Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | May 3, 2021 to May 9, 2021 - the conversation changes, a reality check, what we want intensifies, recognition and ka-ching for old work, flexible is the new black



OK, let's take a look at the week ahead - we'll fill in the Moons with some dailies - and then at the end of this post we'll take a quick look ahead at the rest of May! 


Monthly post will be out this week plus back to the royals!

MONDAY - MERCURY SQUARES JUPITER | Taurus/Aquarius, 28 degrees | SUN SQUARES SATURN | Taurus/Aquarius, 28 degrees | MERCURY INTO GEMINI

Mercury in resource-focused Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius. Keep in mind, Mercury trined Pluto yesterday. So we get the intensity/transformational words/conversations - the trine - followed by the optimism/enthusiasm/bigger-is-better of the Jupiter square. Just keep in mind Jupiter's gaseous structure - some words/ideas could be exaggerated, not everything will pan out. Don't over-promise.


This is Taurus which rules our money, so keep an eye on your wallet. 

This is also the day the Sun squares Saturn - again Taurus/Aquarius at 28 degrees. Limits. Restrictions. Authority. Responsibility. Sometimes a hard "no". The Sun is going to trine Pluto next week, so don't give up, but don't bang your head against the wall either because the wall ain't going anywhere. We'll need patience. This is basically a reality check. Situations conspire to make us aware of the rules, the effects of time, our responsibilities, restrictions.

Note these aspects may have played out on Friday or over the weekend as they were applying.


Mercury (communication, ideas, local life and travel, transportation, sibling issues) moves into his/her home sign of Gemini. We will feel a difference in the days ahead as information and communications switch from turtle pace to rabbit. Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow. We can CHANGE OUR MIND, SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE. We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be rather chatty, so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable. Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information might be sometimes too quick and unreliable. But easy, adaptable conversations, suitable for the moment, can pull everything forward now. 


With his/her upcoming retrograde Mercury will be in Gemini until July 11th. He/she is going to start walking shadow degrees (the degrees we will cover three times - back and forth) on May 14th, so if there are things you can finish up before then, try to get them finished up. After that, especially with Mercury in his home sign of Gemini, technical/paperwork/communication/transportation whatever we have going on will be subject to this back and forth kind of REVIEW, it won't be a one and done. Mercury will be retrograde from May 29th through June 22nd.


THURSDAY - VENUS TRINES PLUTO RETROGRADE | Taurus/Capricorn, 28 degrees | NORTH NODE SEXTILES CHIRON | Gemini/Aries, 11 degrees


This is the best day of the week - we also have the Pisces Moon sextiling the Sun in Taurus for some extra magic. Making the dream real.


Venus in Taurus trines a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. We are attracting power/attractive to power. This speaks of recognition/money for old work. Inheritances. Financial empowerment. Professional green lights. This aspect can intensify what we want, YES, WE WANT THIS. Keep in mind, Venus is in Taurus, so this is about greater comfort/security. We are empowered by our values/what we have/what we earn. Good for dealings with authority figures. Keep in mind Taurus/Cappy practicality. 

At the same time the North Node moves into an opportunistic sextile with Chiron, the South Node a smooth trine. This is Gemini/Aries. Old beliefs about not having what it takes to be ourselves/stand up for ourselves/take care of ourselves are being released, replaced by new words/conversations/ideas that move us onto our new path. Words are healing. Changing our mind is healing. Seeing another way forward is healing. This also speaks of a way forward through our vulnerabilities/wounds - not hiding them.



Now, Venus is doing what Mercury was doing on Monday. These are our two beneficial planets, so even the square can only be so bad/only be a problem if we take something too far. Or if we have something serious going on that we are not taking seriously. With Venus in Taurus - don't overspend.  Purchases could disappoint us later. For the most part though, this is happiness/optimism. Enjoy it.


Now beneficial Venus moves into Gemini - Gemini Suns and rising signs get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want and need. Our natal and progressed Gemini house themes get more attractive, too. We are most attractive (use our Venus, think magnetic here) through Gemini (our mind, being flexible). It's a good time (through June 2rd) to be talking and communicating with lots of different people about lots of different things. Venus in Gemini is about variety. In the mutable air sign (Gemini) the themes Venus rules - love, money, our values, our resources, self-esteem, women, beauty - get more light-hearted. There are quickly more options available. There is also more duality - this is the space where our heart is saying one thing and our brain is saying something else.

We could suddenly recognize a mismatch between what we have and what we want. Or what we thought we had (during Venus in resource-rich Taurus) could be up for grabs a bit. With Venus in Gemini life becomes more of a flirtation. Communications are more casual, more lively and humorous. It's a good time to set aside any existing constructs about what we like and what we don't like and stay open to new experiences, new people and new situations.

This isn't the best energy to make an important decision (regarding our Gemini natal house theme or Venus ruled love, money, self-esteem, values, women or beauty) or commit to something long-term. We don't want to be asking these things of others either. For example it's not the best time to ask clients to be tied into a long-term membership, but it's an excellent time to think outside the box about who would be up for a short-term trial period. People will be more open-minded about less important things. For the next three weeks, it's time to "flirt", it's not the time to "put a ring on it". This doesn't just apply to romance.


Now Ceres replaces Venus in Taurus (a sign she should at least co-rule if not rule - Venus will still have Libra). Back to her garden. The good news - this is Ceres in Taurus. Great for planting. Great for procreation. If you are trying to get pregnant/move into a new season of life, Ceres in this fertile territory will help. The bad news - she's going to move through all the pesky fixed squares the Sun, Mercury and Venus just did. Her first big aspect will be her conjunction to Uranus on June 11th, so we might expect some surprises involving Ceres/Taurus themes then - mothering, seasons of life, things outside our control, compromises, weather/earth situations. 


LOOKING AHEAD TO THE REST OF THE MONTH - there is ALOT going on. The first couple weeks are mostly good aspects - things are moving forward. We have a New Moon in Taurus (New Earth folks) in the middle of the month. I haven't looked at that one yet. We have Jupiter leaving Aquarius for his ancient home sign of Pisces just before that New Moon - our Pisces natal house expansion will get a summer preview - before he slips back into Aquarius later in the year! In Pisces, Jupiter will finally get some distance from Saturn which should help us feel better. And with Mercury and Venus in Gemini - those Aquarius squares from last month (tension, frustration) turn into smooth air trines - good news. The Sun still has some work to do in Taurus including meeting Pluto toward the end of the month - personal empowerment. The third week of the month we get some challenges and Saturn stations retrograde. By the fourth week we enter eclipse season with - a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Sag house culmination, possible Sag house loss), followed by Mercury stationing retrograde, so expect some twists and turns. We'll hash all this out in the monthly. 


There is some good stuff brewing this week, we just have to get through the reality check early in the week (and we certainly could have had this already - late last week or over the weekend as this aspect was applying) and not get too carried away with the Jupiter squares as we move through the week. With multiple planets changing signs - EXPECT CHANGE THIS WEEK. Keep your eye on the calendar for Mercury's shadow degree date (May 14th) - we want to get Gemini stuff taken care of before that date, if possible, so we don't have the Merc retro delays and reviews if we don't need to! And keep the other eye on your wallet, your values and your resources this week with those Taurus squares.

xo all

artwork by the talented Lora-Vysotskaya

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