Weekend Forecast for Creatives | March 30 thru April 1 - Happy Easter, Happy Passover, the Egg Moon, ruminating on our infrastructure needs and those nasty biting flies

feathers II by Dabadus

We start FRIDAY in the lunar void until the Moon moves into Libra at 1:52PM EDT. Sleep in. The Libra Moon favors connecting with other people. Good for balanced moods and diplomatic efforts. Good for business negotiations, our beautification endeavors and working with women. Just don't start anything in the A.M. or push anything out into the world you need "something to come of".

With the Moon not making a contact with any other planets our efforts won't either.

The Moon squares Mars and then Saturn, very late at night - this is part of Saturday's Full Moon energy, but will be in play on Friday night, allowing simmering resentments to be released and encouraging impulsive actions. The energy is ripe to be 'emotionally attacked' or for us to over-react and lose our temper. We can emotionally hit a wall/reach our limit with Saturn.

This is excellent bridge burning energy and in play most of the weekend, so be aware of your personal infrastructure needs and the fact that Mercury is retrograde - think - is there anyway you are going to need to cross this bridge again? Like - is this the bridge to the mainland (and are you really going to survive without the mainland - without Starbucks, without chocolate, without watching the next season of Westworld?) or is this the bridge to the island and is the island a tropical oasis or swarming with those nasty biting green flies?

At 12:54AM EDT on SATURDAY morning Venus moves home to Taurus. Venus loves Taurus - a sign she rules. After her weeks in Aries trying to be a lover and a fighter, she is quite content to settle into herself again. Taurus suns and rising signs get more attractive (both physically attractive and more able to attract). All of our Taurus houses become more attractive, too.

Taurus is the nuts and bolts of life. She rules our second house of everything important money can buy and everything important money can't. She rules food and nourishment. She rules the sensual touch that feels like love. She rules our resources - our money, the planet. She rules our self-esteem and values. Even though there is still a whole lot of Aries/Capricorn - Venus in Taurus will help settle things down - there will be moments we will want to 'stop and smell the roses' over the next few weeks. This doesn't mean life slows down, but we will feel much better if we make the time to enjoy those slower moments, care for ourselves (and others) in loving and practical ways and appreciate what we already have

On 8:37AM EDT the Moon reaches its fullness in Libra opposing the Aries Sun at 10 degrees. See the Full Moon post HERE.

Called the Egg Moon, the Grass Moon or the Seed Moon - it is a time when things come to light (seeds sprout, answers are illuminated), to culmination or completion. The peak lunar power of our monthly cycle makes it excellent energy for breaking through our coarsened winter inertia (think seeds through the ground again here - invoke the energy of those sprouting weeds!) and get moving/evolving.

With squares from both Mars and Saturn (both uber strong in Capricorn) whatever we are doing will not be without obstacles. The Sun's connection with Mercury (our mental processes) at the middle of her retrograde cycle tells us Mercury's retrograde theme - information, a decision, a conversation, a sibling interaction, the theme of your natal Aries house - will play a part in whatever this Full Moon shakes loose/brings into the light.

This is excellent energy to re-new some type of collaborative or creative effort. I wouldn't try to fight those Capricorn squares head on at this moment, but rather to use the warrior energy (cold and calculating as it is in Capricorn) for a worthwhile cause using Libra's diplomatic skills, cooperative abilities and fair-mindedness. Libra will help strengthen any bonds that are mutually beneficial. If something is out of balance now - we will feel it through that pit in our stomach and everything that isn't working.

Also remember with Mercury sitting with the Sun, that means that Mercury is opposing the Moon. This means our head (Mercury, and remember our head is kind of on backwards now looking behind us) and our emotions will be out of whack. Our communication and our impulses are working at cross-purposes and with Mercury in Aries, this makes the energy ripe for misunderstandings and miscommunications. Expect someone to go off on an "intellectual tangent". Hope it's not us. Bring popcorn.

By SUNDAY morning the Sun's connection with Mercury continues (the Moon's opposition has moved on) should make everything a little brighter and lighter. Our creative energy (Sun) merges with versatile and communicative Mercury. Easter breakfasts should be lively. This would normally be a good time to start a commercial venture, but with Mercury retrograde it would be best if we are "re-starting" something or going back over previous efforts.

The Moon goes Void at 2:29PM EDT (through 6:57PM EDT) off an opposition to Uranus. That opposition could lead to emotional upsets and unpredictable behaviors/events. We won't want to be tied down. No one else will either. This could present us with something unusual, unexpected or even shocking. The best laid plans can go awry. I know someone born with his Moon opposite Uranus and he has spent his whole life opposing his mother. His whole life. This is how this energy feels when taken to the extreme. We could just feel a bit detached.

At 6:57PM EDT the Moon dives into Scorpio. The Moon likes being in Scorpio - we will be more passionate and intense for the next couple days. A water sign, Scorpio makes us more emotional. The second water sign, Scorpio makes us more aware of our partner's emotional needs and makes them more emotional in reaction to us.

At 11:17PM EDT the Scorpio Moon will oppose Venus (strong in Taurus). There is something here about us not getting the affection we want. We will be more sensitive and moody. This is the energy of the martyr/mother. "I do so much for you and then you do this to me!" ... and the violins play. Or just being torn between being a loving mother and being a romantic partner. Maybe the kids want to sleep in the bed with us which might not be such a good idea because on Monday morning Mars will meet up with Saturn favoring our Capricorn ambitions. Get some sleep.

xo all and Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone!


stregata said...

Thank you, Cat! Love your posts!
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter!

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you Renate - I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too! xo