Weekend Forecast for Creatives | Jupiter stations retrograde - reassessing the growth/empty promises, doing what has to be done, work now play later, plus Trump stands alone

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Last night Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio.

HERE is a post (by sign which should offer some tips for personal and collective themes) from last October when Jupiter ingressed into Scorpio.

We have been digging around in that basement for months. Now we come up into the kitchen. We make ourselves a sandwich and a cup of tea. We step out the back door and take a breath (in between bites of peanut butter and jam, of course).

We have gone as far as we can go with something here for now. 

It's time to work with what we have gathered so far - time to do the "re's" here - re-fine, re-visit, re-lease, re-kindle, re-search, re-connect, re-view, re-assess, re-consider.

Jupiter tends to rush and the details can get overlooked. So now we go back and look at them. We won't be adding any more pieces to this puzzle. We will just be dealing with the pieces we have already uncovered. OK? What does it all mean?

Whatever we have been experiencing/working with here since October either pauses now or heats up via a re-set. Either way there is a shift.

Jupiter, being completely made of gases, is known to promise much more than he delivers. It is literally a planet made up of hot air.

So we could have been dealing with alot of empty promises or exaggerations over the last few months via the theme of our natal Scorpio house. The retrograde will be the time we put all the pieces together, decide what stays and what goes, what is true and what isn't. It's a time for the inner growth to catch up with the outer growth.

What has been growing in your life since last October?

If it is something good this will be a time to go within - dig roots, strengthen your holdings.

If it is something you aren't happy with or the promised/hoped for goodies haven't been arriving - the next few months will be the time to make the changes to line up with what you want. Maybe you need to lower your expectations (just a smidge!), maybe you aren't really following your heart with this one (Leo North Node!), maybe you just need to work a little harder (Saturn in Capricorn!).

Jupiter will station direct in July (at 13 degrees Scorpio) and start covering entirely new degrees next October.

When Jupiter first ingressed into Scorpio the Harvey Weinstein stories were breaking. And over the last few months we have seen the growth of the #metoo movement. Probably that movement gets re-evaluated now.

The Parkland Shooting energy will also be re-worked. The Parkland students and others are organizing a March for Our Lives - anti-gun violence rally in Washington D.C. (and other locations) on March 24th.

On March 24th, the Sun will be squaring Mars.

This is the first square of a new Mars cycle that kicked off when Mars conjuncted the Sun back on July 27, 2017 - this is when North Korea sent that ballistic missile on its almost hour-long journey that ended somewhere in the Sea of Japan - the same missile that military experts determined had the range to quite possibly reach Chicago.

Since Mars has a near-exact 79 year cycle and we are re-living (not exactly obviously because the other players/planets are in different places, but almost the identical Mars degrees) the year 1939 - a very dangerous period in world history, maybe this particular rally (anti-gun violence) on this particular day (Mars cycle's first square) can put the Mars/Sun narrative to a higher use (than the scary-ass North Korea storyline) and help shift the collective timeline to a better, safer one for all of us. Maybe we have learned something in the last few decades? Let's pray for that.

Almost certainly other big stories regarding corruption - power, money, sex, death - will be hitting the news now, too, to be gone over during this retrograde. Mercury is also walking his upcoming retrograde degrees now.

We will talk about this more as we move through it.

On FRIDAY, with Jupiter sitting all still and powerful, we have the Moon in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). Normally a very Jupiterian day would be good news - Jupiter is the great benefic after all, but today's Moon has multiple challenges.

First, she squares the Sun - this is the last quarter Moon of the month, usually a time of tension - in Sagittarius/Pisces this could be a challenge where we are forced to "go on faith". Something stable (maybe a belief) could feel like it is dissolving. Remember where we are in our monthly cycle. The Moon is waning. It is a natural time of release as we build toward the next New Moon in Pisces on March 17th - yes, we have had all this Pisces and haven't even had the Pisces New Moon yet!

Sagittarius/Pisces could be what we believe (Sagittarius) challenged by what is actually true (Pisces).

As the closing square of this cycle it is a good time for compromise. Someone needs to back down a bit, maybe it could be us.

The Moon hooks up with Mars around dinnertime making everyone irritable and antsy. It will be way too easy to take things personally that aren't personal. Independent work and learning is favored.

Mars is going to trine (brakes off) unpredictable Uranus on Sunday so whatever that is stirring up could be activated emotionally now.

The Moon then goes void after a trine (brakes off) with rebellious and freedom-seeking Uranus at 9:27PM EST - a good time to do something else. If Moon/Mars brought out an argument - now someone is making a break for it or both parties are finding a new way to make up.

By SATURDAY, the Moon has moved into all-business Capricorn. The weekend could be productive. And ambitious. Maybe somewhat cold and calculating as our emotions contract to just get the job done or weather the storm.

We are concerned with duty and obligation now - our security, our reputation.

Expect news (this energy is exact on Sunday) regarding career, authority, goals, status - a limit, we get a "no" which is probably really more a "not right now" - Mercury (news, information, siblings, transportation) hits a wall (Saturn).

Remember we have Venus trailing Mercury now and they meet up again on the 19th. We can attract (Venus) what we speak (Mercury) very quickly now. Watch your language. Say what you want to happen/have. Speaking about what we don't want is only going to deliver more of what we don't want to us even faster now.

While in Capricorn the Moon is going to conjunct Saturn - good for self-evaluation, being responsible, acting like a grown-up. Something could be cemented now.

On SUNDAY, we have a mixed bag. The Sun (in Pisces) will sextile Pluto. This is productive and useful and we can get alot done - this gives us more passion for whatever we are doing and opportunities to shine.

We also have Mars trining (brakes off) Uranus. Our actions won't want to be boxed in or routine. Anything that feels even slightly like a collar is going to feel way too tight. This is energy to break free from anything familiar and do something new. Our instincts should be on target with risks taken now. We get (Mars) what we want by taking different actions now.

With the Moon in Capricorn this would also be good energy to strategize an escape plan for whatever isn't working.

So, Saturday do what has to be done so on Sunday you can do what you want to do, at least for some of the time.

Keep in mind Mercury is hitting Saturn - that wall (Venus follows on Tuesday) - so something may not quite work out as planned. Also keep in mind Mercury is going to 'get past' Saturn - yes, a bit weather-beaten and aged, but still moving. Saturn's ability to be the ultimate NO was always dependent on his position as the final planet in our universe which hasn't been the case since the invention of the telescope.

We will talk about this more next week.

xo all

Again let's pay attention to what is happening in our life (and in the news now) because we will be working with these story-lines for awhile. Uranus was un-aspected in yesterday's Jupiter Retrograde chart making unexpected news and unexpected actions taken now play out rather powerfully over the next few months.

Trump (with his Uranus/Sun/North Node conjunction) IS Uranus and was un-restrainable yesterday - initiating tariffs that could spark a trade war/market problems - just might with this energy, whatever happens here there will be consequences - and announcing an upcoming meeting with North Korea's leader - almost surely going to change the U.S/North Korea trajectory - we'll pray for good news here too. Trump's Stormy weather - the porn star/payoff story (very Scorpio) isn't going away anytime soon either. Especially with Jupiter ruling the media! And with Jupiter ruling legal issues, Mueller's indictments will no doubt be front page news again soon - especially with Trump - that un-aspected Uranus come to life - standing all alone at Jupiter's station.

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