Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 19th - new astrological year, the week gets more challenging as it goes along, Mercury stations retrograde, life slows down, frustrations, actions and re-actions, watch for power plays at the end of the week!

23 hours by Old-York

This week we kick off the astrological year with the Spring Equinox - the day the Sun moves into Aries (March 20th)!

We are blasted with new, motivating energy, although the blast will be kind of short lived - we are quickly met with a series of reality checks.

Welcome 2018 - here we go!

First reality check - Mercury will station retrograde squaring both Pluto and Saturn. Mars is going to square the Sun and conjunct Saturn (we have had both Mercury and Venus hit Saturn's wall in the last couple weeks and now it is Mars' turn). Venus is going to square Pluto. Know corners cannot be cut now. And, believe me, we could be tempted!

When Mars ingressed into the sign of Capricorn (0 degrees) yesterday it reached a declination that is beyond the limit set by the Sun. We call this being "out-of-bounds". As you might guess, an "out-of-bounds" planet knows no boundaries and accepts no limits. There is nothing - since it has moved past the Sun's restraint - to stop it.

And because Mars rules action - what we do to get what we want - our actions (and those of other people, of course) will be more unrestrained. This is a good thing - more creativity, taking action outside our comfort zones, yada-yada. And a not so good thing - doing things we later regret, going AWOL, living outside the 'rules'. And with Mercury in Aries answering to an out-of-whack Mars this includes saying things we could regret, signing things we could regret, etc. Some people need a shot of 'out-of-bounds' and it could be a good thing. For other people it could be kind of an excuse to just burn the whole place down.

Mars will be out of bounds until April 7th.

Now, even though Mars (as us) is going to want to fly. Things will not be quite so simple because here is where another reality check comes in.

First, Mars is in Capricorn (and answering to sober Saturn), a sign with built-in restraints and, second, Mercury is stationing retrograde this week (hooked up with that same sober Saturn - so prepare for a serious retrograde this season folks) and Mars is going to square the Sun and conjunct Saturn while out-of-bounds.

So, Mars - our actions - feels ready to go, but Mercury - our thinking - isn't quite so sure we have all our ducks in a row. Mars doesn't care about ducks. Mercury wants them decked out in cute spring outfits and lined up according to size. 

Mars is going to be frustrated as Mercury doubles back to give things another look. Now Mercury is in impulsive Aries, so he/she will be frustrated with these delays, too. If we are trying to just push things through quickly, it won't be easy going until Mercury stations direct mid-April.

Let's take a look at the week ahead. We have the following major aspects - all of this stuff is pretty much in play all week:

SUNDAY - Sun conjunct Chiron
MONDAY - Ceres stations direct
TUESDAY - Spring Equinox, Sun into Aries, Mercury conjunct Venus
THURSDAY - Mercury stations retrograde at 16 degrees Aries
FRIDAY - Venus squares Pluto
SATURDAY - Mars squares the Sun, 1st Quarter Moon
SUNDAY - Venus conjuncts Eris (!)

Moon is void | Monday 3:29PM EDT thru 9:07PM EDT - last aspect is a conjunction with Uranus in Aries - liberation, the unexpected, doing it my way.
Wednesday 1:21PM EDT thru 1:30AM EDT - last aspect is an opposition between the Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio - generosity, openness, lack of self control, emotional upset
Friday 11:52PM EDT thru 4:53AM EDT - last aspect is a sextile between the Moon in Gemini and Uranus in Aries - opportunity for doing something different, unexpected news, being yourself

The Moon is waxing this week - a time good for new beginnings, just avoid those voids and know with Mercury's retrograde some things are going to need to be re-done. Big launches that can wait until after April 15th, probably should wait - we have from mid-April until Mars goes retrograde on June 26th for a mostly full-steam ahead. But don't stand still.

The Moon is growing and so are we!

(not literally I hope, although I did eat an entire box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies within the last 2 days all by myself and have my eye on the short-breads)

On MONDAY, the Moon is in Aries until the void, squaring Pluto in the middle of the night. In April we will be having a whole lot of squares between Aries planets (our will, independence, impulsiveness, action) and Capricorn planets (structure, authority, responsibility, patience, limits), so we could get a little preview now - heads up Aries, Libra, Cancers and Capricorns! This could make us moody - stimulate action and re-action. Power struggles, intense emotions are possible.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus in the late afternoon EDT - there could be something surprising or unexpected. We could have itchy feet and want to call it a day early. Anything that feels even slightly tight or confining will be something we want to ditch.

Ceres stations direct at 18 degrees Leo. She will be in Leo until mid-June. Ceres time in Leo has been supporting our collective Leo North Node - encouraging us to nourish our purpose, our children, our creative project or romantic intentions. She has been retrograde since December 16th taking us back over some creative potential - allowing us to really look at what our heart wants and how we are meant to shine. If we are shining through only our children's accomplishments or a romantic partner's achievements and have lost sight of where we are in all of this, it has probably been made clear to us over the last couple months. We might have also had to be a brave mama-bear with a child or creative project or romantic situation or been working through a 'seasons of life' situation that required a re-look, re-do. If a creative project has been dormant or road-blocked, there should be forward movement here.

TUESDAY is probably the best day of the week. Venus hooks up with Mercury again (this happened back on March 4th so there could be connections - what has happened since that date - what has happened since they both hit Saturn's limits?) - Mercury slowed down for his retrograde and Venus has been booking along - our words attract, we hear what we want to hear, talk is sweet, we could find ourselves talking about Venusian subjects - love, money, what we value, beauty, women. Ideas (Mercury) get shared (Venus). Women (Venus) are heard (Mercury). This is good energy for socializing and good for commerce, ka-ching! The Moon is in Venus ruled Taurus, an added bonus and trines Saturn for stability - makes us want to be responsible and do the right thing. Around lunch-time the Sun moves into passionate, independent and impulsive Aries - launching a new solar year. This is the time to show up, go for what you want - great day to make a vision board as we are drop-kicked into 2018.

On WEDNESDAY, we start the day with the Moon (in Taurus) trining Pluto (in Capricorn) - we are energetic, ambitious and have good instincts now. Avoid power plays, manipulative moves and control issues because machinations now could result in higher stakes than we bargained for. The Moon goes void after lunch with an opposition to Jupiter - we could face some kind of moral conflict or be dealing with a lack of self-control; our own or someone else's.

On THURSDAY, the Moon is in Gemini (answering to Mercury) and Mercury stations retrograde at 16 degrees Aries. This is NOT the day to have an important meeting/conversation. Um, no. Trust me on this one.

We are doing the "re's" - rethinking, redoing, reviewing, rekindling, reinventing, revisiting whatever is happening in our Aries house.

The stuff we have done/said hastily or without enough thought, will now be analyzed and gone over more carefully. We downshift. Life slows down. This can be frustrating, but necessary.

This can be about our Aries house theme or the general Aries themes of ourselves, our bodies, our brand, name, identity. Situations and people from the past will show back up. Mechanical stuff can encounter glitches. Rushing around will only result in stubbed toes (in Aries more like accidents and head injuries/headaches!) - let's take our time here. Something isn't quite ready for prime-time. Here's our second chance to get it right. Mercury will be retrograde until April 15th, so it will be a few weeks before everything is full-steam ahead. Just expect this. Give yourself extra time. Double check things. Of all the retrogrades Mercury is the most frequent and can be the most significant. If the retrograde crosses over one of your planets (16-4 degrees Aries) know this is even more significant. We'll talk about this on Thursday.

On FRIDAY, and throughout the weekend - we have Venus square Pluto and inconjunct Jupiter. Remember Venus (in Aries) is a warrior. She wants it now, she wants it first and she wants what's best for her. That square to Pluto will make any loss or potential for loss now feel like life and death. 

We are on the fate-train now baby!

The inconjunct (rock and hard place) with "bigger-is-better" Jupiter will enlarge the scope of whatever is happening. Compulsions, manipulations, jealousy, obsessions, power-plays are all possible now - we need to bring our A game and keep our feet on the ground. Emotions can be intense and there could be hidden/secret agendas now.

The Gemini Moon - all over the place anyway and answering to a retrograde Mercury - won't be any help.

Venus rules love, money, our values and self-esteem. Financial/relationships shifts are possible now. There could be consequences for going too far too fast. What do we really value? What do we want? What will we do to get what we want? What will other people do?

At around the same time Mars (in Capricorn) will be squaring the Sun (in Aries) - this is tension around situations that require patience and maturity. This is SPRING FEVER with obstacles. We'll want to do this and have to do that. We could get into arguments - this is kind of a father/son aspect and the fellows are butting heads. Saturday will be cray-cray.

Drive safely. Avoid that hot-head in the other lane. Don't be that hot-head in the other lane. Exercise will help!

Let's do what we can with these energies - maintaining our values, knowing what is most important to us, knowing that things are going to take some time to work themselves out.

We are playing the long-game.

Remember we talked about avoiding ruthlessness in the last post - this includes trying to manipulate someone else's emotions or behavior. This is important now. Ruthless doesn't always mean riding into town and taking over the place - it means forcing our will on someone else. Some people are very good at this and it isn't until later we realize we have been bamboozled. The stakes could be high - although they could feel much higher than they actually are - let's direct our energy consciously now - let's be neither a bamboozler or a bamboozled. Ack!

We have some challenging weeks ahead for all of us and this is one of them - the collective news will be rocking and rolling - back during the week to talk about that.

xo all

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