Orange you glad it's the Weekend...

Orange you glad I found all this cool stuff
Orange you glad you are here to see it
Orange you glad I am going to shut up now

I want to own everything in Anthropologie actually I just want to live there!

I got this scarf from Laine Design from Kella for Christmas and she got the same scarf from me (great minds think alike we say)!

I have a vinyl wall art obsession and want these from Elly Nelly.

Yup, I could live here, too.

Ingenious homeless shelters- wouldn't want to have to live here, but so glad someone thought of this.

Nancy Bird bags are just gorgeous!

Wildwoman says - simplify, baby- with these beautiful earrings (plus she named her shop after me...really).

Kim Tillyer's gorgeous birds have me wishing I was trapped on Witchmountain, too!

A stunning Dancing with Stars belt by Star Bags- the Star of the East ladies!

Kitty Wigs - Olive has been thinking about a new look for the new year ... when she heard they were Kitty Wigs though she decided to just get her nails done ...

Eskimo pie bench- don't you love when our childhood favorites come back bigger and better!

Love this shirt- it says what we have all been thinking lately ....

Hero rats! A customer adopted a Hero Rat for my hubby - I wonder is this one is our little gal!

The magical imagery of Michelle Perkett.

And, yes, she has a locket!


Anonymous said...

orange you glad lol...i feel like a dork. There isn't an anthropologie here. I'm so curious.

p.s. eskimo pie (ice cream sandwich bench) is rad!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...'d ya guess???? anyone who would get Olive a wig and a manicure is a wild woman in my books! and that little orange cottage is too cute for words! thanks, girl!

M.M.E. said...

I'm in love with wall vinyl art as well. I keep trying to talk my boyfriend into decorating the living room with big bicycles. I'm pretty sure I couldn't talk my cat into a wig, unless it was a mullet.

myan said...

love your oranges! and i love that ice cream sandwich bench!
now i am wondering if i should get some kitty wigs for my sweeties so they can hate me forever! :)

Sherry said...

I love the belt, I need the belt, and of course the t-shirt. Have you seen the woven belts in Sundance this month?

Orange you glad we can catalog shop in the winter?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love that Anthropologie dress...trapped on Witchmountain with only a credit card and the internet...oh dear! orange seems to be the colour of the moment...maybe you'd like my orange birds? x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring my orange birds, it's made my day! :@) x

Pesky Cat Designs said...

These are really great finds! I'll have to take a closer look at a lot of these now. Perhaps my Anni will be interested in a new kitty look. :)