Monday, August 31, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 31st - New Directions, Focus Adjustments and Cutting Our Losses

"My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart." ... Maya Angelou

I have been thinking about giving this blog a rest (and yes, by rest I mean a nice walnut box with a red velvet liner about 6 feet in the ground).

Having been told for months, years maybe, (when did my blog take this astrological turn, it's hard to remember and even harder to search the backend of blogger to figure it out), that it isn't a good idea for a jewelry designer and maker to talk about this stuff so often.

It hurts my SEO (which I rarely think about probably because acronyms have always annoyed me for some reason), my credibility, my right elbow, my left toe - you get the idea. And now with so much happening astrologically in September and October I am afraid I might not have the time or skill set to do it all justice.

This will be the last weekly forecast then I'll likely go back to timely "bigger picture" business/personal posts with a magical, astrological bent. I'm a bit up in the air about it. For this week, we'll take a lesson from Maya and continue on!

Anyhoo ....

Lots of ending, releasing and new beginning energy again this week. Last week the Sun went into Virgo so details matter, little things are big things now. We are working our way through these last moments of summer - lots of water aspects - tears, sweat - we are feeling everything.  There is this "where are we going?", "what are we doing?" energy we are working our way through.

On Monday we are wrapping something up. We have an Aries Moon, so will probably want our own way with whatever we are working through, of course so will everyone else. Monday's aspects trigger the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that happens at the end of September so we may feel like something has to end or we are reaching or reaching for some new height and are willing to 'eclipse' something or someone out to reach some achievement or reach for something we want.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we have Venus meeting up with Mars in Leo. This is excellent energy to meet someone new, start a new job, launch something. Yes, Venus is still retrograde for a couple more days, but when the Goddess of love and money meets up with the God of  action, opportunities that come up are most likely opportunities to take. Taking action to get what we want is favored here.

This is the second of three conjunctions between Venus and Mars in 2015. The first conjunction (the third week of February at 1 degree Aries) offered a new beginning where actions (Mars) combine with our wants or love or money (Venus). This week's conjunction as Venus prepares to move direct (14 degrees Leo) is an assessment of what started then. When Venus stations direct on Sunday, assessment time will be over and things will move forward.

The final conjunction will be on November 2nd (Virgo 24 degrees) and will wrap up this Venus/Mars cycle. Wants are materialized. What actions do we take to get what we want? This cycle is about our relationships, our values and self esteem, our money and/or our creativity.

On Friday Jupiter will be pushing us to go bigger with something.  On Sunday Venus moves direct and whatever we have been working through since she went retrograde in late July will move forward as she does. This is a reconnecting week - if we broke up with something or someone over this Venus retrograde period - that can come back up for another looksie as she moves over the same degrees she touched earlier in the summer - this doesn't mean a reconciliation is 'meant to be' if your ex suddenly pops up in the coffee shop or if an idea you let go of is suddenly in the news - it's just energy that is moving forward - forward can bring us back together with someone or something or just move us on up and away

(did you maybe notice how rude that ex is being as he orders his tall non-fat latte with the caramel drizzle or feel how that idea you let go that is suddenly all the rage still brings a pit to your stomach when you think about actually doing it).

As Venus stations we might feel a need to 'do something' about that relationship issue - we can really just let it all unfold. Venus wants acknowledgement and so will we. On September 6th our new flock assembles.

Mercury has entered his shadow so all the stuff that is going on right now is the stuff we will be dealing with while Mercury is retrograde in the coming weeks. Mercury is in Libra and hitting our North Node (future) so lots of job offers for lots of people who have been looking and that continues now as Mercury rolls through the upcoming eclipse degrees. If you want something put yourself out there for it.

Things are about to change, yes again, so take this time to think about what you want and that new dream we are hatching! The upcoming eclipses will take whatever anxiety and crap we have littered our past year with that has spread over into the rest of the house and clean it up .... xo all


lynn bowes said...

I get it, I do, but it still makes me sad. No more astro-forecasts in our big, bright futures? Sure, all things pass but it's been such fun! Enlightening, thought-provoking, educational, revealing, scary (yes, scary - you see so much that is freaky spot on), reassuring, and more. Of course, this change won't stop me from reading your blog first after the email and before Facebook but I'll miss the weekly affirmations and reassurances that all is right with the world and things are unfolding as they should.

More later :: xoxox

Catherine Ivins said...

BEFORE Facebook??!! Yes, all is right with the world and things are unfolding as they should or at least as they are! Ha! I just have to do it in a different way - not weekly forecasts that are not really readable a week later. I'll figure it out. I'm not going anywhere. xo and thank you Lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

and ugh not sure why I liked this pic of me yesterday ....

AB71 said...

Of course I wish there were hundreds of comments don't go! I feel that blogging in general is on a hiatus. I simply scan through most of my once beloved blog role. Just know, no matter what you decide, I always look forward to your posts and I will take whatever you decide to dish out at any frequency. Love ya!!

Catherine Ivins said...

I know - we are all so busy now it is hard to have anyone's attention for more than a paragraph and although I haven't done a long winded series in quite a while it is still hard to condense myself :) Thanks for your kind words xo

DancingMooney said...

I love your posts and am saying, don't go! But I understand if you need to step away.

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be.