Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 28th - rolling with changes as the fog rolls in

"So much has changed. And still, you are fortunate: the ideal burns in you like a fever. Or not like a fever, like a second heart." ... Louise Gl├╝ck, October (Averno)

scarlet fall trees by joy st claire

Sunday night we have an Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse (or Monday, depending on where you live - see times here). This eclipse is the finale of a series of eclipses starting in April 2014. By mid-October everything will be alot clearer for all of us. See my eclipse post here.

This eclipse is in harmony with Saturn (in Sagittarius) so will ground us and provide stability and security - remember with Saturn we are playing the long game. He is father time after all and Rome wasn't built in a day. If changes do not feel good, we will roll with what is happening knowing it is needed to get us back on track and will pay dividends later especially in terms of our self respect. Expect eclipse energy to bring a bottleneck and then a release. 

Hold off making any big decisions until after Wednesday (at the least, mid October at the best).

The Full Moon will still be having its influence (the eclipse will be influential for five months) and we have Neptune inconjuncting the Sun and Mercury this week making things even more foggy.

There will be information coming at us this week, but it might turn out to be very different from its original version. 

We might hear what we want to hear, see what we want to see, you get the idea. 

Mercury retrograde will have us looking at something again and again - those second looks will be worthwhile. 

So ask the same question again, double check the details, double think what we are about to say, etc.

Much moves forward next week. If you have a chance to take a moment now and catch your breath - grab it.

Wednesday is the mid point Mercury retrograde date so whatever this retrograde has been bringing up for us will start to move toward its natural conclusion. If this stuff is hitting our personal chart we may receive some news or information or have one of Oprah's aha moments. 

Gossip may figure prominently for some - but remember we don't know what we don't know now.

This can be a week when everyone thinks they are right (including us). People will tell us what they think whether we want to hear it or not. Remember we are all burning Libra fuel now so honoring other people's views and balancing them with our own moves us all forward.

Last week John Boehner announced he is stepping down as Speaker of the House (an almost, but not quite, unprecedented move) - he quit the day after the Pope spoke to Congress.

People leaving and resigning from leadership positions will probably be in the news over the next two weeks and, really, thru mid November as our North Node (which has been in Libra and has had me talking about finding our flocks for the last two years) transitions into Virgo (yes, my flock talk is about to evolve).

For some reason I've always kind of liked Boehner (the crying pictures probably). He's a Catholic who grew up in blue collar Ohio with seven brothers and sisters in a two bedroom house and started working at age eight in his grandfather's bar. He still lives in the same area, although I assume much cushier surroundings. I hope he does something better with the rest of his life than just cash in as a lobbyist ....

Anyhoo, the Mars square Saturn energy that blocked us last week is over. Mars is in Virgo until November 8th and handing us our to-do lists now. Mercury is still retrograde for another two weeks, so stay flexible.

We have Vesta hanging out with the Sun which is very good energy for cleaning out the house, too. This cleaning can involve dust bunnies or grown up children or wayward boyfriends.

I'm finishing my Amazon Handmade set -up. What are you up to?

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Oh gosh, I didn't know you were setting up on Amazon, I bet you will do GREAT there!!! Hoping you will be including your line of aromatherapy lockets. I've always wondered what I'd keep in one of those things, but I love love love the aromatherapy idea... (it makes me think of lip balms and solid perfumes too).

I'm jumping in feet first on holiday stuffs this week. Trying to start from scratch rebuilding my blog/network/village... And focusing on doing things the way I see them in my mind, rather than the way I think I should be doing them.

A mini vacation planned for next week, and then it will be full speed ahead after that.

Hope you got a glimpse of the moon last night before bed! It was just sunset here when it happened, so we could see it, but as the sun went down, it got darker out and the moon got brighter... still very cool though!


Catherine Ivins said...

We saw it here, too - it was so cloudy I thought we'd miss it, but it was cool. So glad you got to see it.

Thanks about the aromatherapy lockets - I tried the lip balms, perfumes with another maker but it was too tricky with the recycled parts and magnets. I am sure it wouldn't feel tricky for you since you make soap!

Still no idea when Amazon handmade will open. Noelle (from Xenotees) is going to give me all her Facebook ad mojo this week. I'm dragging her over here. I think we are all starting from scratch ... again ... I've done it before but always changed my product line when changing my venue - trying not to do that this time.

Yes, do it your way, you are a genius with this stuff! Enjoy that vaca if I don't talk to again!