Small Things = Big Difference or organic cotton weary makes me SCREAM

Most people think of cotton as an eco-friendly, natural fiber; it breathes, it's washable, it's a renewable resource, but cotton is actually one of the most toxic plants on the planet. And it's not the cotton's fault.

The problem is the boll weevil. Boll weevils are "virulent pests that infest the cotton plant." I thought we should all get a look at one in case it ends up in your t-shirt. <------

(just kidding, but it is kind of gross looking)

This is reminding me that hubby and I may or may not have a stinkbug infestation (check back on whining Wednesday for details).

So, anyhoo these little boll weevils are very hard to kill and the farmers have to use all kinds of pesticides to protect their cotton crops. Eventually these little critters become immune to the pesticide and mutate around it, like a cockroach, and then the farmers get themselves some brand new pesticides. And these are not highly targeted pesticides, so they also kill spiders and wasps and all kinds of other beneficial insects and throw the whole eco-system out of whack.

And when the cotton field gets watered and when it rains these pesticides end up in streams and our water tables. They are also highly toxic to farm workers. And even though your fancy new t-shirt has had the chemicals washed out (probably not all of them)- where does the wastewater from the cleaning process end up?

Bottom line think organic cotton. It's grown without synthetic pesticides and with attention to the ecosystem. By wearing organic cotton you won't be walking around in clothes laden with residual pesticides and you are not supporting the introduction of more toxic chemicals into our already overloaded ecosystem.

I am still left wondering though:

Why does everyone remember that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin?

(does anyone have a clue what a cotton gin is)

And was Cotton Weary the worst name for a movie villain ever? Discuss .....
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Tammie Lee said...

thank you for this inspiring post! That little critter looks like an amazing alien, so many beings share this world!

Unni Strand said...

Great, informative post!
I have read somewhere that 25% of all pesticides used in the world goes to cotton growing.

Viktoria said...

Yes its so important to recognize this all!
Less and quality clothing ! great post!

LaineDesign said...

I got kind of taken away with your last questions... But I snapped out of it long enough to say that I very much appreciate this post! Thanks for helping to make us all more aware of this issue.

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, my last questions came from outer space- my head is filled with nonsense sometimes! Always hoping to be on Jeopardy with a cotton gin inventor question or the Scream bad guy's name, I guess .... hehe

Stay Tuned said...

very interesting....learn something new everyday.......... thanks! laura xxoo

Anonymous said...

appreciate your post, i didn't know this side of cotton-wear, and thought that all what is from cotton is the most close to the nature, and how do the organic cotton farmers deal with the boll weevils? Zita