Upcycled DIY Tutorial - Make a Whiskey Barrel Lid LAZY SUSAN

I have always wanted a lazy susan -

(without actually nicknaming myself Susan, of course)

I think because my mother had one,

(and I have lots of fond memories of spinning salt and pepper shakers around the table)

but since my dining room table is kind of large and most lazy susans are kind of small, I could never find just the right one.

Recently at a local flea market my daughter spotted this whiskey barrel lid that we knew would be perfect.

I had to google lazy susan to see how you make one of these things spin, but it turns out there is a gizmo called - yup - lazy susan hardware, which is available at - yup - your local hardware store.

what you need:

1. something for your lazy susan top (ex. barrel lid)
2. lazy susan spinner hardware
3. screws and washers
4. the base for your lazy susan- here I have used an old book (I am not sure I am recommending this since I see some challenges ahead with it, but I have alot of old cookbooks)

First I had to make some adjustments to the back of my barrel lid including removing some hardware that had recently held legs- so I guess my barrel lid had been a table, too. Then I needed to cut some pieces of wood the right size to attach the lazy susan gizmo. If your lazy susan top is flat on the bottom you won't need to do these things

(just make sure the top is deep enough that your hardware is not going to show through)

1. Mark and drill holes in your lazy susan base (in this case the book)
2. Screw the lazy susan gizmo into your base
3. Flip you base over and mark, drill and screw your lazy susan gizmo into your top

There are some tricks to making sure the base is the correct size so that you can work around it when attaching your top - when you buy your little gizmo you will see what I mean. I had intended to use a larger book and ended up needing a smaller book.

Can't wait until the next family get together so I can "spin" the condiments at everyone - just like mom used to do!

And some lazy susans and other susans you can buy now:

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Sherry said...

Your version is awesome. We actually have two lazy susans we got as wedding gifts. OMG, they are vintage now. One even has those ceramic chip and dip holders.

So just who is Susan and how lazy is she?


Jen from SewnNatural said...

This is a FABULOUS tutorial. Love it!!! The whiskey barrel lid is great.

Thanks - I'm going to do this for sure.

Orion Designs said...

I'm loving the used of the whiskey barrel lid -- talk about a lazy Susan with character!

Beth Howard said...

Now that is officially CUTE!

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

What a fantastic idea! You are so creative:)I think I may have to translate this into something for our Vintage Coca Cola Kitchen