Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | getting the word out, avoid over-reactions, road blocks and running out of time, Sunday launches new Pisces story - healing love, compassion, forgiveness

s u n d a y by silvia-giuli

We are coming off last night's Full Moon in Virgo - always about grounding ourselves in reality, likely through whatever has played/is playing itself out over the last week or so.

It is about, yes, putting something in order, but also about realizing we can't control everything and profiting from our ability to go with the flow.

Avoid all the Virgo and Pisces traps - perfectionism, criticism, procrastination, addiction, living in lala land. We don't need to see the glass as half full or half empty right now - we just need to see there is an actual glass in front of us, and yes, it has some water in it. And if we are thirsty we need to drink it.

Eclipse season is finished. Stick a fork in it.

I have a friend who started eclipse season rather determined to purchase a fixer-upper house and studio - my advice was to proceed slowly and let the whole thing unwind. Let the eclipses reveal what needs to be seen. The spaces where we feel we need to rush are "fake news". The rush/pushing can get us onto a more challenging timeline than just letting things move on their own. On the other hand, we still need to take some action. We can't just sit on our rather cushy winter-asses and expect life to take care of everything.

To make a long story short over the last month she worked through a process with this house, some physical actions, some time spent in her head/heart, decided it was too much of a fixer-upper and located on too busy a road for her little one. She was then presented, almost magically, because this is how life works - with something on the opposite side of the spectrum. A completed house - in exactly the Joanna Gaines style she loves, in a great neighborhood for a little one. She worked the process on this house, and again decided against it.

So, now she feels she is back at square one and made no headway. But is this really true? We went through the wash cycle with the eclipse - we are clean and shiny now and should have a better idea of our next steps, what we really want, what we don't want, where we stand, etc. Feeling shiny and new is pretty much how we want to be feeling about some area of our life now. Even if things are still looking rather dusty. We are actually standing on totally different ground than we were a month ago. More solid ground.

OK, so for the weekend on FRIDAY we have Mercury (in Pisces) trining (brakes off) Jupiter (in Scorpio). This aspect is good for business and 'getting the word out' about something, traveling for business or widening our horizons in some way.

Our thinking (Mercury) can be elevated and expansive (Jupiter). We are probably going to need (the Moon also joins in later on) to communicate. The conversation grows. More information comes in.

Best use of the day could be to get ourselves organized early on - do what we have to do, then connect with other people about what we are looking to grow in the afternoon 3:40PM EST through 6:50PM EST looks especially promising. After that, the Moon will go void and we should probably be thinking siesta, too.

It's not all puppies and kittens though.

The Moon trines Pluto and squares Mars so we (or someone else) could be kind of intense in the afternoon, too - try not to over-react, especially if someone questions what you are doing or how you are doing it. Or asks for something with bad timing. We will likely regret any rudeness on our part now. This is good energy for focus and research.

The evening looks good for de-cluttering - inboxes, closets. The Moon is waning. Something has to go. Not such a great date night unless you want to spend it uber focused on that piece of parsley between his teeth and listening to his "lists" - whatever he is doing, has done or wants to do. The Moon is void anyway - so nothing will come of it.

By SATURDAY, the Moon has moved into social Libra - beauty, cooperation, fairness, balance are the buzzwords.

The Moon (in Libra) will square stable, but limiting Saturn (in Capricorn). There might be a road block, an issue with authority, not enough time. This energy is stressful. Planets activating the natural square of two cardinal signs could make us productive though.

SUNDAY offers a COLOSSAL gathering of Piscean energy just as the Sun catches up with Neptune at 13 degrees and kicks off a new Neptunian cycle for your Pisces house (every year since Neptune moved into Pisces - 2012-2025 - the Sun catches up with him during Pisces season and starts a new chapter). We have the Sun/Neptune conjunct AND Venus/Mercury/Chiron conjunct all in dreamy Pisces.

I know a rather larger than life Pisces celebrating his 40th birthday today - divine timing, I'd say.

There are many ways for this to play out and I wrote about some of them by sign in the Full Moon forecast HERE - Chiron's involvement will likely offer us a chance at healing love through forgiveness, compassion, prayer, dream, our creative imagination, meditation.

Sitting with Venus and Mercury - we can see/verbalize the beauty in our wounded places and in other people's vulnerabilities/wounding. That sucking thing he does when he sips his coffee that usually makes us crazy will encourage us to move a little closer. Suddenly, he looks just like a little baby bird and not just any baby bird, but our little wounded, baby bird. This could also be something about facing our own woundings/short-comings/victim story.

Mercury catching up with Venus could also bring money/love/resources news - this aspect will repeat mid-March after Mercury goes retrograde, so something from now could connect us to then. 

Whatever is being mended/soothed here has a much larger significance than we can see right now, because it is the opening lines of this new chapter for our Pisces houses. It's a portal to our new Pisces story - that, yes, builds on the old one, but in other ways will be entirely different because multiple planets that have been in the same signs for years are going to change signs over the next couple months.

Pisces growth is always connected to what we are releasing - whatever is blocking our connection to universal love. What do we need to let go of? What do we need to accept? This day will be rather dreamy, but we have that Virgo Full Moon energy to stay grounded enough to make sense of it all. If you are feeling overwhelmed get out in nature. Get your hands into some dirt.

With Pisces, the focus is on the theme of your natal Pisces house (mine is my 4th house - home, family - and I am hoping to avoid the usual water/infestations - and we are having a nor'easter as I write this! - that normally accompany mega-Pisces for me by giving this energy something else to do via that Pisces birthday party near the ocean) and Pisces collective themes - imagination, art, healing, music, hospitals, spirituality, our past, what we have put away, what we have put behind us, etc. Our boundaries will be extremely thin.

Keep in mind I am writing about aspects when they are exact, but events tend to happen as planets and points move into and out of contact, so you might feel them on different days.

xo all

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