Friday Finds - Inspiration is Everywhere!

SUCK UK Apron Cooking Guides - the cooking info is on the apron upside down geared to the wearer!

This is reminding me of the baby clothes where the designs were right side up for baby's viewing that I featured a couple weeks ago.

How can we make our own designs more user friendly in a unique way?

Something about the minimalist nature of this amazing piece by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen inspires me so much!

The usefulness, re-use and unlimited opportunities for expression this piece offers speaks so dramatically!

How can we use these lessons of dimension change, functionality and minimalism in our own work?

I absolutely love how these amazing DiCorte chairs share the materials and process of the work.

They also make the consumer think about the tree that birthed these babies

and remind me of the hard earned scars and imperfections that are the soul of hand-made.

How can we make our own materials and processes more apparent in our work - how can we use these to tell a larger story?

This iconic message first appeared on the back cover of the very last issue of the Whole Earth Catalogue in 1974.

stay hungry
stay foolish

Let's live this one!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Viktoria said...

Where do you find all those amazing things!?
..The chairs are gorgeous!
I love the friday inspiration!

Sherry said...

I'm inspired and still have 10 minutes to go before my 2:00 shut the computer deadline!

Always love your thoughtful finds, Cat.

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me about the Whole Earth Catalogue...what an amazing thing that was! I remember a picture of a beautiful 4 poster bed made out of knarly whole trees.x