Chinese New Year's Resolutions or the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night (do you remember that part or did you just hum that line, too?)

So, anyhoo, during a giveaway a couple weeks ago everyone was nice enough to tell us all some of their resolutions for 2010.

And some of us are determined not to make any- which is kind of like making one anyway.

I have always been a bit lazy about resolutions and certain other types of long-term planning

(although I do have a nice family plot picked out under a shade tree in Tucson for hubby and I)

this is one reason we have never gone on a cruise

(there are other reasons involving seasickness and the joiny kind of things cruises require you to do- and of course, the cold hard cash part of the whole cruise experience)

because cruises, among many other things that I will probably never get to do, require some kind of long term planning.

Or maybe because I can still hear my grandmother saying "if you want to hear God laugh, tell her your plans"

(or maybe that was a country song, I forget now ...)

but anyway, planning has always been a bit of a problem for me- although I am a bit of a short-term list maker, so do get a few things accomplished here and there.

With the Chinese New Year about to roll into the Year of the Tiger (can you say that without hearing the Rocky song play in your head ... I didn't think so)

and I know it's Eye of the Tiger, but still ...

I can at least resolve to NOT do a few things in the new year.

1. Run in any kind of marathon

(I can't believe I even thought this was remotely possible last year- although I am determined to beat that damn race-walker at the reservoir- she will be at least 65 when we meet up again in the spring and I will be on a bike this year, so I am thinking I will finally be able to take her)

2. Choose logic over intuition

(nope, not gonna do it)

3. Watch a movie with Nicolas Cage in it

(sorry, but I can still hear him whining, "Peeeegggggy" to Kathleen Turner and it creeps me out- I did like Birdy though)

4. Join Facebook

(I may not say never to this one, but I can probably hold out for another 12 months)

5. Give up diet pepsi

(I've tried, I can't do it, I admit it)

6. Give up vampires

(even though I think know there is a connection between America's vampire obsession and America's obsession with not aging I'm still waiting on True Blood's new season)

7. Weigh myself

(because muscle weighs more than fat, remember, and even though I am feeling like I need to trade in my pencil skirt for the crayola model, I know it is all muscle)

8. Give up our vacation

(never again, we are taking one this year)

I could go on and on with things I am not going to do because, well I am a little bit lazy and most things are a little bit efforty, but just know that when you are multi-tasking and getting all sorts of things accomplished, I am most likely lying on the couch drinking diet pepsi and watching vampires .. or at least I hope to be.

(celebratory Tiger card by Frantic Meerkat)


Kitty said...

Great idea; great post! I haven't really ever made real New Years resolutions, but making a list of things I resolve NOT to do looks like fun! Thanks for the idea and the laughs!

Kim Bagwill said...

I like your new year's resolutions. I'm trying to give up diet Coke, and I usually make it through the week, but if I go out....I'm a goner. I'd like to give up weighing myself, too, but unfortunately, I'm addicted. Thanks for using my tiger card to illustrate your resolutions and good luck with the whole couch/diet pepsi/vampire thing. :)

KJ McLean said...

I, too, am a conscientious consumer (in mass quantities!) of Diet Pepsi, so I understand that one completely! :)

Artsnark said...

Great Un-resolutions! ( Now I've got the Very Merry Un-birthday song from the old Alice & Wonderland cartoon stuck in my head, aargh..)

I broke down & joined facebook a couple months back - now it is just 1 more thing to do.....hold strong, sister!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Who is the winner of the vintage clutch??

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks for the reminder Aljna!

Kendra Zvonik said...

that's a great list, cat! your sense of humor always keeps me laughing and not taking things too seriously is obviously the point here.
whatever you do or don't do with your time- be happy!
btw, i'm with you about facebook & taking a vacation.
happy new year and thanks for putting eye of the tiger in my head. remember, revenge is sweet :)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Love this post! Seriously. Hi. I am Kim..I am new to your blog and so far I think you are fabulous.