Today's Astrology Forecast | TUESDAY, May 4th, 2021 - liberation vs stability, the meaning of progress, optimistic or restless we drift into the night


The Moon is in Aquarius now - we are nourished through our intellect, through tech, structured logic, astrology, science, groups, friendships. She squares Venus at 11:49AM EDT and goes void off her conjunction with Jupiter at 8:05PM EDT. She is void until 10:08PM EDT when she drifts into Pisces.


The Moon's square to Venus can trigger a disconnect between what we have/our resources/finances and our future. Freedom vs stability. The square is tension/frustration, but also an active aspect that creates CHANGE. 


(we are cutting down 2 trees today - the one tree is dead, the other dying/maybe dangerous, but alive and it hurts me to do this. They are coming down to make room for a garage that hubs and I are divided over anyway - the literal manifestation of Taurus vs Aquarius - something alive/fixed vs making way for the future, a woman blocking 'progress')


As the Moon moves toward Jupiter, we should feel greater optimism/expansion or maybe our discontent with what is now just increases. We might feel restless/not wanting to conform. Focus on the positives here with whatever is happening - something is GROWING. With the Moon void, the expansion isn't focused on goals/achievement, so can feel good without the pressure if we allow ourselves to feel this. 


(we might get a little preview of Jupiter into Pisces today/maybe a vision of the future)

Once the Moon gets into Pisces we relax/let go. Discontent over resources ease. Aqua problems are less pressing. Let yourself flow into what comes next without forcing the issue. We can just feel without analyzing something to death. Listen to/make music. Meditate. Pray. Paint. Talk to ghosts.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Lora-Vysotskaya

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