TODAY'S ASTROLOGY FORECAST | Sunday, May 2, 2021 - intense emotions, powerful language, transformation, practical magic, creative opportunities, talking to ghosts, thoughts become things



The Moon continues to move through sober/ambitious Capricorn - she trined Venus at 12:41AM EDT, sextiled Neptune at 2:15AM EDT, meets up with a retrograde Pluto at 9:53AM EDT (intense emotions over old matters) and goes void at 10:37AM EDT off a trine to Mercury. She will be void until 3:31 when she moves into Aquarius. In Aqua over the next couple days we get those squares to the Taurus planets, so probably some tension/stress.

Today is the day Mercury trines Pluto and Venus sextiles Neptune. Both smooth aspects - with Mercury/Pluto our words are empowering/even transformational. This is a nice, solid earth trine - building something REAL. Pluto is retrograde now, so this might involve an old situation, might speak of some kind of do-over. As the compulsion/obsession/manipulation/power struggle eases up, those practical ideas/words in Taurus will flow easily/promote growth. Thoughts become things.


In some cases Mercury/Pluto enables a kind of dark or compulsive thinking, so if we find ourselves going back over already mined territory see if there is anything practical that can be dug up this time around.

Venus's sextile to Neptune - both powerful in their home signs - speaks of practical magic. Physical healing. Compassion. The sensual touch that feels like love. This is a creative opportunity. More 'making the dream real' stuff. Endless love. Money comes in or floats on out the door to someone else. We might drift off course/dream the day away.


Our boundaries are thin here, and with Pluto and Neptune both activated, we are working some very old (familial/past-life) and very important story-lines. Things are more than they appear to be (why we are saying/doing what we are doing/why what is happening is happening) - how deep we go with this is up to us. We might dig up a few skeletons, but also some BURIED TREASURE.

Just avoid that Void Moon period for anything important. 


Tomorrow is that Sun square Saturn (stop sign/reality checkpoint) and Mercury square Jupiter and Mercury moves home to Gemini, so definite changes in store for Monday. 


Back with a weekly tonight - can't get the whole monthly up, but will write a monthly overview with the weekly - BIG MONTH!

xo all

artwork by the talented Hulya Ozdemir

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