Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 26th - female warriors, unexpected situations, another brick in the wall, something becomes unavoidable now as the fate train rumbles on, break-ups, break-downs and break-throughs


This is another blockbuster week, and another week where the end of the week looks more challenging than the beginning, as we all roll toward the unavoidable

(yes, the fate-train continues folks which just means our past actions create our current effects)

if this week were a blockbuster movie it would have it all - the intense desire, the mid-week Uranian shocker about what we want, the end of week Saturnian limit/pivot/rules, the weekend's Full Moon consequences, culmination or balancing of accounts and Mercury retrograde's information/answer coming to light!

I have written in the past about how we can't see the future from where we are now. Well, this is one of the weeks we might just get a glimpse as some timeline(s) get tightened up for all of us!

Remember I said March was going to roar out like a lion this year!

The major aspects this week are:
March 25th - Venus conjunct Eris
March 28th - Venus conjunct Uranus
March 29th - Sun square Saturn
March 31st - Full Moon in Libra, Venus into Taurus
April 1st - Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury

We start the week with the Moon in Cancer which might be having a stressful, emotional time of it on SUNDAY.

We have multiple planets in Aries now and multiple planets in Capricorn. The Capricorn planets (Saturn at home and Mars exalted) are more powerful than the planets in Aries so our natal Aries planets/houses - and also our Libra and even Cancer planets/houses are feeling the squeeze.

Venus meets up with Eris in Aries. Eris is known as the Goddess of discord and Mars' sister and credited with starting the Trojan War.

Singled out to be left out (due to her already disruptive reputation) at a party celebrating the arranged marriage of Peleus and Thetis - she crashed the party anyway (picture Angelina Jolie in Maleficent here) offering a golden apple inscribed "to the fairest" for the fairest Goddess of them all to be chosen by Paris, Prince of Troy.

The Goddesses vied for the apple and they were not above trickery. Athena tried to bribe Paris with the promise of skill in battle, Hera with the promise of political power, but it was Aphrodite (Venus in Roman myth) who won the apple with her bribe of Helen (of Troy fame), the most beautiful woman in the world, and wife of Menelaus of Sparta. Long story short - this didn't end well for Paris. The Spartan army went on to destroy the city of Troy in battle as they demanded the return of their Queen - and yes, I am skipping the famous Trojan horse part - this is just the Eris starting trouble part.

Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks) was also kind of Eris's sister-in-law, not really (Venus was actually married to Vulcan), but kind of that energy existed within their relationship as she romanced Mars/Ares.

So, it is the story of the disruptive outsider. The part of ourselves we hide from fancy company. It is also the story of something that seems somewhat insignificant blowing things all out of proportion - so watch for that in the collective and within your own life (also be nice to your sister-in-law this week).

Interesting the Stormy Daniels (what an Venus/Eris archetype!) interview is scheduled to air during the conjunction. A disruptive outsider for sure! I guess we'll see what comes of her story, noting Venus also rules money and there is a hush-money angle here, too (and remember Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio digging up old dirt). I saw a picture of her waving her hand and couldn't miss her extremely low placed thumb - a sign, if palmistry is to believed, of an old soul. Yes, a porn actress can be an old soul. Why not.

I haven't looked at her astrology chart or know if her birth date is even public because I am guessing it wouldn't be accurate anyway since she might be older than she lets on - but you know I love the linguistic synchronicity of a woman who calls herself Stormy bringing some stormy weather (you remember all the storms and weather devastation after last summer's eclipse that didn't seem to touch Trump although it's main star promised glory if revenge was avoided and a downfall for him otherwise - hard to imagine Trump has avoided revenge) on a day when Venus (love, beauty, money) and Eris (disruption, the outsider) are working together!

Venus/Eris also makes me think of Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez and her six powerful minutes of silence at the March for Our Lives on Saturday.

OK, on to the week ahead. On MONDAY and TUESDAY - the Moon is in fiery Leo - good for creative work on projects, time with children - self expression, confidence, courage, maybe some drama. On Tuesday morning the Leo Moon will trine (brakes off) Mercury - this would be a good time to communicate ideas with other people - take the stage, close the sale. Information, ideas, communications began before Mercury started hitting his retrograde degrees and before Jupiter stationed retrograde - so before March 8th, will probably have the best shot. There could be some adjustments between the Leo themes and our responsibilities, work in the world or an authority figure. The Moon goes void with a trine to Uranus while we sleep Tuesday night.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon is void until 10:30AM EDT and then enters Virgo. Get organized. Be of service. Do the dishes. Dot your i's and cross your t's today and tomorrow.

Venus meets up with Uranus in Aries.

We knew once Venus got into Aries - she was going to have to square Saturn the wall (since he is in Capricorn and Capricorn squares Aries) and square Pluto and she was going to have to face unpredictable Uranus (since Uranus is in Aries).

We could meet someone new and unusual or experience something unexpected/explosive/sudden/liberating with a Venusian situation - love, money, our self-esteem, our values and resources.

This follows our "I must have this or I will die" or whatever compulsive, obsessive Plutonian story was magnified by last week's square between Venus and Pluto.

To toss out a few astrological word-salads this could play out as something like - being attracted to/or seeing the beauty within (Venus) something/someone unusual (Uranus), a sudden (Uranus) love (Venus) or a romance/partnership with a Uranian type - an Aquarius, genius, rebel, criminal - a sudden partnership (Venus) break-up (Uranus), an unexpected (Uranus) change in finances (Venus) - this could be good or bad - buy a lottery ticket just in case - an unusual (Uranus) woman (Venus), an unexpected (Uranus) purchase (Venus) or the purchase (Venus) of a Uranian object - a computer for example - not recommended with Mercury retrograde unless this is something you were planning before March 8th though. You get the idea.

Depending on how directly this is hitting your personal chart - this could be a big deal or a blip.

For everyone we could get a hint of what Uranus's entry into Venus ruled Taurus will be bringing us over the next few years and starting in a few weeks, so pay attention. The financial markets will likely be volatile this week. If you have bitcoin or other crpyto-currencies (like I do) keep an eye on what happens this week, because it will almost certainly signal whether Uranus into Taurus will be liking the cryptos in general and which ones specifically.

Do something different today. Be social. Get out and about.

With Venus/Uranus we could be saying a spontaneous "YES" to something unusual

(keep in mind the Full Moon in Libra this weekend - things coming to light, conclusions- that Libra Moon answering to Venus and squaring both Mars and Saturn coupled with the Sun meeting up with a retrograde Mercury - will have something else to say about it!).

On THURSDAY, the Sun will square Saturn. The Sun is our will and Saturn is our functional limit in the physical world - what holds us in place and keeps us stable - our career, the structures in our life, etc.

The Sun in Aries wants to make her mark on the world and Saturn says - hold on a minute baby - let me see your credentials.

Squares are tension and this one could have us focused on the struggle for success. This is a depressing square and we could feel tired, isolated and put-upon (a forming diamonds under pressure kind of thing) - it's best dealt with by staying on top of what we have to do - our duties and responsibilities - and knowing this is transitory.

Don't ignore problems that come to light during this square - this will only turn the pebbles hitting us in the head into boulders when the Sun opposes Saturn this summer.

The weekend will be HUGE and the energy will start to make itself known on FRIDAY. The Moon is void on Friday until 1:52PM EDT.

On SATURDAY, we have the Full Moon at 10 degrees Libra/Aries (ruled by Venus), squaring both Mars and Saturn and trining the South Node (in Aquarius which is about that Uranus again!) at the same time Venus moves into Taurus - a sign she rules!

Then on Easter Sunday we have the Sun meeting up with a retrograde Mercury at the mid-point of his/her retrograde story.

I will write a Full Moon post by sign later this week!

I also have a Trump update post to finish. Remember we last looked at him standing alone (as Uranus) at Jupiter's retrograde station so his staffing shake-ups and maneuverings (you're fired!) shouldn't surprise us and aren't over. It is also likely that the Mueller investigation is isolating Trump behind the scenes as well as the consequences of his prior interactions with women (including Hope Hicks departure and the recent Stormy weather) potentially isolating him from support.

We'll talk about that this week, too (yes, we will - pinky swear!).

I apologize if I sometimes write - "we will talk about that this week" and then don't get back to it!

I know that sucks. Not that anyone is hanging on my every word - ha! - but I know it is a sucky thing to do. Like not returning a call or a text or promising to bring a hot apple pie and showing up with a box of half empty tic-tacs.

But I am an armchair astrologer and only have access to the armchair after my work is complete and family is asleep and some nights I just fall asleep in it myself! And I know now you can hear the violins ...

xo all


stregata said...

I think there are some of us that hang on your words... but no worries, no stress - whenever you are ready, I will be here and so will the others, I'm sure

Catherine Ivins said...

Ha- thanks Renate - big hugs to you and Pearl! xo