity, children, drama, romance, games, fun.

The energy right now is excellent for teaching us how we express what we are passionate about. It's very supportive of 'top of the mountain' heart-filled type of proclamations and proposals. Do people listen to us? Does what we say matter? We will care about this now .......

xo all