Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 7th - touched by magic ....

"When you’re touched by magic, nothing’s ever quite the same again. What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the chance to know that touch. They’re too busy, or they just don’t hold with make-believe so they shut the door without really knowing it was there to be opened in the first place."   ... Charles de Lint, "What the Mouse Found and Other Stories”

We've got multiple focuses this week.

Venus moved direct on Sunday, September 9th after her 40 day(?) retrograde in Leo. She will move forward slowly so it may take a few days for things to ramp back up for everyone and we may be a little slow to get our bearings, but we are definitely moving on and we will be ready to make new choices and welcome the new ideas and opportunities we will be moving toward!

This retrograde has asked us to go within and explore what motivates us and compels us to share and be seen - what do we really value? what do we want to give? what do we want to receive?

Now that Venus has her groove back decisions we made regarding Venus themes of - love, money, beauty and women - during the last few weeks are up for review, yes again.

What we do with what we have learned and what has played out for us is mostly up to us (as always).

When she FINALLY leaves Leo and moves on to zero degrees Virgo on October 9th we will be decided with this stuff. We don't want to push too hard to make things happen just yet. Let's continue to let this stuff (especially the old stuff that has reincarnated itself) unroll itself. This is also almost the exact date the upcoming Mercury retrograde will end (October 10th) so mark your calendar for full steam ahead then.

MONDAY and TUESDAY (Tuesday is another trigger date for the upcoming solar eclipse so you may have some ending or something big happening then) are get-it-done days.

With the Moon in Cancer on Monday a focus on home and family (and self-nurturing, yes, that hammock and glass of wine are effective uses of your time now) are supported.

Mid week we have something that came to our attention from two weeks ago that now needs action.

A trine from Mars in Leo to Uranus in Aries on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY's Leo Moon are great creative energy - sparks of genius will be flying that could take a project in a new direction or turn it from average to amazing.

It could also be a great hookie day with the kids or our love or some kind of recreation. With Uranus there will be an element of the unexpected to whatever we do and all this fire could have our passions sparked  - watch out for actual fire though!

Something could also return our attention to Scorpio themes - we only have a few more days with Saturn in Scorpio (YAY!) - this means sex, divorce, financials, a partner's money, child support, inheritance, mortality, reproduction, or third party situations - if this is you, this is not a good hookie day.  

Let's finish this stuff.

On WEDNESDAY/ THURSDAY Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn so we may hear some news that is hard to hear or our own words may be challenged - this aspect also gives us the ability to penetrate to the very core of a matter or problem. Long lasting solutions could follow. We could also discover information that wasn't meant to be uncovered. Will we speak up or avoid conflict? Watch for power struggles mid-week..

September and October are, like August, big visioning energy. What's our dream? In November and December Saturn will help us (maybe with his boot to our back) - to begin - progress will be visible. January and February will be a little hibernation period, I suggest we stay warm and snuggled up by the fire with a hot chocolate and Agatha Christie paperback (so soothing to me somehow, I'm not sure why) and then March to July we build the damn thing.

This will involve our Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius houses. We should know our Virgo house by now - if not email me or find it on - our Pisces (that's where dreamy Neptune is hanging out) and our Sagittarius (expansive Jupiter) houses are all the spaces we will be growing this thing!

September will be hectic and next spring will be HECTIC (isn't it odd how writing in all caps makes the spelling look wrong, visual memory I guess) so with all this Virgo energy right now it is an excellent time to focus on ourselves and our health - make the time for ourselves, make it sacred and unalterable now. We can't just pencil ourselves in anymore or use that disappearing ink - it's permanent marker time now people, etch it in stone or we will burn ourselves out before we even get this thing started.

Stilling our minds, moving our bodies and eating clean will create steady and long term results for us now. It's Virgo season. We can use this practiced, efficient, precise energy or be used by it. There is always something to be done ... or undone.

I'll do an eclipse post before this weekend, this month is BIG - and yes, obviously, I'm still here. xo


KJ said...

Charles DeLint is one of my favorite authors- his prose is stunningly beautiful.

Hope your holiday weekend meets your expectations.

Catherine Ivins said...

mine, too Kathy - I've been reading The Cats of Tanglewood Forest to my niece this summer ..

Christine said...

Such a great reading and spot on! I'm glad you're still here!


DancingMooney said...

I'm definitely interested in clean eating and - just doing it. Also I've discovered that hubby really likes zucchini... totally growing that next year.

I've always considered January the month of rest. Looking forward to those cozy, quiet days of winter, for some reason.