Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 13th - the Changing of the Guards ....

"Creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to nourish yourself and not be afraid of fullness." .... Anais Nin

We are now working with the New Moon in Virgo solar eclipse energy (we have a much bigger lunar eclipse in two weeks!).

The beginning of this week is an excellent time to set intentions (if you haven't already) for Virgo ruled themes.

We are pushing forward now with our work situation, our health, paperwork, stuff with co-workers or employees, what's happening with our pets and we are getting organized. It's fall clean out time - closets, inboxes. We have big trash pick up in our town next weekend and it couldn't have better timing. I am ready for it!

("ready" in my world means I have made a mental list of what I am ready to hasta la vista - next comes the paper list - no point rushing into anything people - and then comes the part where I get hubs drunk so he doesn't notice the pile of crap I dragged to the curb and he actually leaves the stuff there until the trash man comes also I forgot to mention the part where I ice my neck after dragging the crap to the curb)

MONDAY to WEDNESDAY the best results come from focusing on other people. Partners, clients, agents, competitors - if we need to reach out to someone do it now. If someone wants to partner with us this week it could be a good thing.

There may be something that we don't get now or something that doesn't happen - that's OK. Even though it feels like something we wanted we will see later that something better is moving toward us.

There may be something karmic working itself out with another person around Tuesday - take a breath.

We can't see the whole picture yet. If we have some kind of important meeting with someone on Wednesday there is some "out of the blue" energy at play this day so expect the unexpected. Bringing the unexpected ourselves to this meeting or conversation could be a good thing, but maybe not, it's our call. If what is happening involves love, or women, or money or beauty it would be a good thing. 

(also you need to back up your computer RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS!)

On THURSDAY we have multiple changing of the guards!

First, Mercury stations retrograde at 15 degrees Libra so the Libra house of our chart will require us to consider both sides of something. There will be delays and revisions over the next few weeks. This is Libra, so politeness and civility matter and pay dividends. All the usual re's apply - re-do, reconnect, rethink, repeat, revise, redesign, recuperate, repair. We know the drill by now.

Then the Jupiter in Virgo opposition to Neptune retrograde in Pisces becomes exact - this is our dream for our work crashing into the reality of actually doing the work. This is also the energy of an unlimited expansion that could be positive or negative depending on what is expanding! This is still Virgo season so doing what is right in front of us, doing our best and taking care of those tiny details will get us the best results with whatever this energy churns up. This opposition is exhausting many people. This is the when we get so overwhelmed with everything we have to do (much of which is all in our head) that we just look at cute cat videos on youtube all afternoon.

But the big news, especially for those weary late degree Scorpios is that Saturn enters Sagittarius where he hangs his shingle until December 2017 (you might remember his brief  appearance here from December 2014 - June 2015).

So what is happening this week? We've got a mixed bag of - our dreams vs. our day to day reality - a time to pause and reconsider - and a BIG shift in our responsibility and focus.

This is the time to take stock of our next steps.

With Saturn moving into Sagittarius we will be stepping into new responsibilities and pointing our arrow in a new direction (please don't point that thing at me and please don't shoot your eye out)!

I'm going to do a post about what this will mean for your creative business later on this week, if I don't toss my neck out dragging the old dishwasher to the curb ..... xo all


DancingMooney said...

LOL, I love how you have to sneak around hubby, so the stuff goes out in the trash before hubby can get to it and bring it back. Is it a man thing? They hate getting rid of stuff.

Trying to just do what's in front of me...


Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Janell - Yes, what is that? He even wants to take the broken dishwasher apart to recycle the metal himself and keep some of the parts for later (huh?) ...

me, too (the right in front of me stuff).