Time Out Tuesday - or more stuff to check out while you eat your tuna on an everything bagel

Roland Tiangco dirt poster- take a look at how this piece is created by the buyer.

The amazing compilation art of Michael Johnson- rooms in boxes.

The complete Miles Davis collection on CD with recreated record covers- be still my heart...

Sundance can almost make me like cold weather ... almost.

Can fast food packaging get us to eat healthier?

The intricate beadwork of Viktoria of Donauluft- can wearable art be any more amazing...

The beautiful pillows of textile and graphic designer Erin Flett.

These little book covers can hide your latest romance novel or vampire fiction with a cover you can be proud of.

George Hart 72Pencils sculpture.

A tattoo with changeable text? or for someone who has nothing to say?

The stunning art of Meluseena artist Lisa Falzon and yes, she has a locket!


holly aka golly said...

A wonderful medley of fine things!

Viktoria said...

I browse all the wonderful things you posted and.. wow! it´s me!! Thank you! the rooms in boxes are incredible!

Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

There's no link to the fast food/healthy food photos. Or maybe I missed it. Where are those from?

Brennie said...

I just had to buy that locket!