Whining Wednesday or what your gifts are trying to tell you

I think you can tell what people really think of you by the gifts they give you or don't give you.

So, when I was unChristmas-ing my house the other day I took a look at the gifts I was given and the thought that the people who know me best had put into them.

I mean we give our kids gifts that they 'want' - within reason and price and age appropriateness (of course this is because they tell us what they want- they drag us over to watch tv commercials, give us lists to mail and are smart enough to tell people what they want- we could learn alot from these short people we live with).

But we give most people what we think they want.

Anyhoo, I got 2 pocketbooks-both Fossil cross-bodies- one red and one black. So what is the message here? I need alot of places to keep all my loot? I need alot of places to keep my broken Sephora bronzers? Maybe people are thinking of me as an abundant, organized person... yeah, I think I will go with that one.

I got alot of things that smell nice- like soaps and lotions and candles.

(hmmm... this could be saying good or not so good things about me)

We got alot of packaged meat and cheese

(I am sadly serious here)

mostly from hubby's customers and when I say to hubby "look at all this meat" he says- "well when Jerry - you know, the dog trainer guy- gave me that box- he said you would really like it."

(huh?? I would really like it)

Me "What did he mean by that?"

Hubby "Huh, I guess there is something in there he thought you would like."

Me "I wonder if he thinks I'm fat?"

Hubby "No."

Me "Well, maybe not as a human, but if I were a dog and were wearing a collar, would I have a roll of fat that is squeezed out over the collar?"

Hubby "Um…"

Me "Would my collar have to be adjusted or could I wear it off the rack?"

Then we laughed and proceeded to eat all the Hickory out of Hickory Farms.

P.S. There is a little post script to this story because today hubby remembered that the customer who told him 'your wife will like this' had given him a bottle of wine (not a case of beef sticks and monteray jack)

so was probably referring to my drinking habit the cork.

1. Awesome Ipod/Iphone case by FannyAlioli
2. Adorable My Little Bird Ring by MGMart
3. Beautiful red infinity scarf by Mojospastyle
4. Blue halter dress by the amazing Larimeloom
5. You Are So Loved framed print by the incredible Jess Gonacha Swift.
6. Stunning burgundy earrings by CoolJewelryDesign.


Unni Strand said...

Hi Cat.
Thank you for the whining! I feel like whining today. The only problem is, I have nothing to whine about...
Thank you for voting for my lanyard! I think I'm doing quite bad, concidering that I have 8 votes and two of them are from myself... :)
A lovely wednesday to you!

alexkeller said...

oh - well i still haven't taken down the Xmas decorations, so you're a step ahead of me

TesoriTrovati said...

THanks for sharing. Makes me think that there is now a hidden agenda in my own gift giving! Enjoy the day! Erin

M.M.E. said...

Hahah. Great post. I've always wondered if I would be a fat animal. Every morning I wake up, thanking my genetics that I have a high-ish metabolism. I received a coin purse made out of a baby sock for Christmas from my grandparents and I shudder to think what they were thinking.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this made me laugh out loud,thank you! x

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

good grief, you make me laugh.

Carapace said...

I've always figured meat and soap are "gifts for people you know well enough to wish to give a gift, but not well enough to have any idea what they like". Everyone eats! And bathes! Or as least knows someone who does... ;P

Unique2wh0 said...

Funny girl :-)...and deep thinker!

Kristin Tercek said...

Hickory Farms = love in my heart
I spend every holiday season longing for those summer sausages then cursing myself for actually eating them.
Glad to hear there are others like me :D

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Cool picks. Love the earrings by CoolJewelryDesign.

Made By Tammy said...

Great Blog! Awesome Picks! I love those earrings by CoolJewelryDesign.

Silver Canyons said...

These are great!! And I too am partial to coolj's earrings!!!