Thursday was not Pugsley's Sister

Time out for a little look around the web for some inpiration that will make Thursday feel like Friday


and make Pugley's little sister want to change her name.

First up the bold and beautiful clothing of Sweden's Gudrun Sjoden has me dreaming of spring.

Nectar Jewelry's amazingly stunning and original work (even though Sharon did once compare me to a Real Housewife from New Jersey ... it may have been after I threatened to throw a chair at her though)

I want a wall like this one at New York's Ace Hotel.

Wild Unknown's amazing Great Lakes Prisms!

Factory 20
has the most incredible vintage goodies!

If you haven't seen the gorgeous collection of Mika Organics- you MUST take a look!

Bouncy ball installation art!

Sturdy and beautiful furniture made from crates and pallets - found on Design Squish!

The gorgeous illustration at Liese Chavez's new shop Pale Preoccupation.

And yes, she has a new locket!


M.M.E. said...

I shouldn't look at your blog right after I receive my pay check. Haha. It's all so gorgeous and makes me wish spring were here, instead of 5 feet of snow and -25F temperatures.

Julia said...

I really love those bright colors in the fabrics. Also that pink porch is really great. =)

Anonymous said...

Just want to tell you that Gudrun Sjöden is a Swedish company.
You have a wonderful blog. I like your corks very much!
Stina in Sweden