Venus Square Saturn, Jupiter trine the Sun | Part I - yes, that light at the end of the tunnel is a train, and, yes, it's more than a train, too

Tunnel Hop by msatisfaction

So, where are we?

Jupiter has recently stationed retrograde in Scorpio - kind of suspending us in the shadows. Over the next few days as Jupiter becomes more stable moving backward (23-13 degrees Scorpio), we will start to get our bearings here.

We have been flooded with foggy, watery Pisces for weeks.

The Sun is still in Pisces, but both Mercury and Venus have moved from Pisces into fiery Aries. This has us in between two worlds - the endings of Pisces and the new beginnings/creation energy offered by Aries. We are headed toward the Spring Equinox on March 20th when the Sun will join Mercury and Venus in Aries.

But before we get to the equinox we have multiple things that are going to happen and we are going to be required to make adjustments.  

We can't see there from here just yet.

Mercury (our mental faculties, information, ideas) and Venus (love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, values) have been traveling together (which they do from time to time) for a couple weeks. They met on March 5th in Pisces and then they moved into Aries together. 

Mercury is our conceptual reality - our everyday way of seeing things and communicating and Venus is our self-worth and our value. Having Mercury and Venus operating as a tag team we are getting an excellent look at where we value ourselves and where we don't value ourselves. The spaces we have to take a stand are very apparent to us now. And yes, our rough edges are rubbing up against other people's rough edges because Venus rules our relationships. Also any financial spaces (Venus rules our money) that don't line up - what we think we have vs what we think we need, what we think we have vs what we think we want, what we think we need vs what we really need, etc, are probably smacking us in the face.

Now, as soon as these two planets moved into Aries, because Aries squares Capricorn and steely Saturn is traveling through Capricorn - Mercury and Venus have been on a collision course toward a square with Saturn. So they, as us, have to pivot to keep going. Remember this is happening above AND also within the collective AND also within our personal lives.

Also remember I am writing about collective themes - your own life will be played out differently because these squares will be happening in certain spaces (houses) that have certain themes and then the strength of the transit for you will also depend on whether or not you have planets and points around the degrees impacted (around 8-11 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and also the qualities of your natal planets involved. Let's say you have a very strong Venus in your birth chart, well, maybe, she has no problem with Saturn and you pivot smoothly past a little hiccup. On the other hand if you have moved too far off course (Saturn rules fate) that same strong Venus becomes an obstacle - turns a molehill into a mountain - and makes it harder for you to change. See what I mean?

In the weekly I gave an example for LIBRA.

Here's another example of how this could look for another sign:

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING - Venus is in your 8th house of other people's money and resources - your spouse's income, debts, loans, taxes, inheritances - the ways you merge with other people - intimacy, sex, life, death. This is the area of life that is hitting Saturn. The wall, a limit, the reality police are knocking at THIS door. How might this look? Well, there are as many ways for this to play out as there are Virgos. Maybe your tax refund isn't going to be what you hoped it would be and you need to adjust. Maybe your inheritance isn't and you need to adjust. And remember your inheritance isn't just dollars in the back. Maybe an inherited tendency is what is hitting the wall. Maybe someone else doesn't want what you have to offer. Maybe you are comparing your life to other people's lives and seeing what you are missing (intimacy, resources). Maybe your sex life/sex drive has stopped. Maybe your partner's income is what it is, for now (that wall) - this is a transit, so transitory - and adjustments must be made to work with the reality of the situation. Maybe your partner's income stops or some resource you are receiving from someone else has dried up. The ways you feel unappreciated or inadequate are coming to your attention via other people's resources. Now, you also have Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio) trining the Sun today. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is in your partnership house (7th/Pisces). Someone has your back here. You are on the same page. That retrograde Jupiter means you will be going back over an old issue/situation within a partnership, so you can both get your needs met. The deep stuff with other people's resources may be hitting a wall, but there is other stuff that can be talked about/worked on now within a partnership that will help get you through this. Bring the common ground partnership stuff into focus. There is something that can be leaned into here as you make that 90 degree pivot with the deeper resources/intimacy stuff.

For all of us Mercury hit Saturn (wall, limit, authority) on Sunday and has moved a bit past him. Maybe we heard a "no", maybe we had a new responsibility added to our plate.

Venus hits Saturn, by square, last night/today. I had a whopper of an argument last night which I can easily see was all about both of us not feeling seen/heard/appreciated/loved.

These squares with Saturn are requiring us to make a change to get around him. 

This is a 90 degree angle. If you are driving your car in a straight line and suddenly make a 90 degree turn, it would be a pretty big change of direction, right?! 

You are in Texas headed for Canada and end up in Rhode Island. 

This isn't some random thing that is happening to us. We didn't just decide to change course even if it looks like we just decided to change course. We can't go any further on this path. 

The road to Canada is closed. We are going to Rhode Island. Saturn is the heavy-handed taskmaster/father time/fate. 

His squares are necessary course corrections to get us back on track. 

This doesn't mean we are never going to get to Canada. But there is something we need to do/get/see/experience in Rhode Island first - hello Providence!

So, where is your "no" coming from and what have you done/are doing/need to do - to keep moving? Where are you feeling unloved and unappreciated? Are you worried about how you are going to pay for something? Where is reality biting you in the ass? What has been happening these past couple weeks and what is happening right now?

Although we have Venus squaring Saturn today possibly offering up some kind of let down, we also have the good news of Jupiter trining (brakes off) the Sun in Pisces today.

Yes, today could be a bit of a roller-coaster ride!

The trine offers optimism and confidence. The Sun is the light at the end of that Jupiter in Scorpio tunnel (and yes, the light is also the Saturn train - things can be both at the same time). There is some kind of workaround in our Scorpio house. Let's keep putting one foot in front of the other there. 

 This doesn't mean we get to avoid reality though - Saturn can't be shirked.

(also keep in mind that North Node in Leo - following our heart and not hiding from our rightful center stage)

Trines are viewed in astrology as weaker aspects than squares because most of us notice the problem areas more than we notice things that fall into place. Maybe we were programmed that way in order to stay alive - but that programming is no longer needed. Trines can be as powerful as squares and a trine involving Jupiter and the Sun is about as powerful as you can get for seeing something in a more positive light.

We can't avoid the reality train now, but there is another light at the end of the tunnel, too.

xo all

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