Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse This Weekend | the blindspot or yes, what you don't know can hurt you

We have a total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon this weekend.

It's also a Blood Moon.

(yeah, that end of the world stuff - don't worry though, the world's not ending, maybe something about the world as you know it, but that could be a good thing, too - see my example below)

The Moon will be at 4 degrees Aries so see where this one falls in your natal chart (where is your Aries house and what does that house rule). Also look for any other 4 degree planets' houses to see where/how this action could show up.

This is a Full Moon so endings and wrap ups are likely.

I'd like to say the finished stuff stays finished but Mercury is retrograde, so maybe not. Most likely it will though.

This Moon will last for a little over 5 hours so its energy will be felt for a little over 5 months.

(and you may have already experienced it, yes, this stuff can hit one month early sometimes almost to the exact day)

I'll tell you how this has played out for me. 

Our side yard is the back yard of a gas station. Ugh, I know.

New mechanics rented the garage part last spring and the place, which has been quiet and almost empty for years, is suddenly crazy busy.

Now, on the one hand I like having prosperous neighbors and our side yard is wide and we do own a truck repair shop on the other end of town so understand the business, on the other hand the noise was getting worse every week and, of course, I'm home all day long. 

My breaking point (and actually Full Moons and eclipse season in particular are great harbingers of breaking points) came when they moved a noisy air compressor into a tiny wood shed behind their garage.

The air compressor was broken and ran all day, never shutting off the way it is supposed to. The shed got hot so they opened the shed door. The noise got even louder. From our backyard it sounded like they were cutting their grass along our fence line, all day long. I talked to them. Hubs talked to them. They'd nod their heads in agreement with us with cigarettes dangling precariously from their lips while pulling up the waistbands of their hanging trousers with tattooed fingers.

(you can't make this stuff up folks)

Nothing changed.

We talked to the town again and again. I was blasting Irish battle ballads and starting to crack.

Finally I called the Board of Health and they sent out a wonderful little pitbull woman, who sounded exactly like Penny Marshall. I really wanted her to help me and take this seriously. Kella was over my house with Sully and Sully (two years old now) really hates loud noises.

When Penny pulled up I grabbed Sully and pulled a bunch of my hair out of its ponytail, although I probably didn't need to look any more bedraggled than I always do.

We met Penny on the side porch. Sully immediately put his hands over his ears and said "LOUD."

(note to self- buy that kid a Porsche Power Wheels)

"This noise is interfering with our quality of life. Look at my baby!, " I wailed to Penny (actually I used the exact language I read online for fighting a noise disturbance).

Penny pulled a decibel meter out of her side holster like a cowboy at a gunfight and clocked the noise at 65 decibels at my property line. Unbelievably this was the legal limit - you will have to trust me about how loud 65 decibels is, especially day in and out when you work at home. She said she couldn't do anything legally but she would go over there and scare them. The garage is called Good Fellas Garage. I didn't think these guys would scare easily. They didn't.

Hubs told them he would fix the compressor and insulate the shed himself. Then he basically begged.

Finally, I happened to look at the September Lunar Eclipse and my chart. I realized this eclipse was at 4 degrees Aries and I have 4 degrees Cancer in my 4th house (home, family) and 4 degrees Uranus in my 10th house (career, business, social status) and this Eclipse was playing out natally in my 3rd house (neighbors!).

I told hubs this would be all wrapped up at the end of September. I went to sleep that night without thinking about these guys for the first time in weeks.

The next day, August 27th, exactly one month to the day of the eclipse, they fixed the compressor, insulated the shed and fixed the shed door.

Hubs would have been more impressed with the astrology if the situation had resolved this weekend along with the eclipse, and yes, there is still the possibility of a meteor landing on my home business and taking out the neighbors, too, but I'm just happy to have this resolved and I have seen eclipse cycles happen a month early before.

Anyhoo ...

Think about what is happening at a total lunar eclipse - something is hidden. 

This is not a good time to make a big decision because something is hidden. 

This is not a good time to make a big move because something is hidden

This could be a good time to bury the body (don't look at me) ... but I can't really recommend that (legal reasons and all). 

Unless the body is some 'body of work' you are finishing up - this is an excellent time for a wrap up. Just remember you won't be able to see everything that is going on with whatever is happening.

(in our situation the garage guys didn't own the compressor and were trying to get their landlord to fix it and our town had finally actually given them a deadline - we didn't know about any of the backdoor maneuvering and couldn't see what was actually going on and because of the energies at play it was bringing up, for me, other spaces and times when I felt injustice and the inability to get what I wanted from others making the whole situation larger than it had to be)

This is an especially powerful time to wrap up a fight (Aries south mode energy!) - yes, it's probably been worth fighting for, but it's time to move on now.

(maybe I'll bake those guys some cookies .... um, maybe not)

This can also play out (since we are talking about the Aries/Libra polarity here) as some kind of self interest vs cooperation or other person or group. This could be a commitment issue, fidelity, justice, loyalty, freedom - emotions are high during full moons. Stay grounded and cool headed.

This Full Moon wraps up that Aries New Moon from last April. Pray for clear skies so we can watch this one - here's the schedule.


Christine said...

Aries is in my 7th house. Should I be worried?

Catherine Ivins said...

No, never worried! This could be some culmination around you versus others (equal kind of others like partners), a relationship shift that brings greater equality somehow, this could also be integrating parts of yourself, maybe something about the parts of you that don't fit with what other people have come to expect - with Aries in the 7th your natural partner will be a bit of a warrior type anyway! nice pic Christine! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

this could also play out as some kind of hidden enemy, you won't be shown the whole story whatever it is - What does work? What you cover up. What you hide. What you do alone. What you do without credit. If you are hiding something it will likely stay hidden :)

Christine said...

Thanks Catherine! I appreciate the insight and I always love your posts. Keep 'em coming :)

KJ said...

You sure you don't make that stuff up? Cigarette dangling, tattoos, pants being hauled up? As always it was a pleasurable read. Enjoy the blood moon. I really do like pink and a blood moon sounds like just the sign for a strong woman.

Catherine Ivins said...

The first day I met these guys I was getting gas and trapped between the car getting gas in front of me and a car waiting behind me - one of the mechanics was hanging over a running engine just feet from my car smoking a cigarette (now I know he's the manager). I asked the gas attendant to ask the guy to put out his cigarette. He said to me, "no, you tell him." The gas guy was afraid of the mechanic. So I yell over to the mechanic and he comes to my window and I ask him to put out his cigarette and he says "sure, no problem" and wanders off. I tell George this story at the end of the day, this was a week I was having run ins with everyone. I need to write about that week! Anyway, I tell George and he says "well, it's really not unsafe unless the car is leaking gasoline" so I go to bed mad at the gas station and George! Also I should mention George's repair shop has signs that read No Smoking all over the place as required by our insurance company and he once had a customer almost drop a cigarette near a car that was leaking gasoline.

And by the way this Moon has many connections to the female Goddesses - Lilith, Juno and Vesta (the virgin or slut, the modern-day working wife and the traditional devoted wife). Men who have been struggling to decide which role or which mix of roles they prefer in a partner. Women working through which proportion of these archetypes they ideally want to express all evolving us to a higher space and toward a more equal playing field. The heart (Moon) may long for the old ways, but the head (Sun) will prevail with its more rational view of the future role of women in society and in modern relationships and the Nodes making this outcome set in stone so to speak and also bringing everyone many karmic relationships in the next 5 months, which I saw but didn't write about because it felt too confusing for people to read but I'm regretting I didn't write about it and work in the blood connection! Strong woman - you are right! xo