Friday Finds - Inspiration is Everywhere

Forbes and Lomax invisible switch plates are inspired by 1930's glass plates, but with a modern twist- they give the illusion that the wallpaper (or paint) runs seamlessly behind the plate!

I love these!

Is there a part of our own work that would be improved with a modern and seamless innovation?

I love the amazing Korefe branding for this line of products Stop the Water While Using Me!

How can we create authentic packaging for our own brand that creates a memorable experience and a bit of branding with a purpose?

The Reisenthal Mother-Child Bag promotes safe shopping in a brand new way!

Maybe the same kid who balks at holding your hand can be convinced to hold onto the bag - worth a try.

How can we add something to our own work to differentiate it and give it an entirely new niche?

The frame napkin at SPRGA allows the buyer to create and frame their own work of art.

This truly gets me thinking about all the 'kits' we could be creating in innovative and unique ways for all the crafty buyers who want to have a hand in some way in the creation of their piece.

How could our kit represent this union between our customer and ourselves?

Have an amazing weekend everyone - inspiration is everywhere!


zsazsazsu said...

great finds !

Viktoria said...

super ideas! the bag with the additional handle looks simple but could be an alternative to your coat pocket.

Kendra Zvonik said...

great questions! i have been thinking of creating a kit for gp. i love the toothpaste packaging idea! just say what you mean and get your message across in a direct way. that could really work for me with gp. thanks for the ideas, cat!

Sherry said...

I agree with Kendra, I love the right to the point message on the toothpaste. It reminds me when you say something and then you tell people on facebook that you've said it ( or that you sell it) and then you tweet that information as well.

I'd rather spend the time being inspired, my friend.


Orion Designs said...

Branding with a purpose -- that phrase alone is enough to inspire me.