Friday Finds- Inspiration is Everywhere!

Designer Armin Fischer set out to create a mix of hotel and hostel and the result is Superbude (Supershack) a budget-hostel in Hamburg with funny design elements like coat-hangers made of plungers.

You know the guests will never forget this!

How can we add some playful elements to our own work that will make us unforgettable?

Are we taking ourselves too seriously?

Melbourne indie artist Kimbra has created this beautiful video clip.

It got me thinking about all the amazing illustrators I know and how incredible their work could look when collaborated with photogs or with unusual surfaces.

How can we create something amazing with our own work by adding another medium or unique product surface?

This bicycle helmet by french designer Kévin Goupil is based on an old french army helmet. Entirely made of cork, it's green, lightweight and definitely looks cool!

What new materials can we use to give our work a whole new life?

How can an iconic image be updated with a modern material?

The girl scouts have been rebranded with an updated shade of green, bangs and a nose job!

And since I am on a mission to bring back bangs I just love this!

Even an iconic image like the scouts can use a little updating (did those lips get a little plumping, too - ugh!?)

Can our own logos use a little boost this summer?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and keep your inspiration notebooks handy!

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Tanya Bermudez said...

I love the cork helmet!!