Monday, February 1, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 1st - lots of push to get things done

a little push by stephanie dan

Busy, fast moving week. Lots of "push" to get things done and by "done", I mean finished. The Moon is waning - whatever needs to go out the door, needs to go out the door.

We start the week with a Scorpio Moon and in the aftermath of the clashes Mercury dealt (is that a word?) with this past weekend maybe some important information came through. Maybe more information just muddies our thinking. Maybe we get a breakthrough. Either way it's a good day to go within and think about our personal evolution since Mercury entered his shadow in mid December.

On Tuesday the Moon moves into lighter and more visionary Sagittarius until Thursday. Lots of busy productive energy. Time will fly, so stay focused on one thing at a time and see it through or nothing will get done. The Moon is void all day Thursday so not a good time to start anything we don't want to fizzle out. The good news - any crisis that crop up then will be a waste of time and worry and not come to anything.

Tuesday is also Brigid's Day (more commonly in the U.S. called Groundhog Day) - the midpoint between winter and spring - although the exact midpoint is 15 degrees Aquarius, and since this is my natal Sun degree - I will celebrate on the 4th when the Sun hits 15 degrees Aquarius - more on this later. Light a yellow candle. Let's be thankful for our progress since the Winter Solstice.

Mid week, we have Mars (still in Scorpio, get used to that) sextiling Pluto (ruler of Mars and currently housed in Capricorn). Also Mercury is sextiling Chiron in Pisces. This could be a good time to give a voice to what hurts and to take effective action. The Sun (in freedom loving Aquarius) also sextiles stodgy Saturn (in big picture freedom loving Sagittarius) so movements toward FREEDOM are getting the universal GREEN LIGHT. This won't remove all obstacles and sextiles require some kind of action on our part - it's like a door cracks open - it's our choice what, if anything, we do with it - it's still some good, positive energy.

At the end of the week Venus conjuncts Pluto (in Capricorn) and then squares Uranus (in Aries). Let's do something we are passionate about. Venus themes - our values, art, money, women - get intense. We will know what we want and what we want might upset some apple carts. Women won't be taking any crap. Maybe something in the collective around women will surface the way the issue about the lack of African American nominees at the Oscars hit a couple weeks ago.

Back in a day or two. For the big picture remember we are working through BIG collective energies that are shifting everything - if our ground doesn't feel shaky, we are probably not standing up.

NOTE - remember I write about aspects when they are exact - they are often (other than the Moons) very near exact for days before and after and you might feel them and be working through them then. xo all

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