DIY Upcycled Flea Market Finds - Door Handles

This week's tutorial had to be put on the back burner since I am still finishing up my tradeshow display that needs to ship out in about 48 hours ... ugh!

Hopefully, I will be back on track next week, in the meantime here is a great way I have gotten to use one of last month's flea market purchases.

These are two vintage letterpress pieces (I had a major coup earlier in the summer with a ton of these) reused as armoire door handles.

Almost anything can be a drawer pull or door handle and even just mixing and matching pieces like the 2 samples shown below on the right can make a big difference. If I'm using real drawer pulls I like to just change 1 pull to add some interest and whimsy and save a few bucks since the nice ones (like those from Anthropologie) can be pricey.

Kids vintage blocks and rubber stamps would work great, too! And there is always some amazing inspiration on Etsy:

1. Still Memory's amazing photograph Exit
2. Monkeyshine's brushed nickel draw pull with vintage crab
3. 1950's hardware store cabinet at FrenchbyDesign
4. Letterpress fist from TurnersCollectibles
5. Pink painted mahogany chest by Rubyrhino1

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